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Summerhouse – A Bite-Sized Building Sim For Your Dream Retreat

It’s almost summer, but not quite there yet so in the meantime spend your days at Summerhouse. Summerhouse by developer Friedemann is an idyllic building sim chock full of peaceful charm and warm summer days. Craft a neighbourhood of tiny, beautiful lived-in homes that are endlessly unique. In this dreamy building simulator, there are no plans, no budgets and no strategy to crafting your world, just creativity and summertime vibes.

Just like games such as Townscaper, there is no win or lose in Summerhouse, just delight, discovery and relaxation. Out now on PC, Mac and Linux – Steam.


The Serene Embrace of Nature

Summerhouse‘s world is a calming sandbox oasis. Build your dream town using a bunch of pre-made, pixelated pieces. You can build big houses or little houses, ones in the country or cityside. Every so often, when placing a door or window or roof, you’ll unlock a character — maybe a dog hanging out by a stoop, or a grandma sitting out front of a café. What makes Summerhouse truly charming is that everything is designed to look lived-in, real; these are no McMansions or prefabricated houses. 

There is no stress. There is nothing you need to do. You don’t have to worry about anything. Just enjoy lo-fi music, place some bits and pieces around, and see if you like what you come up with. If you don’t, that’s fine too. Once you feel like maybe you’re done, turn the UI off and watch the breeze blow. Maybe see how it looks at night or in the rain.


A Cast of Unassuming Characters

The inhabitants of the lakeside town are as gentle as the environment itself. You’ll meet a wise old shopkeeper, a friendly neighbour who shares stories of the past, and a local artist who finds inspiration in the beauty of nature. These interactions are brief but heartfelt, offering a sense of community and a reminder of the simple human connections that enrich our lives.

New building blocks are formed based on a hidden trigger involving animals or people. Place a tree and maybe you’ll get a friendly owl living inside it. Or if you glance in a window you might catch the inhabitant of the house watching outside.


Create Your Summerhouse Anywhere

There are a number of different settings to set up your Summerhouse neighbourhood. You can be at a hamlet by the sea, a neighbourhood in the big city, or just a village in the mountains. Check them all out because each landscape that you build in will adjust the way your buildings look. For example, the rocks are grey with green moss on top in the green valley but orange with brown tufts on top in the desert.

I’d play with the music up as well to really get the full tranquil experience of the game. The gentle lapping of waves against the shore serves as a constant background melody, while lush greenery and the soft glow of fireflies at dusk paint a picture of idyllic serenity. The art style is dreamlike and understated, with a focus on capturing the warmth of summer sunlight filtering through leaves and the muted tones of a peaceful evening.


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