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Hello Kitty Island Adventure – The Complete Badtz-maru Guide

“Badtz-maru is one mischievous penguin. He’s excited to soak up some rays, surf some waves and catch some giant fish while on vacation! But something weird is happening on this island, and even though he’s easy-going, he’s determined to uncover the mystery.” 



BirthdayApril 1
LocationSeaside Resort
OccupationRuns the Comic and Bait Shop
Like TagsJoke, Tropical, Pizza
Gift ReceivedPaper

Badtz-maru Gifts

9Quattro Formaggi Pizza
Ultimate Joke Pizza
Spinip Alfredo Pizza, Three Cheese Pizza
Pineapple Pizza
5Spicy Pizza, Joke Soda
4Rare Fish – Check out our fishing list here

Friendship Level Rewards

LvlReward TypeDescription
1Friendship Level UpNew Friends
3QuestStory Quest: Keep it Reel
4GiftStamina Apple Slice
5Companion AbilityFish Whisperer Lvl 1
25% increase that a rare fish will bite on your hook
6Avatar PaletteBadtz-maru Avatar Palette
7Companion AbilityFish Whisperer Lvl 2
50% increase that a rare fish will bite on your hook
8FurniturePirate Chair
9Companion AbilityGamer
Take Badtz-maru with you to allow one free ticket use per day!
10Friendship Level UpGood Friends
11QuestFish Noir
12Companion AbilityFish Whisperer Lvl 3
75% increase that a rare fish will bite on your hook
13FurniturePirate Standing Lamp
14RecipeSurprising Soda Recipe
15Friendship Level UpClose Friends
16FurniturePirate Table
17Companion AbilityFish Whisperer Lvl 4
100% increase that a rare fish will bite on your hook
18FurniturePirate Bed
19ComicBadtz-maru #1
20Friendship Level UpBest Friends

Badtz-Maru Quests

Story Quests

Friendship LvlQuestDescriptionSteps
3Keep It ReelLearn how to fish with Badtz-Maru1. Craft Fishing Rod – 10x Sticks, 3x Threads, 1x Gizmo
2. Meet Badtz-Maru at the end of the Resort Docks
3. Learn how to fish
4. Catch a fish
11Fish NoirHelp Badtz-Maru with a particularly fishy investigation

[Only unlocked after completing the Comic Relief Quest]
1.  Find clues to investigate a group of prankster fish and find his lost fishing gear
2. On the beach is the Fish Calling Card
3. Near the underwater city is the Fishes’ Map
4. Near the sunken ship is the Fishing Rod
5. Give Hello Kitty the Hot Cocoa
6. Dive near the dock to find the Fish Dance Reel

Daily Quests

Cave FishingHave you tried fishing all over the island? Even deep down in the Crystal Caves? Seriously, try it!Catch a fish in the  Gemstone Mountain caves
Restocking the Store“I could use a new book to add some variety to our shelves. You’ve got great taste — can you help me out?”Give  Badtz-maru an item with the  book tag
Custom Merch“I love creating cool, custom merch to generate buzz for the comic store. You should give it a try!”Craft anything 
Badtz-maru’s Best Day Ever“No matter how many bad days I encounter, there’s nothing good food and a funny joke can’t fix.”Give  Badtz-maru an Ultimate Joke Pizza (Dough + Pineapple + Tofu)
Badtz-maru’s Bad Day“So… I may have had a bad run-in with a giant wave. I…uh…might need to remake a comic or two. Could you get me some paper?”Give Badtz-maru 3 Paper 
Badtz-maru’s Really Bad Day“Bad news — I’m totally out of water balloons and Kuromi just declared a prank war! What am I going to do?!”Give Badtz-maru a Water Balloon 
Badtz-maru’s Unbelievably Bad Day“The tropical breeze knocked over some dye, spilling it all over the shop. This is terrible!”Give Badtz-maru 1x Meditations on Resilience 
Fond Memories“Hey there, so, I need a picture of Kuromi for my fish journal. She always gives me different bait, ya know?”Take a photo of  Kuromi
Windy Day“One of my comics sailed away on the wind! Oh well. Easy come, easy go. You can have it if you find it.”Collect a comic book around the island
Lava Fishing“I gotta say, you’re becoming a great angler. But can you catch something right out of the lava on Mount Hothead?”Catch a fish on the Caldera of  Mount Hothead
A Quick Hike“The top of Icy Peak feels pretty special. Don’t expect to get cell service though!”Climb to  Icy Peak
Fishing Journal“I realized all the pictures in my fish journal are pictures of… well, fish! I need a picture of myself – will you take it?”Take a photo with  Badtz-maru
Fishing Adventure“C’mon! Let’s go fishing near Mount Hothead! You’re going to catch something awesome, I just know it.”Catch a fish at the  Mount Hothead pier
Swamp Monster“The other day, when I was visiting Keroppi at the Nature Preserve, I caught one of the biggest fish I’ve seen.”Catch a fish in the  Spooky Swamp

Other Island Residents

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