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10 Games That Will Make You Feel Like A Real Barista

Cafe management sims are one of my favourite genres of games. Whether it’s just enjoying the coffee on screen, decorating my cafe or making that virtual coin, it’s a great way to relax while feeling productive. In most games you get to take on the role of a budding entrepreneur, fixing up your menu and dealing with your customers. Some games like Coffee Talk have you creating deep relationships with your customers and learning about their lives and stories. While other games like Coffee Caravan will have you focused on staff management and other cafe-related logistics.

Whatever type of game you’re looking for, if you identify as a coffee connoisseur then you’re going to like the games on this list!


Coffee Caravan

For our first game, we’ll cover a game that just came out today – Coffee Caravan. In Coffee Caravan you’ll immerse yourself in the world of a cafe manager, tasked with brewing up a variety of coffee delights and building your own coffee business on wheels. Throughout your adventure, you’ll discover and unlock new coffee recipes, purchase cutting-edge coffee-making appliances, and focus on providing an efficient and enjoyable experience for your customers. It’s not just a game; it’s a delightful exploration of the world of coffee with a touch of creative flair.

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Minami Lane

Is Boba Tea the coffee of the East? If it is then Minami Lane is right up your alley. In this tiny cozy management game, you don’t just manage one cafe but a whole street of shops! Start by building homes to add villagers to your street, then improve their happiness by beautifying every inch and building a variety of shops and attractions! These include ramen shops, boba cafes, bookstores and more, each with unique inventories and effects.

Attract customers with everything from floral bouquets to karaoke! The shops you create will need your careful guidance to offer the right products at the right prices. Do the young people on the street prefer more boba in their tea? Is your ice-to-sugar ratio right?


Your Personal Coffee Shop

Your Personal Coffee Shop doesn’t quite have a release day yet but the visuals and minimalistic playstyle got me. Much like Minami Lane it looks like a small cozy game that’s focused on brewing coffee and decorating your space. The developers have dubbed it an “idle and relaxing”game, which sounds perfect to play at the end of the day.

Brew coffee, purchase furniture, wallpapers, lamps, decorative elements, etc. and work or relax while listening to meditative music written by real composers and AI. Perfect for relaxing after work or at the beginning of a well-productive working day. There are dozens of different varieties of coffee from around the world for you to brew and experiment with. As well as plenty of furniture elements to design and customise your own coffee shop too.




Tailside is a charming open-ended RPG where you’ll discover the joys of running your own cosy cafe in a pixel-perfect world. From brewing the perfect cup of coffee to forging friendships with the locals, experience the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Like most of the games on this list, its focus is on brewing up the perfect cup of coffee.

It looks like the game has an extensive menu of flavours, devices and even latte art. You’ll be able to unlock new options through upgrades as well as be able to customise your cafe fully. The main difference in Tailside is that there will be RPG elements including a storyline and other anamorphic animal friends. There’s currently no date of release from Day Break Studios but you can wishlist the game on Steam now.


Cat Cafe Manager

Are you looking to add some cats to your cafe management experience? Of course, you would! Who wouldn’t?! In Cat Cafe Manager you run a small cafe in the sleepy village of Caterwaul Way. It’s up to you to fix the place up, impress the locals, and befriend the local cat population. Your cat cafe can be the talk of the town with the right attitude, menu, and of course, the right cats.

Caterwaul Way is home to a plethora of extraordinary felines. The cafe can become their home, to the delight and relief of the villagers. Who knows, maybe their presence will loosen tongues and help you discover the secrets of Caterwaul Way… cats and take them off the streets, giving them a home.

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Coffee Talk 1 & 2

Coffee Talk and Coffee Talk 2 are cosy narrative games, seen from the point of view of the neighbourhood barista (that’s you!). Explore and listen to these slice-of-life stories as you serve up warm beverages and a listening ear.

In Coffee Talk, you play as an everyday midnight barista, except in this case, your coffee shop is in an alternate reality. In this world fantasy creatures live amongst us – elves, werewolves, orcs, vampires and such. Living day to day with modern problems. As the unspeaking coffee shop owner, you’ll listen to their problems and serve them a variety of drinks. What’s the power of a drink? Well, you’ll soon find out about the difference each cup can make. The drinks you make can affect how someone’s story turns out so make sure to brew wisely!


Cozy Cabin: Coffee Boutique

Cozy Cabin is a first-person coffee-making game set in a Minecraft-esque scenic mountain hideaway. Run a coffee shop and play mini-games to progress an endearing narrative. Physics-based coffee making, unique characters, lively music, and an enchanting atmosphere. If you’re a fan of this pixelated style then you’re going to want to wishlist this one!

As the new owner of the rustic boutique, you’ll start your day by opening the shop, getting to know customers, and serving up orders to earn money and grow the business. After closing for the day, players can engage in a variety of mini-games such as a customer-run XTREME FUN Carnival Truck, fishing, beekeeping and even the parody mini-game “Grand Theft Macchiato.” There’s currently no release date for Cozy Cabin: Coffee Boutique.


Coffee For Cthulhu

Coffee For Cthulhu is a Lovecraftian comfy coffee shop simulator. During the day, you serve customers, brew coffee, and keep the various coffee machines from exploding. Serve coffee, get money, buy upgrades and unlock all the recipes. There are more than 40 different types of coffee that a customer can order and almost 20 ingredients for you to choose from and brew with. I guess even the Eldritch Horrors need their caffeine fix.


Barista Simulator

Barista Simulator makes you feel like an actual barista and if you’ve ever worked behind the counter at a coffee shop then this is going to give you some flashbacks. In Barista Simulator you’ll actually be learning the steps of brewing real-world coffee. From how and where you fill a portafilter, the different grades of coffee beans and more. There are over 30 distinct coffee recipes for you to learn and make.

But there’s more than just brewing. As your café fills up with customers, you’ve got to keep up with their demands. It’s all about making the perfect coffee, stocking up on supplies, hiring and training the right staff, and expanding your café’s space and services. From a small coffee spot to the go-to café in town, your choices shape your business.


Barista: Rise and Grind

This game isn’t quite out yet and doesn’t have a release date but its current trailer is all sorts of cosy barista vibes that I’m here for. In Barista: Rise and Grind, you play as Bean, a rookie barista, whose dream is to open their own café. You start your journey at a small coffee stand on the street with low-quality equipment and work to realize your dream of owning your very own successful café.

Source your own coffee beans that match what you want to serve your customers. Buy only the best quality coffee by choosing their origins, varietals, processes and altitude. Roast green beans to increase your profit margins in your cafés by selling bags of them or simply serving your own beans to customers. That allows for more control over what exactly you serve to them and increases the quality of your drinks.

You can tell that the developers of this game are true coffee aficionados.