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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Unlock Mulan and Mushu

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Lucky Dragon update came out last night and with it comes our favourite dynamic duo from the Far East. Journey to Mulan’s realm in the Dream Castle to help her and her trusty guardian Mushu return to the Valley! In this guide, we’ll go through everything you’ll need to do to unlock this dynamic duo.


Mulan’s Realm

Requirement: 15,000 Dreamlight

You’ll find this newly revealed door in the Dream Castle on the third floor. It’ll be left of the Beauty and the Beast Realm. Try to unlock the door and Merlin will offer to help in exchange for 15,000 Dreamlight.


A New Recruit

Once you enter Mulan’s Realm you’ll be greeted by the familiar scene of the training camp. When you first enter Mushu will accuse you of being a spy, but then will conclude that you’re just a new recruit that had missed training. He will order you to clean up the camp as punishment for everything you’ve missed.

Cleaning the camp is pretty straightforward:

  • Clear out 8 Rocks with your Pickaxe
  • Clean up 12 bowls of Spilled Rice with your Shovel
  • Flip the Cauldron of Rice back by interacting with it

Once you’ve completed all your chores, talk to Mushu and he’ll tell you to get into uniform. You’ll find the scattered uniform pieces around the Realm that other trainees left behind. Find and assemble them to make a Training Uniform.

  • Training Shoes – Near a tall pile of rocks to the left of the Realm entrance
  • Training Pants – Hanging from a crooked tree
  • Training Socks – At the back-left of a cluster of tents, near the cooking fire
  • Training Shirt – Inside a tent near where Mushu is

Your last chore as a new recruit involves you making some of Mushu’s Congee for Mulan. Fortunately, all of the ingredients you need are right there in the Training Camp so you won’t need to go back to the Valley. Just pick up the ingredients near the Cauldron and start cooking!  Once you’ve made it, interact with the gong near Mulan’s Tent to wake Mulan up.


The Dragon Army

Requirement: 10 Dream Shards

With all the recruits’ training completed, Mushu worries that the camp isn’t safe from potential invaders. He asks you to help him make some fearsome, fire magic-infused Dragon Statues to guard the Training Camp. Note: All items except the Dream Shards can be found in the Mulan Realm, so remember to pack some along before you go.

The rest of the material for the Dragon Statues is as follows:

50 Camp MudUse your Shovel to dig up the patches of mud outside the Camp
3 Buckets of WaterFound along the edge of the river
10 FirewoodScattered around outside of the Camp
10 Red Spider LilliesThese red flowers are found on the outskirts of Camp
5 ChrysanthemumsThese yellow flowers are found on the outskirts of Camp
10 Dream ShardsBring this in from the Valley
Mushu’s PictureUse your Camera to take a picture of Mushu

Once you have all of the materials, you can craft 20 Unfired Dragon Statues at the Crafting Table near where Mushu is standing. Place the Dragon Statues and the Firewood in the Kiln beside Mushu, then talk to Mushu. He will use his fire breath to finish the statues.


A Defender’s Training

Talk to Mulan, who sets you three challenges to train different skills. You can complete these challenges in any order, but you must do all three before you can return to Mulan.

  • Fishing for Precision – Catch 10 Salmon in the river (gold bubbles)
  • Brick-Breaking – Break the 8 Training bricks with your Pickaxe
  • Orienteering
    • Follow Mulan to the Training Maze
    • She will give you Training Weights, which you must equip
    • Collect 8 Pebbles along the way to the Maze
    • Talk to Mulan

Next to Mulan who will conclude your training but you’ll need to find her three more things, which you’ve probably already picked up during the last three tasks.

  • Snorkel – Fished up from the river
  • Fan – Found inside a Training Brick
  • Circular Weights – Hidden somewhere in the Maze

Reward: Training Treasures Furniture Item


Protecting The Camp

Once you’ve completed the previous quests a mysterious rumbling destroys the road outside the camp! Follow Mulan and Mushu outside of the Training Camp to survey the damage. It’s pretty bad so let’s get down to business!

Talk to Mulan who will get you working on clearing up the place.

  • Remove 8 Sand Piles with your Shovel
  • Remove 7 Rocks with your Pickaxe
  • Gather 7 Broken Logs to remove them from the road
  • Fish up 3 Broken Logs from the river with your Fishing Rod to clear them out

After you’ve cleared up the rubble Mulan will request for you to plant Trees to stabilize the land around the camp. Take the Tree Seeds she gives you and plant and water them in the patches that she’s dug up.

Lastly, Mulan wants to protect against flood so you’ll need to help her craft some Sandbags. Then you can head back and talk to Mushu.

  • Brown Sand – From digging up the sand piles previously
  • Fiber – Crafted from Seaweed

Clearing The Road

Help Mushu build a fence around the camp to keep out danger. You’ll need to craft 4 pieces of Wooden Fence to place in the trenches that Mushu has dug.

  • 20 Wooden Logs – Lying around the landslide area
  • 5 Wooden Logs – Fish them out from the river

Once the fence is placed, Mushu decides to send a signal that everything is ready to go at the Training Camp. Follow Mushu, then watch as he sets off fireworks.


Build Mulan and Mushu’s House

Requirement: 20,000 Star Coins

Now that Mulan and Mushu are ready to come into the Valley, they’re going to need a place to stay! Place their house anywhere in the Valley and pay Scrooge 20,000 Star Coins to complete construction. Once that’s done Mulan will hop in through the Wishing Well, but where’s Mushu? The little dragon will need convincing so head back into the Mulan Realm to talk to him.

Mushu gives you a Dragon Statue furniture item that you can use in decorating. Mulan also left a gift for you, but Mushu lost the Key that he needs to open Mulan’s personal Storage Chest. Of course, it’s up to you to find it! The Key is located near the cluster of Carts. To find it, exit the Camp by the door near the cooking cauldron and keep going straight until you reach the Carts. The Key is on the ground just to the left of the Carts.

Follow Mushu and unlock Mulan’s Storage Chest. Inside is Mulan’s Surprise – a Defender’s Sword furniture item. And with that, Mushu is ready to head back to the Valley with you.


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