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Spirit City: Lofi Sessions – How To Find All The Spirits

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is a cozy productivity tool to help you manage tasks. Through your to-do lists, habit tracker or journal you can earn XP and be rewarded in-game for your productivity. This in turn rewards you with more decorations, outfits, hairstyles and of course Spirits! Spirit collecting is one of the key elements in Spirit City and while productivity is the main goal if you’re looking for a particular Spirit, then we’re here to help!


How To Find Spirits

There are a total of 15 different spirit companions ranging from dogs, cats, to fish and more! The first step to finding Spirits is to decode hints in the Spiritdex. The Spiritdex is your in-game guide to your companions and each entry will have a hint about their preferred environment. This hint will mention a combination of factors like:

  • Activity and Location: Cozy up by the fireplace and read a book or simply browse on your bed – the location might be key.
  • Lighting: Some spirits prefer the peacefulness of night, while others might show up during the bustling daytime.
  • Sounds: Rain pattering on the window, the crackle of a fireplace, or even the whirring of a study timer – these background elements can attract specific spirits.

Once you have a good idea of a spirit’s preference based on the hint, it’s time for some experimentation! Set the environment according to the clue and let the game run for a while. When you’ve set the right conditions, the entry in the Spiritdex for the target spirit will show a red dot. But be patient – some spirits might take longer to appear than others. Just keep the game running and the spirit should materialize soon.


Unlock More Spiritdex Hints

In order to find a spirit you’ll need to unlock their hint in the Spiritdex. Hints will be received only once you’ve gained enough XP and reached a certain Spiritographer Rank.

LvlSpirit Hint Unlock
3Earlybirb and Hedgelog
5Arachknit and Chapterpillar

All Spirit Hints and Solutions

LennyAutomatically Unlocked
GoopiiMy desk has felt strangely clean lately, I may even be missing some supplies.Desk
Dust BunnyI’ve heard strange noises under my bed at night, I wonder what it could be.BedNight
(Lvl 3)
The past few mornings I’ve been awoken by a curious chirping noise.BedMorningBirds Singing
(Lvl 3)
This spirit only seems to live in hot, really hot places.FireplaceCozy Fireplace
(Lvl 5)
As the light gets low, I seem to keep stepping on bits of loose knitting yarn scattered about.Fireplace

(Lvl 5)
Whenever I’m reading, I’ve felt the presence of something over my shoulder.Baywindow
(Lvl 7)
On windy nights it almost sounds like something is howling at the moon.NightSoothing Wind
(Lvl 8)
I heard an old tale of a teary-eyed spirit… “When the sky weeps and stars come out to play, you might find them swimming amidst the droplets.”BaywindowNightSmooth Rain
(Lvl 9)
This hungry spirit can be lured out by the sound of cooking around lunchtime.AfternoonTasty Sizzling
(Lvl 10)
Rumours abound of a spirit that welcomes the day with a cup of tea by the fire.MorningNight Forest
(Lvl 11)
There’s an enchanting song coming from the forest as the sun sets.EveningNight Forest
(Lvl 12)
During lightning storms, I’ve noticed the lights flicker in strange patterns.Rumbling Thunders
(Lvl 13)
This spirit haunts those who spend too much time procrastinating in bed.Bed
(Lvl 14)
I heard of a spirit that can help me overcome my writer’s block.Fireplace

Desk Writing

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions

So, fire up Spirit City, put on your detective hat (or your most comfy pyjamas), and get ready to unlock the entire spirit crew! Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination, so enjoy the relaxing vibes and the thrill of the hunt.

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions by Mooncube Games is out now on PC – Steam.


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