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Cozy Games You Won’t Want To Miss This May 2024

Spring has sprung, and with it, a fresh crop of cozy games ready to whisk you away to calming worlds! Whether you crave the thrill of underwater exploration, the purrfect adventure through a bustling city, or the simple joy of cultivating a charming farmstead, May 2024 has something for every relaxation enthusiast. So, grab some iced tea, curl up in a comfy spot, and let’s dive into the delightful delights this month has to offer!


Endless Ocean Luminous

Release Date: 2nd May
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC

Dive into the serene beauty of the ocean in this aquatic adventure. Explore a vast underwater world teeming with life, from playful dolphins and majestic whales to vibrant coral reefs and bioluminescent wonders. Encounter over 500 species of marine creatures, photograph them for your collection, or simply lose yourself in the calming ambiance of the deep blue. You can even team up with a friend and explore the wonders of the ocean together!


Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys

Release Date: 7th May
Platforms: PC, Mac

Get ready for a thrilling blend of adventure, mystery, and history in the latest instalment of the award-winning Nancy Drew game series. This all-new 3D game experience transports players to the heart of the historic city of Prague as they assume the role of famous detective Nancy Drew. Tasked with uncovering the truth behind the theft of a client’s heirloom necklace, players will navigate and sleuth through the beautiful city’s mysterious old-world environments.

Encounter challenging puzzles, decode riddles, and discover clues entwined with medieval legends, alchemy, and lore. As the investigation deepens, Nancy uncovers a sinister web of cybercrime. Players must outwit devious suspects and use their detective skills to unravel a mystery threatening the city’s Bohemian heritage. Your investigative and critical thinking skills are crucial to solving the case and discovering the real mystery behind the legend of the seven keys!


Pocket Oasis

Release Date: 8th May
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac

Pocket Oasis is a beautiful hand-painted cozy gardening simulator, where you can plant seeds and relax as your plants bloom and grow. Discover new cities, and decorate your own little pocket of nature. Take a deep, relaxing breath and step out onto your very own balcony in a city of your choice. Choose from a wide variety of plants and decorations as you build your own little pocket oasis.

Design a garden that’s entirely your own – With a wide selection of fruit bushes, vegetables and herbs, you have complete control over what you choose to grow in your garden. Transform your balcony into a true masterpiece with vibrant colours and deliciously drawn fruit. And unlock up to 20 of your very own pets to roam around on your balcony.



Release Date: 9th May
Platforms: PC, Mac

Brocula is a centuries-old vampire lord who awakens from a 500-year slumber to find his opulent castle crumbling and his wealth has vanished. Thrust into the modern world, this undead aristocrat must navigate the daunting maze of capitalism facing off against terrifying foes such as minimum wage and pointless paperwork.

Instead of the once noble vampire gliding through moonlit streets, Brocula has to sling lattes at a cafe, dodge grease splatters at a diner, and fix rusty pipes at a car garage. Each shift is a comedic exploration of mundane human struggles seen through the bewildered eyes of an immortal.

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Little Kitty Big City

Release Date: 9th May
Platforms: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC

Ever wonder what life is like from a feline perspective? Little Kitty Big City lets you experience the world through the curious eyes of an adorable kitty who’s accidentally separated from their human in a bustling metropolis! Explore the city streets at your own pace, causing a little friendly chaos as you bat at yarn balls, chase playful butterflies, and knock over unsuspecting objects. Solve puzzles to navigate the city’s obstacles, befriend the quirky characters you meet along the way, and find your way back home in this heartwarming and purrfectly delightful adventure.


Fabledom v1.0

Release Date: 13th May
Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC

Fabledom is technically already out in Early Access, but on the 13th of May, the game will be released fully on all platforms. If you’re interested in city builders or fantasy settings then you’re not going to want to miss out on Fabledom. Set in a strange world where Fairytales become reality, you will witness the growth of your village; follow your citizens’ lives and watch the rise and fall of your relationships with the neighbouring kingdoms.

Find the promised land, settle, and flourish! You will need every resource available to you to expand and thrive. Build and shape a city worthy of your future citizens. Build your economy, and exchange rare resources to grow and evolve. Fabledom offers numerous ways to interact with other kingdoms. How you will handle diplomacy will shape your progress.



Release Date: 15th May
Platforms: PlayStation 5|4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC

Embark on a whimsical journey and bring joy to a bright fantasy world in this roleplaying adventure for 1-4 players. Craft your own story and solve quests how you like, but beware, for every time you fail the Dragon will send you back in time! Inspired by tabletop roleplaying campaigns, Baladins is a choose-your-own-story game for players of all ages and experience levels.

Embark on your quest as one of the Baladins: the imaginative Cook, the crafty Luxomancer, the strapping Dancer, the expressive Pyro, or the ever-charismatic Bard. Roll the dice and see where your adventures take you.

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Coffee Caravan

Release Date: 20th May
Platforms: PC

In Coffee Caravan you’ll immerse yourself in the world of a cafe manager, tasked with brewing up a variety of coffee delights and building your own coffee business on wheels. The game features a charming 3D environment with a pastel-coloured aesthetic, and your daily journey takes you on a procedurally generated roguelite road trip full of surprises.

Throughout your adventure, you’ll discover and unlock new coffee recipes, purchase cutting-edge coffee-making appliances, and focus on providing an efficient and enjoyable experience for your customers. It’s not just a game; it’s a delightful exploration of the world of coffee with a touch of creative flair.


Yolk Heroes: A Long Tamago

Release Date: 21st May
Platforms: PC

Part digital pet game, part RPG adventure, and part casual Idle game, Yolk Heroes is a charming blend of many different elements. You are a guardian spirit created by the Fairy Queen to look after the heroes of this realm. You are to guide them. Raise them. Help them face the dark terrors of the world. Quest and grind to protect the citizens of the realm, or simply sit back and relax with your digital friend. Become her Guardian Spirit and raise a little hero from an egg to battle the Dark Lord and bring peace back to the land.

From egg to adventure take your elf and help them become the greatest hero they can be. Clean, train, educate, and equip your little elf. Yolk Heroes is a virtual pet game with RPG mechanics, minigames, and quests. Nurture your elf to explore, grow stronger, and embark on an adventure to deliver the world from evil!


Paper Trail

Release Date: 21st May
Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android

Paper Trail is a top-down puzzle adventure about leaving home, set in a foldable, paper world. You play as Paige, a budding academic, leaving home for the first time to pursue her studies. On the journey, you learn to fold the world, merging two sides to solve puzzles, explore new areas and uncover long-lost secrets.

What feels simple at first, folding and joining paths together to explore and progress, quickly becomes devilishly tricky! Alter the fabric of your world, contorting, spinning, rotating, twisting around – as you try to untangle the puzzle of the Paper Trail.



Release Date: 24th May
Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC

Build your dream farm and cultivate a life of peace and tranquillity in the picturesque Japanese countryside with Sunnyside. This delightful blend of farming sim, captivating story, and heartwarming relationships offers a charming and relaxing escape. Sow seeds, nurture crops, raise adorable animals, and craft delicious products to sell at the local market. With 27 unique characters to befriend, each with their own stories and personalities, Sunnyside promises a truly immersive and heartwarming experience.


Duck Detective: The Secret Salami

Release Date: 24th May
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac

Solving crime is no walk in the pond. You are a down-on-his-luck detective who also happens to be a duck. Use your powers of de-duck-tion to inspect evidence, fill in the blanks, and bust the case wide open, in a narrative mystery adventure where nothing is quite as it seems. Aggretsuko meets Return of the Obra Dinn in Duck Detective, a cozy mystery game about a down-on-his-luck duck searching for answers in a sinister sausage-based conspiracy.


Until Then

Release Date: 24th May
Platforms: PlayStation 5, PC

A fateful meeting sets off a chain reaction, upending Mark’s life. People disappear and memories prove unreliable. Uncover a hidden truth with Mark and his friends in this narrative adventure and race to unravel the mystery before it’s too late.


Plank Builders

Release Date: 30th May
Platforms: PlayStation 5|4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC

Plank Builders is a captivating yet relaxing construction game where magical marbles have the ability to make stuffed toys come alive. Together with these playful companions you can plan and construct different buildings made out of wooden planks. Look forward to an exciting journey of discovery, where you will have to track down and reach every hidden plush monkey in the room. But there’s a special challenge – you can’t touch the floor! Strategically lay out plank paths and build increasingly sophisticated structures to reach every single monkey.

Immerse yourself in the serene world of Plank Builders, a construction game that evokes the nostalgic joy of childhood. Let your creativity run wild, awaken all the monkeys and transform the room into an oasis of your imagination.


So there you have it! From exploring the vast wonders of the ocean depths to building a life in a charming Japanese countryside town, May 2024 is brimming with cozy games that offer the perfect escape from the everyday. Whether you crave a relaxing adventure, a delightful story, or a chance to unleash your inner creativity, there’s a game on this list waiting to whisk you away to a world of tranquillity. So grab your favourite blanket, curl up in a comfy spot, and get ready to dive into these heartwarming and unforgettable experiences.

Which of these games are you looking forward to getting this May? Sound off in the comments below!