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Coffee Caravan – All Coffee and Tea Recipes

Coffee Caravan is the latest cafe management game, where you play as a cafe manager brewing up coffee and tea for your customers on the road. Decorate your cozy pastel caravan with seats and of course a coffee bar as you head off on a procedurally generated road trip full of surprises. Throughout your adventure, you’ll discover and unlock new coffee recipes which you’ll need to unlock with coins. In this guide, we’ll go through all the coffee recipes in Coffee Caravan and how much they cost to unlock.

Coffee Caravan has a secret mode that you can unlock after you’ve unlocked all the coffee recipes – It’s Tea world! In Tea World, you’ll be able to start a new game in Coffee Caravan but instead of serving up coffee, you’ll be serving tea instead. We’ve listed all the different tea recipes for you to unlock here as well.

Bonus round, Broccoli Games (the developers of Coffee Caravan) will be adding an Ice Cream World in a free DLC. We don’t know exactly when this will come out, but it will be sometime this Summer 2024.


Coffee Recipes

Coffee RecipeStar RatingUnlock Cost
Drip Coffee40
(free if chosen at start)
(free if chosen at start)
Drip Coffee + Milk★★90
Drip Coffee + Ice★★80
Espresso Double★★160
Cappuccino + Latte Art★★★220
Caramel Latte★★★220
Flat White★★★210
Pumpkin Spice Latte★★★250
Pour Over Coffee★★★200

Tea Recipes

Tea RecipeStar RatingUnlock Cost
Bagged TeaFree at start
Earl Grey Tea70
English Breakfast Tea70
Green Tea80
Bubble Tea★★160
Earl Grey Tea + Sugar★★90
English Breakfast Tea + Lemon★★100
Green Tea + Honey★★110
Matcha Tea★★130
Chocolate Matcha★★★230
Lime Bubble Tea★★★220
Matcha Smoothie★★★210
Matcha Tea + Milk★★★190
Passion Fruit Bubble Tea★★★220
Strawberry Bubble Tea★★★220

Coffee Caravan

Fuel your coffee passion in Coffee Caravan! As a cafe manager, brew, experiment with delicious recipes, and build your dream coffee business on wheels. Serve customers, unlock new flavours, purchase appliances, and enjoy your procedurally generated road trip in this roguelite experience.