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Sugardew Island – Run Your Own Cozy Farm Shop

Sugardew Island is an upcoming farming sim that focuses on not just growing crops but selling them too, all in the name of harmony! In a bygone era, humans, animals, and the Forest Folk lived in perfect harmony on Sugardew Island. A seed, nurtured by all islanders, grew into a magnificent tree. However, driven by greed, humans sought to fell the Harmony Tree, disrupting the balance. The sudden change in their nature forced animals and Forest Folk to flee, leaving the island in ruins. Now, a lone being awaits someone to restore lost harmony… that’s you!

By the power of commerce, you’ll grow crops to sell in your own farm shop. By selling these items you’ll collect harmony that will heal the island around you. There’s plenty to see and do in Sugardew Island, from taking care of your farm and animals to upgrading your shop, fulfilling orders and helping the Forest Folk with their quests.

Sugardew Island has been fully funded on Kickstarter this March with €95,092 from over 2,100 backers! The game is expected to launch sometime in August 2024.


The Falling of the Harmony Tree

Way back when Sugardew Island was a real slice of paradise. Humans, fuzzy Forest Folk, and all sorts of cuddly creatures lived together in perfect harmony, all thanks to the magical Harmony Tree. However, the balance was shattered when greed drove humans to cut down the sacred Harmony Tree. This plunged the island into chaos, and the Forest Folks, along with the animals, fled, leaving Sugardew Island in ruins.

Now, it’s your mission to restore the lost harmony. To embark on this captivating adventure, you must collect Harmony by cultivating your farm, building relationships with animals, and engaging with the Forest Folks. The Harmony Tree, once a symbol of unity, now stands wounded, awaiting someone with the courage and compassion to heal it.


Sell Items, Farm And Restore Harmony To The Island

Right now we know that life on Sugardew Island will revolve around the selling of items in your shop. As well as the staples of most farming sims – the actual farming, foraging, animal husbandry as well as a couple of other things such as having pets and completing quests.

  • Your farm shop: Sell items in your shop and negotiate with Forest Folks for prices.
  • Farming: Take care of your plants, make fertiliser and sell your farm produce.
  • Resource Gathering: Collect wood, stones, and weeds for farm improvements.
  • Animals: Feed, interact & build bonds with animals for eggs and milk. 
  • Pet Companions: Give names to pets, interact with them, and let them follow you around the island.
  • Harmony Tree Quests: Fulfill orders to heal the Harmony Tree and upgrade the small island.
  • Trader Tomte: Purchase seeds, animals, and more from the friendly trader.
  • Upgrade System: Improve your house, barn, and tools to enhance efficiency.

The Forest Folk aren’t just customers, they’re your new best friends! By fulfilling their requests and showering them with kindness (and maybe some of your top-notch butter), you’ll help them overcome their fear of humans and return to their rightful place on Sugardew Island.


Sugardew Island

Sugardew Island is expected to arrive in August of 2024 on the PC, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. So, if you’re looking for a heartwarming game that combines cozy farming, adorable friendships, and a dash of environmental restoration, then Sugardew Island is your perfect cup of sunshine (or should we say, bowl of friendship stew?). Get ready to ditch the stress, cuddle up with some cuddly creatures, and rebuild a paradise, one harvest at a time!


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