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Tales of the Shire – An Upcoming Cozy Hobbit Life Sim

Calling all Ring-bearers and second-breakfast enthusiasts! We’re about to embark on a journey to the idyllic Shire, courtesy of the upcoming game Tales of the Shire. Developed by Private Division and Wētā Workshop, renowned for their work on the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, this title promises a delightful delve into the lives of hobbits.

Tales of the Shire was announced in September of 2023 but it is only this month that we got our first look at its gameplay. As well as a confirmation that it will arrive on PCs and Consoles later this year.

Based on the trailer of Tales of the Shire we can expect some cozy farming game elements such as fishing, foraging, selling goods, cooking, as well as creating relationships with the Hobbits of the Shire. All set amongst the idyllic backdrop of a rustic countryside dwelling.


Welcome to Bywater

Have you ever envied the lives of the Hobbits, not those queer Baggins folk, but the good honest folk of the Shire that never wanted any adventures. Forget the perilous quests and epic battles that plague Middle-earth – Tales of the Shire is all about embracing the simple pleasures. Here, you get to craft your own hobbit persona and settle into a life brimming with comfort and community.

Tales of the Shire centres around Bywater, a quaint location on the fringes of the Shire. While not yet the established village seen in Tolkien’s works, Bywater offers a unique opportunity – you’ll play a pivotal role in shaping its destiny. Explore the outdoors to discover secret glades and lost treasures of the Shire. Experience the ever-changing weather that affects daily routines and seasonal surprises based on time of year. Gain rewards through your story progression. Meet iconic characters and familiar Hobbit families to trade for upgrades to skills, clothes, homes, and more. Join club missions to complete daily activities and help gain official village status in Bywater.


Discover, Decorate, and Delight

Imagine rolling hills dotted with hobbit holes, lush gardens overflowing with vegetables, and the gentle murmur of the Brandywine River. Tales of the Shire promises to capture this picturesque essence and allow you to fully immerse yourself in it.

Explore the vibrant landscape, uncovering hidden nooks and crannies. Perhaps you’ll stumble upon a secret fishing spot or a rare wildflower to add to your collection. Personalize your hobbit hole, transforming it into a haven of comfort. Fill it with cosy furnishings, cultivate a flourishing garden out front, and create a space that reflects your unique hobbit personality.


A Community of Kindred Spirits

But the Shire isn’t just about the scenery; it’s about the hobbits themselves. Interact with friendly faces, both familiar and new. Help your neighbours with their chores, share stories and songs around the bonfire, and forge lasting bonds within this close-knit community.

Fish, garden, and forage to stock up the pantry with the fruits of your labour. Harvest for seasonal crops and flowers as time passes in your homestead. Enjoy the warmth of the kitchen and show off your culinary chops with recipes for mealtimes. Partake in second breakfast or host a dinner party with fellow Hobbits. Share meals with invited guests to create new relationships.

Whispers hint at the possibility of encountering beloved characters from The Lord of the Rings. Will you share a pipe with Gandalf or exchange gardening tips with Samwise Gamgee? These potential interactions add a layer of delightful fan service for Tolkien enthusiasts.


A Slice of Middle-earth Magic

Tales of the Shire isn’t designed to be a high-octane adventure. Instead, it focuses on the serenity and charm of hobbit life. It’s a game for those who yearn to escape the daily grind and find solace in a simpler, more wholesome world.

While concrete details are still under wraps, Wētā Workshop’s pedigree assures a visually stunning experience. Expect to be captivated by the verdant landscapes, charming hobbit architecture, and the heartwarming liveliness of the Shire.


Tales of the Shire

Welcome home, Hobbit! Live the cosy life of a Hobbit in the wonderfully serene landscape of the Shire. Discover, decorate, & share in this idyllic corner of Middle-earth. Join friendly Hobbits & familiar faces awaiting your arrival in Tales of the Shire: A The Lord of the Rings™ Game.

Tales of the Shire is expected to launch later this year for PCPlayStation 5Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.