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Spirit City: Lofi Sessions – A Cozy Way To Be Productive

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is a gamified focus tool, designed to make you more productive in the most delightfully relaxing way possible. Imagine a cosy coffee shop condensed into a PC program. Now sprinkle in some adorable anime spirits and a never-ending cup of virtual chamomile tea, and that’s the vibe Spirit City is going for.

Set in a cosy virtual space amongst the soothing Lofi soundtrack. Discover and collect Spirits, customise your room, and facilitate your real-life tasks with a collection of handy features designed to improve concentration and ease stress.


Lofi Beats to Study and Relax To

The centrepiece of this digital zen garden is the soundtrack. Soft, soothing Lofi music and dynamic soundscapes such as pattering rain and crackling fire provide the perfect background. Ideal for quieting your mind and letting the creative juices flow. (The music comes courtesy of Homework Radio, a label known for its top-notch Lofi production). So, whether you’re tackling a mountain of work emails or finally getting around to writing that novel, Spirit City provides the perfect acoustic backdrop to soundtrack your focus.


Customise And Decorate Your Workspace

Customize both your character and your bedroom to suit your mood, selecting from a multitude of fashion, hairstyles, colour, and room decor options. From hoodies to horns, bookshelves to boba teas, and fairy lights to fireplaces, there are dozens of options available for you to flex your unique personality and style.

Need a productivity boost? Throw on a virtual Pomodoro timer and watch those tasks melt away like butter on a warm croissant. Feeling creatively drained? Swap the city lights for a calming forest scene and let the inspiration flow.


Discover Adorable Spirits

Spirit City isn’t just about the music. It also throws in a light layer of gamification to keep things interesting. Scattered throughout this virtual world are adorable little spirits just waiting to be discovered. By creating the perfect Lofi atmosphere you’ll attract these spectral cuties, don’t worry Spirit City gives you some hints to help you out along the way. Decipher hints to lure curious spirits out into the open with the right combination of game settings, unlocking them as your future companions; Once they join your collection, they become your companions on your focus journeys, unlocking new lore and customization options for your cosy digital space.

Explore different combinations of room activities, soundscapes, and decor options to lure out the mischievous Spirits that populate the world. Discover and collect them as you focus on your tasks. You’ll never be alone with a Spirit companion by your side. And yes, every Spirit can be petted too!


The Productivity Tools

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions has a number of built-in productivity tools, including a to-do list for organization, a Pomodoro timer for focused work sessions, a habit tracker and a journal to foster a healthy routine. The more you accomplish the more XP you earn. It’s so satisfying to get some sort of reward for practising good habits, and this XP will unlock more features over time. From new characters and room cosmetics to hints to help discover more Spirits. This is the perfect game to enhance your everyday activities.

It’s not necessary but you can even Stream your sessions thanks to the game’s fully stream-friendly music library – perfect for co-working streams or as a background on Twitch or Youtube.


Spirit City: Lofi Sessions

While Spirit City might seem all sunshine and Lofi beats, it has some serious muscle under the hood. Positive reviews on Steam praise the game’s effectiveness as a focus tool. Users report increased concentration, reduced stress levels, and a newfound appreciation for the chill side of life. Plus, with a price tag that’s easier to swallow than a gourmet latte, Spirit City offers a compelling alternative to traditional productivity apps.

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions by Mooncube Games is out now on PC – Steam.


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