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Disney Dreamlight Valley – Majesty and Magnolias Star Path Breakdown

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s latest update Lucky Dragon is live and with it comes two new characters – Mulan and Mushu, as well as a new Star Path. The Majesty and Magnolias Star Path is a running event that will be available for you to participate in from the 26th of June to the 14th of August. Complete various duties along the path and you’ll be able to unlock limited-time rewards.

To complete the Majesty and Magnolias Star Path you’ll need to complete the various duties set out for you. Some of them are pretty straightforward such as clearing out the Forgetting, but others may be in the form of a challenging riddle. Such as “Give a clumsy Villager his favorites”. In this guide, we’ll go through all the different Duties in the Majesty and Magnolias Star Path and how to complete them.


Majesty and Magnolias Star Path

You can access the Majesty and Magnolias Star Path duties from the ‘Event’ tab in the game. If you’re using the Free Star Path version, you’ll see three duties at a time; the Premium Star Path, on the other hand, doubles these duties. Completing these duties will reward you with event-exclusive Magnolia tokens.

Here is a list of duties and the rewards they offer in the Majesty and Magnolias Star Path:

DutyWhat to DoAmountTokens
Banish the ForgettingRemove Giant Night Thorns3010
Go fish!Catch fish of any kind1520
Complete regal dutiesComplete Your Dreamlight or Mist Duties1510
Spend time with a fella whose initials are M.MSpend some time with Mickey Mouse15 Minutes10
Give a clumsy Villager his favoritesGift Goofy his favorite items320
Become a 3-star chefCook 3-star dishes1010
Put your pickaxe to workMine rocks with the Pickaxe2020
Get craftyCraft materials515
Serve up dishes at Chez RemyServe meals at Remy’s restaurant620
Chat with a robot with a collectionComplete conversations with WELL-E215
Pick an herb that starts with “B.”Harvest Basil2510
Cast out for some TroutCatch Rainbow Trout Fish1020
Tackle some royal tasksFinish 15 Dreamlight or Mist Duties1510
Spend time with a long-bearded VillagerSpend some time with Merlin15 Minutes10
Bring gifts for Casita’s residentGift Mirabel her favorite items420
Become a four-star chefCook 4-star meals1010
Mine for gemsMine gems of any type1520
Vote in DreamSnaps.Vote in DreamSnaps submissions1015
Work a shift at Chez Remy.Serve meals at Chez Remy restaurant620
Chat with a Villager from Motunui.Have two conversations with Moana215
Clear away signs of the ForgettingClear 35 Giant Night Thorns3510
Go fish for BreamCatch 5 Bream520
Cross some items off your Royal to-do listComplete Dreamlight or Mist Duties1510
Hang out with a glitchy villagerSpend time with Vanellope30 Minutes10
Bring a little mermaid her favorite giftsGive Ariel her favorite gifts420
Cook a four-star dinnerCook 4-star Entree meals1010
Mine for something shinyGet Shiny Gems320
Craft some MannequinsCraft Mannequins1015
Fill orders at Chez RemyServe meals at Remy’s restaurant620
Say “Bonjour” to a tiny chefHave daily conversations with Remy215
Harvest a pungent wild crop from the Forest of ValorPick Garlic from the Forest of Valor2510
Go fish for some Pike!Catch Pike320
Hang out with a tantrum-prone villager.Spend some time with Donald Duck30 Minutes10







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