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Fishbowl Is A Calming Indie Game About Life, Loss, and Growth

Fishbowl is a slice-of-life cozy narrative game about a young woman named Alo, as she navigates the complexities of life, isolation and memories of loss and happiness. From the demo you can already tell that this one is going to be a tear-jerker so play with caution! Alo is a fresh graduate from college and has moved away from her home life to the city for her new job.

As we journey through a month in the life of Alo, take part in her everyday experiences and feelings as she tackles grief, self-discovery, and the importance of human connection. Fishbowl from indie developers imissmyfriends.studio has a demo out now on Steam.


Choices and Consequences: Shape Alo’s Story

Fishbowl isn’t about grand adventures or slaying monsters. It’s about the small moments in Alo’s life – video calling loved ones back home, tackling daily chores, and navigating the sometimes-tricky world of work-from-home life. Through these seemingly mundane experiences, the game explores the emotional rollercoaster of navigating young adulthood, especially when dealing with grief and the challenges of adapting to a new environment.

What truly sets Fishbowl apart is its focus on player agency. The choices you make throughout the month-long gameplay directly impact Alo’s journey. Will she prioritize connecting with her old friends or focus on building new relationships with her colleagues? Does she spend her evenings cooking a healthy meal or order takeout for a night in?

These seemingly simple decisions shape Alo’s narrative, leading to a variety of branching storylines and diverse character interactions. There are no wrong answers in Fishbowl, just the exploration of the consequences that come with the choices we all make in life.


A Pixelated Cozy Narrative

The game’s visual charm lies in its delightful pixel art style and warm narrative. Think inviting colours and character designs that evoke a sense of comfort and nostalgia. Alo, our twenty-one-year-old protagonist, finds herself in a new city, grappling with the recent loss of her grandmother while embarking on her first job as a video editor for a popular social media star. She’s alone physically but she’ll often get calls from colleagues, her mother and best friend Zu.

You’ll also encounter a number of delightful minigames that relate back to the original story in Fishbowl. At the beginning of the demo, we have a parcel that Alo has to unpack. As you unpack you think and reveal more about your past. These puzzles have you unpack some objects belonging to Jaja, Alo’s grandma, who passed away a little while ago. They tell stories of significant moments in Alo’s life, growing up. Some of these objects will be dear to Alo, reminding her of a simpler time spent together with friends and family, while others may dive deep into some secrets.

Her work as a junior video editor will also have her playing an arcade style matching game and meet colleagues all with different personalities and abilities.


Beyond the Pixels: A Celebration of Self-Care

Fishbowl isn’t just about the narrative; it’s about creating a sense of emotional resonance with the player. The calming pixel art style and focus on everyday activities fosters a sense of comfort, while the exploration of grief and self-discovery allows players to connect with Alo’s struggles on a personal level.

The game also subtly promotes the importance of self-care. Players will guide Alo through activities like watering her plants, preparing meals, and getting enough sleep. These mechanics, while seemingly basic, highlight the importance of prioritizing our own well-being, especially during challenging times.



Fishbowl is a slice of life, coming of age story told over a month. Video call loved ones, work from home, sort through puzzles to rediscover childhood memories, do care tasks and get to know yourself better, one day at a time. In Fishbowl, feel all feelings as there are no right endings.

Developed by imissmyfriends.studio there’s no release date out for this game but it will be coming to the PC – Steam, Mac and Linux.


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