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Coffee Caravan – Brew Coffee And Success On The Road

Imagine cruising down a scenic highway, the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans wafting from your vehicle. Customers flock to your window, eager for a taste of your signature latte. This isn’t a dream; it’s Coffee Caravan, a cosy coffee brewing management sim that lets you build your dream cafe on wheels!

Buckle up for a delightful adventure on the open road when Coffee Caravan makes its way onto Steam this May. Developed by Broccoli Games, Coffee Caravan blends the charm of cafe management with exploration, offering a unique cup full of virtual joy. As a cafe manager, brew, experiment with delicious recipes, and build your dream coffee business on wheels. Serve customers, unlock new flavours, purchase appliances, and enjoy your procedurally generated road trip!


Brew Up Your Dream Coffee Business

In Coffee Caravan, you take the reins as a passionate coffee connoisseur, embarking on a journey to build your dream cafe. Forget the brick-and-mortar limitations – your cafe is a caravan, granting you the freedom to explore vibrant landscapes and serve up delicious beverages to a diverse clientele.

The gameplay revolves around a delightful blend of mechanics. You’ll be brewing a variety of coffee drinks, from classic espressos and lattes to more exotic concoctions. Experiment with different flavour combinations and brewing methods to perfect your recipes and tantalize your customers’ taste buds. Throughout your adventure, you’ll discover and unlock new coffee recipes, purchase cutting-edge coffee-making appliances, and focus on providing an efficient and enjoyable experience for your customers.

For all coffee aficionados, there is an extensive tree of coffee recipes for you to discover and whip up. Each recipe has its own unique combination of ingredients and brewing techniques. You can find them through experimentation or by purchasing the recipe. But make sure you practice so that you can manage brewing the recipes quickly, without compromising on quality.


A Journey of Discovery and Delight

Coffee Caravan isn’t just about serving coffee; it’s about creating an experience. Each day on the road presents a new procedurally generated location, filled with eager customers and unique challenges. You’ll need to manage your time and resources efficiently, ensuring you have the right ingredients and equipment to fulfil your customers’ orders. Happy customers translate into a thriving business, allowing you to unlock new recipes, upgrade your caravan, and purchase state-of-the-art coffee-making equipment.

You’ll encounter customers from all over on your road trip and each set of them have different levels of difficulty. From easy levels to more challenging levels that cater to more sophisticated tastes. Keep an eye out on your journey for shops along the way that will help upgrade your cafe. You could even chance upon special events or run into unexpected circumstances out on the road.


The Challenges of Cafe Management


Like in any management sim game, there’s a constant push-and-pull between building a successful business and managing the unexpected. Occasionally, you might encounter equipment malfunctions, ingredient shortages, or even disgruntled customers. But fret not! These setbacks are an opportunity to learn and adapt.

Each day on your journey in Coffee Caravan is a chance to refine your skills and build a better cafe. Use the profits earned to upgrade your caravan, making it a true reflection of your coffee mastery.

Strategically choose the coffee recipes you want to serve, catering to customer preferences and experimenting with new flavours. Invest in a variety of coffee-making equipment to improve efficiency, unlock new brewing methods, and enhance the quality of your brews. All the while balancing your finances so that you have enough money for both!


Coffee Caravan Is A Celebration of Coffee Culture

Coffee Caravan by Broccoli Games is a love letter to the world of coffee. The game meticulously captures the essence of coffee culture, from the meticulous brewing process to the joy of savouring a perfectly crafted cup. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee aficionado or simply enjoy a good cup of joe, Coffee Caravan promises a delightful and immersive experience.

So, mark your calendars for May 20th, 2024, and get ready to embark on a captivating coffee odyssey with Coffee Caravan. Fuel your wanderlust, unleash your inner barista, and build your dream cafe on wheels! Out on Steam for PC.


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