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Hades 2 – The Best Boons From Each God

In the perilous depths of the Underworld of Hades 2, Melinoe, the princess of the underworld, needs all the help she can get. Thankfully, the Olympian gods are on her side, offering powerful blessings known as Boons. These boons enhance Melinoe’s abilities, granting her new attacks, passive effects, and stat boosts to overcome the challenges of the Underworld.

There are hundreds of boons in the game, which means there are countless potential combinations, as well as the intricacies when it comes to randomness/RNG. Our Hades 2 best boons and skills guide takes these facets into consideration, especially since it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll have all the abilities you need in every run that you attempt.

Disclaimer: Hades 2 is currently out on Early Access so information in this guide is subject to change with ongoing updates.


How Boons Work

As you explore the Underworld, you’ll encounter chambers containing Olympian gods like Zeus, Artemis, or Poseidon (more info on each God here). Each God offers a selection of boons specific to their domain such as Apollo’s boons being more light-based and Hephaestus’ focusing on area damage.

You can choose one boon from each god, and each boon comes in varying rarities – Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Higher rarities offer stronger effects or additional benefits. Combining boons from different gods can create powerful effects. For example, a boon from Artemis that increases critical hit chance might be even more effective when paired with a boon from Ares that inflicts additional damage on critical hits.


Types of Boons

Type of BoonsDescription
Attack BoonsEnhance your basic attack with effects like increased damage, area of effect attacks, or elemental damage.
Special BoonsModify your special ability, granting it new effects or enhanced functionality.
Cast BoonsUnlock a new cast ability that you can unleash by charging a meter. Casts can be ranged attacks, area-of-effect blasts, or defensive buffs.
Dash BoonsEnhance your dash ability, offering additional effects like damage on impact, increased movement speed, or temporary invincibility.
Passive BoonsProvide ongoing benefits like increased health, damage resistance, or resource management.
Legendary BoonsThe ultimate boon from each god, offering a powerful effect that significantly alters your playstyle. They typically require acquiring multiple boons from the same god first.

Gods Who Will Grant You Boons



As the goddess of love and desire, Aphrodite’s Boons weaken foes and give Melinoe buffs to stay healthy.

Heart BreakerPassiveWhenever you use 30 Magick, create a Heartthrob.

Heartthrobs will explode and deal heavy damage upon enemy contact which will add to your damage output as you spam Omega Attacks.

This Boon like Aphrodite’s other damaging Boons, can be used better with melee weapons as the Heartthrob orbs revolve close around Melinoe.
Wispy WilesPassiveWhile you have at least 4 Air Boons, you may Dodge any damage.

Having a Dodge chance means you can completely negate enemy attacks, which increases your survivability especially when you’re up against hard-hitting enemies like the Bosses.
Healthy ReboundPassiveWhenever you exit a Location, restore 100% Life if you have not lost too much.

Try to get Aphrodite and Apollo’s Duo Boon (requires Heart Breaker) to create 3 Heartthrobs each time you consume 30 Magick so you can deal heavier bursts of damage just by charging into enemies. Healthy Rebound, meanwhile, is an absolute lifesaver since it can fully restore your HP as long as you’re within the required threshold.



The God of Light empowers your attacks and makes your enemies miss theirs. Apollo’s Boons directly empowers your attacks by increasing their damage and/or range of effect. Some of them can also inflict a curse that can make enemies miss their attacks.

Blinding SprintSprintYour Sprint is faster and inflicts Daze on nearby foes.

For melee weapon users, this Boon lets you dash into enemies to inflict Daze before you engage in close combat. The effect will then increase your survivability while you’re within enemy range.

On the other hand, ranged weapon users can still benefit from the Sprint speed increase by making repositions easier.
Extra DosePassiveYour Attack has a chance to hit 2 times.

This Boon works really well with Moonstone Axe which is a little slower but at double the damage will cut any foe you face in half.
Solar RingCastAfter your Omega Cast expires, rapidly deal damage in the area for 2 Sec.

Apollo’s Solar Ring might be one of the best boons in Hades 2. This is primarily due to the huge damage output that occurs after your omega cast expires. Combine this with Lucid Gain, you can practically spam omega abilities without worrying about mana due to its restorative effect.
Lucid GainPassiveWhile standing in your Casts, gradually restore Magick.


Artemis’s Boons revolve around increasing your damage output with Critical damage and inflicting the Marked status. Critical damage lets your offensive moves deal +200% damage, while Marked enemies have a chance to take Critical damage.

Pressure PointsPassiveAny damage you deal (i.e. low percentage) may be a critical strike.
Support FirePassiveAfter you hit with your Attacks or Specials, fire a seeking arrow.

The problem with Artemis is that, unlike most other Olympians, she’s just part of a random encounter–you won’t even see her sigil on any doorway that you’re about to enter. Because of this, your best bet is to use the abilities that she grants to complement the build that you’re planning.



The Primordial Originator can present you a crippling Boon that eventually evolves into a blessing. Try to get any Favor Boon from Chaos as early as the first Region so you can pick up more Boons with better rarity along the way.

Similar to Artemis, Chaos’ appearance is also random. At the same time, any type of boon you select always has a corresponding randomized negative modifier (e.g., damage dealt if you do a particular action). This lasts for a number of rooms/encounters before you actually gain the blessing’s full effect.

FavorPassiveFor the next x number of encounters, there will be a randomised negative modifier. After that Boons you get will have a 50% chance to be Rare or better.
WillPassiveFor the next x number of encounters, there will be a randomised negative modifier. After that, it will restore a certain amount of magick per second.

Will blessing’s constant mana regen is a game changer. If you see it during your run, make sure you take it and do your best to survive the next encounters. Once active, you’ll notice how Melinoe swiftly replenishes her mana even while in combat. Blood is quite decent, too, since it keeps you healed as you advance from one location to the next.

You can’t go wrong with Strike and Flourish either for direct boosts for your Attacks and Specials.



Demeter’s icy Boons can slow projectiles and freeze foes in their tracks. If you’ve played the original Hades game then you’ll know that Demeter has some of the best boons in Hades 2. Large mobs or armoured foes don’t stand a chance once you can freeze them.

Ice Strike
Ice Flourish
Your Attacks deal more damage and inflict Freeze.
Your Specials deal more damage and inflict Freeze.
Cold StoragePassiveYour Freeze effects last longer.

Keeping enemies Frozen for longer makes handling Armored foes easier, as more can spawn the further you are in your run. You also get to land more free hits on Frozen enemies and can even kill them before they thaw.
Rare CropPassiveYour Boons become Common, then gain Rarity every 3 Encounter(s).

Rare Crop is one of the few Boons that can upgrade the rarity of other Boons. If you’re lucky enough to have your most crucial Boons picked, the value of these Boons will skyrocket once they become Heroic.


Hephaestus is another Olympian who has some of the best boons in Hades 2. This is primarily due to the blast mechanic, which deals a tremendous amount of damage once it’s off-cooldown. The God of the Forge will summon shockwaves through your attacks and even bolster your defences.

Furnace BlastPassiveYour blast effects from Hephaestus also inflict Vent on foes.

Furnace Blast is a must have Boon if you’re equipped with any Blast Boon from Hephaestus as its delayed brust damage simply cannot be ignored, even at the lowest rarity.
Molten TouchPassiveYour Attacks and Specials deal bonus damage to Armor.

Get rid of enemy Armor as fast as possible, especially in later Regions. Breaking enemy Armor means they become susceptible to stunlocks from your Attacks and Specials.


Hera’s boons have the nifty hitch effect (i.e. chain damage), which means you can continuously take out hostiles that are suffering from this affliction. The Queen of the Olympians’ powerful Boons will annihilate hordes of enemies with ease.

Born GainPassiveWhenever you run out of Magick, Prime to restore all Magick up to the reduced limit.

Considered as one of the best in the game, this Boon grants you a Magick pool that almost never runs out, allowing you to spam Omega Moves and charge your Hexes with ease.

Born Gain eats part of your Magick bar through Priming every time it activates, however, so it is still recommended to pick up Soul Tonics or Magick regeneration upgrades to avoid getting fully Primed.
Dying WishPassiveWhenever Hitch-afflicted foes are slain, damage all other Hitch-afflicted foes.
Nexus SprintSprintYour Sprint inflicts Hitch on nearby foes, which spreads to other foes near them.

This Boon makes it a lot easier to apply Hitch on enemies and link them together to set up your attacks. Play tag with Nexus Sprint and attack the enemy with the highest health to maximize the shared damage through Hitch.


The God of Swiftness can make your moves faster with his blessings. Having increased speed is always useful for any build you’re going for and his boons are likely to help you avoid any damage with dodge as well.

Greater EvasionPassiveWhenever you are struck, you may Dodge any damage.

The easiest Dodge Boon to get and is highly recommended when using melee weapons that get you surrounded by enemies most of the time.
Nitro BoostSprintYour Sprint is 20% faster and gives you a barrier that ignores the first instance of damage.
Witty RetortPassiveYour Hex requires using less Magick before it is ready.

Lowering the Magick requirement of your Hex allows you to use it more frequently, and as game changer Boon, you’d want to have it ready most of the time, especially at crucial moments.


Hestia has some of the best skills in Hades 2, as the goddess of flame, Hestia’s boons imbue attacks with fire that burns enemies over time. Making her scorch a damage-over-time mechanic.

Fire ExtinguisherPassiveFoes with at least 300 Scorch take a burst of damage that consumes the effect.

Instead of waiting for Scorch to whittle the enemy’s health, why not blow the curse up instantly? Fire Extinguisher makes it so that the stacked damage is immediately dealt to the target and adds bonus damage based on the Boon’s rarity.
Smolder RingCastYour cast rapidly inflicts scorch on enemies (i.e. fire damage per second).
Flammable CoatingPassiveYour Scorch effects deal bonus damage to Armor.

A great Boon to have if you’re running a Hestia build. Even at Common rarity, Flammable Coating doubles the Scorch damage and melts enemy Armor fast.


Poseidon is the God of the Sea, his Boons strike strong and fast while keeping enemies at a distance but can also be used to charge straight ahead. His boons are not exactly the best for combat situations but there are some useful perks to some.

Fluid GainMagick GainAfter striking foes with your weapon, a spirit bubble may appear. It restores a small amount of magick.
Flood ControlPassiveAfter you enter a Location, Prime 30 Magick to reduce any damage you would take.

Flood Control reduces damage taken by a flat amount. Although it won’t do much against Bosses, this Boon can save a large amount of Life in normal Encounters where it can negate more or less half of the damage that you’d take.


Selene is one of the Unseen and grants Melinoe with powerful Hexes.

Total EclipseHexYour Hex blasts the target area for 1000 damage after 4 Sec.

Total Eclipse is one of the best Boons from Selene that you can use to speed up Boss Encounters due to its sheer power and area of effect. Its only drawbacks are its high Magick requirement of 200 Magick and the blast delay.
Phase ShiftHexYour Hex makes everything else move 80% slower for 5 Sec.

Phase Shift gives you five seconds of freedom where you can attack helpless enemies and move to a safe spot. This effect becomes more valuable as you obtain Boon and weapon upgrades.


Zeus’s Boons call lightning to strike enemies for quick additional damage.

Static ShockPassiveAfter you enter a Location, Prime 50 Magick to make your strikes emit chain-lightning.

Static Shock is good for runs where you’re not too reliant on omega abilities/magick, just so every hit can cause chain lightning.
Divine VengeancePassiveAfter you take damage, your foe is struck by lightning, and again 50% of the time.

This Boon is best used with melee weapons, especially with Moonstone Axe, since you’ll be within the enemies’ range a lot. Each strike from Divine Vengeance deals 100 damage and can strike multiple times depending on its rarity.
Double StrikePassiveYour lightning bolt effects may strike 1 more time.


Daddy’s home and he’s… well not that helpful. You’ll meet him at the end of your run in the Underworld. When you reach Tartarus (i.e. zone 4), there’s a door with the hand/speech bubble icon where you’ll find him and Cerberus lounging around.

Because you’re just a few encounters away from facing Chronos, some of Hades’ boons are meant to weaken the final boss or at least keep you well-prepared for the battle.

Deep DissentPassiveIn your confrontation, Chronos summons fewer reinforcements.
Life TaxPassiveRestore Life for 1% of damage you deal, until you reach the limit.
Unseen IrePassiveAfter you take damage, vanish for 10 seconds; strike to reappear and deal +100% bonus damage. This proc’s cooldown is refreshed after 40 seconds.


As the immortal Princess of the Underworld, you’ll explore a bigger, deeper mythic world, vanquishing the forces of the Titan of Time with the full might of Olympus behind you, in a sweeping story that continually unfolds through your every setback and accomplishment.

Hades 2 is currently out on Early Access on the Steam and Epic Games Store.


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