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Echoes of the Plum Grove – Best Crops To Plant

Echoes of the Plum Grove is an old-time 17th-century farming and life sim set in the prairie town of Honeywood. You’ll need to farm, fish, forage and mine in order to survive the upcoming harsh winter. Till the land, grow your crops and ensure that your cellar is stocked with enough food and medicine once the snow starts to fall. Work together with the seasons to plant crops that can grow all year round or just in Spring, Summer and Fall.

In this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know about farming in Echoes of the Plum Grove. What crops to plant each season and more!


The Basics Of Farming

Even if you’ve never played any farming sims before this game, the basics of farming aren’t too hard to grasp. At the beginning of the game, you’ll be given a couple of seeds as well as the tools you’ll need to begin farming. Use them to clear the debris and create some nice farmland for you to begin planting your crops. Simply till the land, plant the seed and water the crops daily until they fully grow.

ScytheUsed to clear weeds and bushes
PickaxeUsed to break rocks
AxeUsed to chop up trees, logs
HoeTill soil to prepare for planting seeds
Watering CanWater your crops daily to avoid them dying

At the start of each new season, you can purchase seeds from the farmers at the Ryle Family Farm, Bloom Bee Farm, and Lavender Boutique as well as from other NPCs through the trade option on a rotating basis. Children are especially likely to have seeds to sell.


Fruit Trees and Bushes

You can grow any fruit tree or bush during the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons, but they will only bear fruit in their specific season. All fruit trees take 15 days before they mature. Fruit trees grow 1 crop every day during their season until there are 5 crops on the tree, at which point they must be harvested by shaking the tree for the tree to bear any further fruit.

Bushes take 10 days to fully grow and are harvested by the same rules as the trees, needing to be shaken at least every 5 days to produce at full capacity. Whilst growing, trees and bushes will need to be watered the same way other crops do. However, once the growth period has passed and it is fully grown, they will not need to be watered again.

Much like other crops, fruit trees and bushes will not grow during Winter. If you want to plant a tree or bush before Winter, ensure the seed is planted and watered before midnight on the last day of Fall, or the seed will disappear. Growth will resume once Spring begins.

Fruit trees will never drop seeds when being harvested, meaning that seeds will need to be purchased from Villagers or passing ships. Villagers and Children with the farming hobby may carry seeds for fruit trees, as well as Villagers who live and work on the various farms. This can be a lucrative investment, as it guarantees crop output every year without replanting, watering, or having to buy seeds on a yearly basis.


All Season Crops

The planting season spans from Spring to Summer and Fall, during this time certain crops can be grown on your farm. But two crops exist that can be grown through all three seasons.

Straw7 Days1-3
Wheat8 Days1-3

Straw is primarily used to feed livestock and is used in building upgrades, while Wheat is primarily ground into flour using the Flour Mill. Both must be harvested using a scythe and cannot be picked by hand, unlike the other crops. You’ll want to keep a steady supply of Straw and Wheat when you can as they’re immensely useful for your day-to-day activities in Echoes of the Plum Grove.




Crops that can be harvested will continue to regrow produce after they’re fully grown. In Spring, Peas will take 8 days to mature, but after that will let you re-harvest more Peas after a few days of watering.

Turnip3 Days1-3No
Onion5 Days1-2No
Cabbage6 Days1-2No
Potato6 Days1-2No
Peas8 Days1-3Yes
Pineapple12 Days1No

Fruit Trees

Fruit TreeGrowthMax HarvestRe-Harvest
Cherry15 Days51 Everyday
Plum15 Days51 Everyday
Apricot15 Days51 Everyday



The summer season is the busiest season to grow food, with the most available seeds and fruits. Summer has 9 seasonal crops as well as a number of fruit trees and berry bushes to be harvested.

Tomato3 Days1-2No
Cucumber5 Days1-2Yes
Onion5 Days1-2No
Corn6 Days1-2No
Cotton7 Days1No
Hops7 Days1-2Yes
Watermelon7 Days1No
Indigo10 Days1-2No
Dragonfruit12 Days1-2No

Fruit Trees

Fruit TreeGrowthMax HarvestRe-Harvest
Coffee15 Days51 Everyday
Peach15 Days51 Everyday
Lemon15 Days51 Everyday

Fruit Bush

Fruit TreeGrowthMax HarvestRe-Harvest
Raspberry10 Days51 Everyday
Blueberry10 Days51 Everyday

Fall Crops

Fall is the final season before Winter, in which nothing can be grown. This makes it a key time for stockpiling food to be dried and preserved to sustain the family during the Winter. There are 6 Seasonal Fall crops.

Beet3 Days1No
Carrot4 Days1-2No
Garlic5 Days1No
Squash6 Days1No
Oat7 Days1-3No
Pumpkin7 Days1-2No

Fruit Trees

Fruit TreeGrowthMax HarvestRe-Harvest
Apple15 Days51 Everyday

Winter Crops

Winter has no available crops, including the all-season crops. The only exception to this, and the only thing to produce output in Winter is the Persimmon Tree. However, the tree will not grow in Winter and must be mature before Winter starts in order to produce throughout this season.

For this reason, it is recommended to plant a Persimmon tree no later than Fall 6th to ensure it will fruit during that Winter.


Echoes of the Plum Grove

A new life awaits in Honeywood! Build a thriving community that will last generations in this cozy farm simulator. Farm, socialize, make friends, cook, craft, forage and uncover the secrets of the island! If someone doesn’t want to be friends? There are always other means.

Echoes of the Plum Grove is out now on PC.


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