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Fabledom – The Complete Guide To Courtship And Marriage (Updated)

Fabledom is a fantastical storybook city builder that has you growing your own humble Kingdom or Queendom. As the ruler of this fairytale city, you’ll look after your humble fablings, make sure they are fed and contribute to the resource collection of your city’s expansion. You’ll even need to set up fortifications against roaming dragons and trolls that may want to steal your grain or eat your villagers! A mortar is always a safe bet when it comes to dealing with troll armies.

Kingdoms cannot exist alone however but in order to avoid war you’ll need to forge alliances with the neighbouring rulers. Do your job well and an alliance can even lead to marriage. As of Fabledom’s v1.0 launch today, you can court and marry six different Rulers. Get in good with them and not only will you find love but their Kingdom can give you other positive buffs as well. Agnes, the Harvest Princess will give your Fabledom a farming buff which will give you double crop yield. In Fabledom, love translates to tangible advantages, making courtship a strategic pursuit.

In this guide we’ll go through all the different Rulers in Fabledom and how you can win their hearts. Note that there’s no gender barrier for marriage and courtship whether you’re a Prince or Princess.


Courtship and Marriage

Beginning an alliance with a Ruler starts from sending messages. These range from positive messages and sending special gifts, to sending negative messages. Once you get a high enough positivity rating with a certain Ruler you’ll be able to get a buff from their realm as well as special missions and items. Sending negative messages and breaking up with a ruler will affect your relationship with them and their realm with yours negatively.

Once you’ve completed your third date you can get married, but first, you must of course throw a feast! Feasts can be thrown with any ruler using your feast supplies and lasts for a certain number of days, during these days you get a VERY strong bonus for your kingdom.

Cost of Marriage: Weddings cost 1000 Coin, 500 Bread, 500 Grape Juice, and 300 Prismatic Liquid.

Once you are married you get your partner’s “True Love’s Gift” passive, which is unique to each ruler. Also, don’t miss out on the new book sequence you’ll be able to see once you’re finally married.


The Rulers


Agnes, The Harvest Princess

Fabledom’s enchanting May Queen and the princess of Harvest herself. Focused on the bounty of the land and the happiness of her people, Agnes values healthy fields and flowers.

After meeting Agnes for the first time, you can send 30 Vegetables to gain her favour. Afterwards, sending a gift via messenger costs 50 Grain.

True Love’s GiftAt the start of each year, the player gains 5 nobility per 20 days of food remaining.
Courting GiftsFlower Farm, Tulips, Laurel Wreath
Begin Courting100 Vegetables Required
First DateBuild Flower Farm – Plant 40 Tulips
Gift 100 Tulips
Second DateComplete 5 Missions
Second date mission – Fixed squad of one level 1 hero, 8 peasants, 4 swordfighters, and 4 archers

Reward: Laurel Wreath
Third DateBuild Harvest Guild
Gather 2000 Vegetables, 1000 Grapes, 500 Tulips, 500 Bread

Farrah, The Tinker Princess

Forthright and clever beyond her years, the Tinker Princess is more at home with mechanical devices than she is with her subjects. A lover of heavy industry, she seeks to build a highly-organized, productive, and cutting-edge kingdom.

True Love’s GiftIf you have less than 50 of a stored resource, all of the production buildings produce it 20% faster.
Begin Courting20 Plank Required
First DateBuild Regenerator – Regenerate 100 resources
Gift 30 Coal
Second DateComplete 5 Missions
Second date mission – Fixed squad of one level 3 hero, 4 peasants, 4 commoners, 4 swordfighters, and 4 archers.

Reward: Goggles
Third DateBuild Tinker’s Guild – Help Farrah with her various requests

Giovanni, The Merchant Prince

Descended from a long and regal line of Merchant Princes, Giovanni is a s shrewd and calculating as his forebears. Bold, lucky and often reckless, this handsome Prince seeks to develop the land for profit.

After meeting Giovanni for the first time, you can send 50 Coins to gain his favour. Afterwards, sending a gift via messenger costs 100 Coins.

True Love’s GiftEvery time you spend 1000 Coins a positive world event is triggered.
Courting GiftsDice Table, Crown

Ramone, The Bard Prince

An unpredictable free spirit who has roamed the lands on wings of song, Ramone is finally looking to settle down. Passionate and creative, he hopes to build an artistic Kingdom supporting his whims and wisdom.

After meeting Ramone for the first time, you can send 40 Vegetables to gain his favour. Afterwards, sending a gift via messenger costs 60 Vegetables.

True Love’s GiftThe maximum happiness value is increased to 200 and the productivity bonus will continue increasing accordingly.
Courting GiftsDancing Stage, Jester Hat
Begin Courting120 Grain Required
First DateBuild Dancing Stage – Have 4 Fablings dance simultaneously for 90 days
Maintain 70 Happiness for 30 consecutive days
Second DateComplete 5 Missions
Second date mission – Fixed squad of one level 1 hero, 4 peasants, 4 commoners, 4 swordfighters, and 4 archers

Reward: Jester Hat
Third DateBuild a Carousel
Maintain 90 happiness for a total of 50 days
Part way into this 50-day countdown the debuff Celebration Fatigue is applied, in which global happiness is reduced by 10 until the end of the quest. Another global happiness debuff by 10 is applied again a few days later.

Sir Payne, The Dark Knight


Spoiling for a fight and attracted to like-minded conquerors, the infamous duelist Sir Payne – known as “The Dark Knight” to both foes and drinking buddies – seeks power and authority throughout these new lands.

True Love’s GiftEnemy deaths reward Coin based on how powerful they were.
Courting GiftsThe Strategic Council
Begin Courting50 Coal Required
First DateImprison Fablings in a cell
Second DateComplete 5 Missions
Second date mission – Fixed squad of one level 1 hero, 12 swordfighters, and 12 archers

Reward: Helmet
Third DateHave a Mystic Mine, a Strategic Council
Ensure your Fortification is Level 10

Winifred, The Warrior Princess

A fiery tempest who learned to walk with a blade in her hands, Princess Winifred is slow to trust but has shown her power on the battlefield time and time again. She reveres strength and seeks a partner who can match her in both wits and honor.

After meeting Winifred for the first time, you can send 10 Coal to gain her favour. Afterwards, sending a gift via messenger costs 30 Coal.

True Love’s GiftThe training time of soldiers is reduced by 50% and your Hero gains 100% more experience.
Courting GiftsHero’s Training Dummy, Samurai Hat
Begin Courting40 Coal Required
First DateBuild Hero’s Training Dummy – Train Hero to Level 3
Send a gift of 12 armaments
Second DateComplete 5 Missions
Second date mission – Fixed squad of one level 3 hero, 8 swordfighters, and 8 archers

Reward: Samurai Hat
Third DateBuild an Arms Dealer and Arena of Trials
Defeat all the waves in the arena


Once upon a Village… Set in a wholesome fairytale world, Fabledom is the ideal laid back City builder. Enjoy the growth of your settlement, trade and use diplomacy to ally or challenge your neighbors, and most importantly, find yourself a prince or princess and live happily ever after!

Out now on Steam


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