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Celebrating The Best Video Game Fathers for Father’s Day

While some video game fathers are absent or even antagonistic figures, many others embody the very best qualities of fatherhood. These are the dads who inspire us with their unwavering love, unwavering support, and fierce dedication to their children.

This Father’s Day, we’re not just celebrating the dads who fight alongside us or offer sage advice. We’re also recognizing the complex and sometimes tragic figures who shape our in-game journeys. So, put down the controller for a moment and join us as we celebrate some of gaming’s most awesome dads


– Spoiler Warning For The Games Listed –


Joel Miller – The Last of Us

Haunted by the personal tragedy of losing his daughter Sarah at the beginning of the game, Joel becomes hardened and withdrawn. However, when he meets Ellie he instinctively takes on the role of Dad, even without her wanting it. He acts as her protector and guide, teaching her survival skills and offering emotional support in a desolate world. Despite his flaws, Joel’s unwavering dedication to Ellie’s safety makes him a compelling and relatable father figure. And sacrificing the world for his daughter? Well, only a Dad can tell you about that.


Rost – Horizon Zero Dawn

Fathers come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes it’s not always the one that’s genetically related to you that can be someone you think of as your Dad. In Aloy’s case, she was taken in by Rost. Rost dedicated a lot to teaching Aloy how to survive in the wild. But more than just looking after her physical skills, he believed in her and even encouraged her to go through the proving. Even though her success meant that they would never be able to speak again. It was alright to sacrifice the bond he had lovingly grown with her, knowing that she would have a better life.


Ethan Mars – Heavy Rain

Ethan Mars’ journey in Heavy Rain is one of immense emotional turmoil. A loving father of two sons, Ethan’s world crumbles when his young son, Jason, is kidnapped at a mall. Wracked with guilt and despair, Ethan embarks on a desperate search, facing gruelling trials set by the kidnapper, the Origami Killer. Throughout the game, Ethan’s unwavering determination to save Jason is evident. He pushes himself to his physical and mental limits, showcasing the immense love a father can have for his child. Ethan’s story, though tragic, highlights the lengths a father will go to for his children’s safety.


John Marston – Red Dead Redemption

Just because you’re a badass cowboy doesn’t mean you can’t be a good Dad and for the betterment of his family, John gives up that lifestyle. Giving up his life on the road John Marston is now focused on providing a safe and loving home for his wife and son, Jack. John teaches Jack valuable life lessons, emphasizing honesty and integrity even amidst his outlaw past. Their bond showcases the complexities of fatherhood, where second chances and the desire to do better for your children shine through. Let’s not even talk about the ending…


Kratos – God of War (2018)

This Kratos is a far cry from the rage-filled god of war from earlier games. He’s now a single father trying to raise his son Atreus in a harsh world. We see his struggles to balance his past with his responsibility as a father, making for a complex and relatable character. God of War explores the challenges of fatherhood in a nuanced way. Kratos struggles to express his emotions and reconcile his role as a fearsome warrior with his newfound responsibility as a parent. He attempts to teach Atreus valuable lessons about survival and responsibility, creating a complex and relatable portrayal of a father trying to be better.

If you played the previous God of War trilogy you’ll know just how far Kratos has come. And in the end, Atreus understands how far Kratos is willing to go to protect him, and Kratos on his part is willing to let Atreus go, knowing he’s done his best to raise him right.


Lee Everett – The Walking Dead (Telltale Games)

Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, isn’t a father in the traditional sense, but he is a father figure to a girl who needs it the most. When he encounters the orphaned Clementine amidst a zombie apocalypse, a fatherly bond blossoms. He takes on the role of protector and mentor, teaching Clementine how to navigate a dangerous world while nurturing her innocence and optimism. Their relationship, built on trust and shared survival, is one of the most touching aspects of The Walking Dead game series.


King Rhoam – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

King Rhoam isn’t your typical video game dad. We meet him not in his castle, but as a spectral figure. Not only did he sacrifice himself to protect Zelda when Ganon attacked, but he waited around for a century as a ghost outside of the resurrection temple waiting for Link to reawaken. He knows that, without proper guidance, Link won’t know what’s happening or where to go and Zelda’s mission to defeat Ganon would be lost. King Rhoam might not be the hands-on dad that we all like to see, but he’s doing whatever he can to help his daughter, even after he’s dead.


Bayek – Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Bayek’s story in Assassin’s Creed Origins is one of tragic loss and unwavering love. As a Medjay in ancient Egypt, Bayek dedicates his life to safeguarding the innocent. So it is extra tragic when his own son Khemu is murdered. A changed man, Bayek relentlessly pursues revenge for his son in this world and the next.

Throughout his journey, Bayek carries the weight of his grief while honouring Khemu’s memory. He fulfils a promise they made together, visiting hidden locations and solving puzzles, a testament to his enduring love for his son. In his death, his father sought to make his death mean something, ensuring that his son didn’t die in vain. Bayek did that and more. What starts as a way to avenge his son ends up with Bayek and his wife Aya forming an early version of the Assassin Order.


Ethan Winters – Resident Evil Village

In Resident Evil: Village, Ethan is told about his newborn daughter Rosemary but finds that she is trapped in a terrifying village of werewolves and vampires. He knows he’s just an ordinary man with no superhuman powers, but he is a Dad and is determined to protect Rosemary at all costs. Even when the threats they face are monstrous and seemingly unstoppable. Ethan’s journey highlights the fierce protectiveness a father can feel for his child. He overcomes his own fears and limitations, transforming from an ordinary man into someone who will do whatever it takes to keep his daughter safe.


These are just a few examples, and there are many other great video game dads out there. Let us know in the comments below who is your favourite or if we missed any! And remember take a moment to appreciate the incredible dads in your own life, be it real-life or virtual this Father’s Day.