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Sun Haven – Female Romance Guide (Updated)

Sun Haven is a multiplayer farming sim and fantasy RPG. And no good sim is without its share of great romance. In Sun Haven you are helping your town to restore it to its former glory. You can do it in any of all of the ways, as a farmer, fisherman, warrior or mage. Raise animals and crops together and of course, have someone next to you to go through it all.

Sun Haven‘s romantic system works similarly to that of Stardew Valley and Story of Seasons. You’ll need to become friends with your potential paramour first before you can start a romantic relationship. There are 16 romanceable characters in Sun Haven with plenty of dynamic conversation. Unlike other games, it’s not just gift-giving that’s important but the conversation itself plays a big role. Eventually, you’ll be able to date (even multiple suitors) and then even marry them.

In this guide, we’ll show you all of the romanceable female characters. If you want to read about the male romance characters, tab this link open too!

Note: This article has been updated with information from Sun Haven’s latest patch v1.3 which was released in October 2023.


Relationship Stages In Sun Haven

There are five relationship stages that you can achieve with your romance candidates that begin with friendship and that can eventually end in marriage. In order to progress that way you’ll need to engage your intended beloved in conversation and gifting. Do this every day and watch that relationship build.

These are the relationship stages that you’ll encounter in Sun Haven and what they mean for your character.



This is the default state that you’ll begin with all characters. There are no perks and no special options at this stage. In order to open it up you will need to progress the relationship level to the next relationship stage – dating.



Once the player has progressed through the friendship stage enough your intended will ask if you would like to go on a date. If you accept you’ll unlock a special mission that you can follow through with.

The date itself is a sequence of dialogue similar to the dialogue checks prompted by interacting with romance candidates. You’ll be able to go on two unique dates with either bachelor or bachelorette you decide. And after the second date, they will ask you to go start dating officially. This will unlock new dialogue cycles.

Note: There is currently no limit to the number of characters the player can date at once



Once you’ve reached 15 hearts with a romance candidate, you’ll unlock the option to propose to them. If you’d like to take your relationship to the next stage, head over to Town Hall and buy the Engagement Ring. If they accept your proposal your wedding will happen the following day at 4 pm.

Make this decision wisely because you won’t be able to marry anyone else after this!



The next day you’ll attend the ceremony where you’ll have one last option to back out of the marriage by selecting “I do not”. If however, you select “I do” then you and your partner will be married and exchange wedding rings.

This unlocks the Enchanted Wedding Ring: +30 HP, +30MP, +20%EXP



Once you’re married the relationship level cap with your spouse is raised from 15 hearts to 20. This adds a significant amount of new dialogue.

The primary perk of being married is that you’ll be able to enter their house at any time and sleep in their bed as well.



Image Credit: ChromaGlitch

The savvy, extravagant owner of Sun Haven’s Traveling Exotics Shop. This workaholic lives her life on a cycle of buying and selling. While not the most humanitarian person, she is reliable… for a price!

BirthdayWinter 21
OccupationGeneral Store Owner
LocationSun Haven
Anne’s House 8 AM – 8 PM

Anne Gifts

LoveItems: Diamond, Small Money Bag
Food: Cheesecake, Persian Love Cake, Wine
Crop: Shimmeroot
LikeItems: Amethyst, Gold Bar, Gold Ore, Ruby, Sapphire
Food: Black Forest Cake, Eclair, Red Velvet Cake, Red Velvet Cupcake
Crop: Raspberries, Wheat
DislikeItems: Anne’s Record, Anne’s Wedding Ring, Anne’s Pearl Earrings, Coal, Stone
Fish: Catfish

Anne’s Daily Schedule

Anne has a schedule that will change after she gets married to you. Anne’s House is available to the player 8AM – 8PM.

TimeBefore MarriageAfter Marriage
6:00 AMHomeHome
7:30 AMGeneral StoreGeneral Store
11:30 AMMerchant StallMerchant Stall
1:00 PMRecord StoreRecord Store
2:00 PMPet StorePet Store
3:00 PMTavernTavern
6:30 PMHome
8:30 PMHome
11:30 PMGoes to Bed


Catherine is Sun Haven’s resident Amari witch. She owns the Farming Store as well as makes a number of potions and prescriptions for the town, to the point that Wornhardt trusts her enough to fill medicine orders.

SpeciesAmari (Rabbit)
BirthdaySummer 25
OccupationFarming Store Owner / Town Witch
LocationSun Haven
Catherine’s House 8 AM – 8 PM

Catherine Gifts

LoveItems: Glorite Watering Can, Sunite Watering Can
Food: Berry Pie, Blueberry Salad, Carrot Cake, Carrot Juice, Mushroom Pie
Crop: Blue Moon Fruit, Lavender, Pumpkin, Shimmeroot
LikeItems: Adamant Watering Can, Cooking Pot, Copper Watering Can, Earth Crystal, Iron Watering Can, Mithril Watering Can, Small Mana Tome
Food: Caribbean Green Soup, Flan, Red Veggie Soup
Crop: Beet, Candy Cane, Carrot
Fish: Tadpole
DislikeItems: Catherine Record, Catherine’s Wedding Ring, Catherine’s Charm
Food: Chicken Noodle Soup, Creamy Beef Stew, Meat, Steak
Fish: Crab

Catherine’s Daily Schedule

Catherine has a schedule that will change after she gets married to you. Catherine’s House is available to the player from 8AM – 8PM.

TimeBefore MarriageAfter Marriage
6:00 AMHomeHome
8:00 AMOutside Home
10:00 AMPicnic Table Northeast of Home
1:00 PMFarming StoreFarming Store
4:30 PMPet StorePet Store
5:00 PMOutside of the Pet StoreOutside of the Pet Store
7:00 PMOutside HomeOutside Catherine’s Home
9:30 PMHomeHome
11:00 PMGoes to Bed


Iris is an Elven enchanter in Nel’Vari. Nature is central to her work, experimenting and discovering things about how nature and magic interact. Proudly independent, she values making choices of her own.

BirthdaySummer 22
Iris’ House 6 AM – 12 AM

Iris Gifts

LoveItems: Pricklepop Pear, Prickletot Pear, Small Mana Tome
Food: Bitter Beer, Blueberry Smoothie, Grape Juice, Spicy Ramen
Crop: Lotus
LikeItems: Amethyst, Diamond, Oak Tree Seeds, Ruby, Sapphire
Crop: Honeysuckle, Lily
DislikeItems: Iris Record, Iris Wedding Ring, Iris’s Enchanted Totem, Swords, Crossbows

Iris’ Daily Schedule

Iris has one schedule that she follows rain or shine. Iris’s House is available to the player all day (6AM – 12AM).

6:00 AMHome
10:30 AMOutside Nel’Vari Farm Animal Shop
1:00 PMBulletin Board
3:30 PMGrand Tree Tavern
11:00 PMHome


Kitty is a bubbly Amari villager who resides in her home east of the Bakery. She is the owner of both Sun Haven’s Pet Store and Animal Shop. She also has her own pen of farm animals just outside her house.

SpeciesAmari (Cat)
BirthdayWinter 23
OccupationPet Shop Owner
LocationSun Haven
Kitty’s House 8 AM – 10 PM

Kitty Gifts

LoveFood: Fish Taco, Fish Tempura, Fish and Chips, Spring Roll, Any Sushi, Any Sashimi
LikeItems: Amethyst, Animal Food, Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, XBK One Chance, Romance Record
Food: Cinnamon Apple Pie, Mochi, Mochi Covered Strawberry
Crop: Wheat, Wool
Fish: Sandstone Fish
DislikeItems: Adamant Ore, Coal, Copper Ore, Gold Ore, Iron Ore, Kitty Record, Kitty Wedding Ring, Kitty’s Cat Toy, Mithril Ore, Pet Leash, Sand, Sunite Ore
Food: Glass of Pure Water
Fish: Dorado, Seaweed

Kitty’s Daily Schedule

Kitty has one schedule that she follows rain or shine. Kitty’s House is available to the player 8AM – 10PM.

6:00 AMHome
9:00 AMOutside Home
4:00 PMPet Store
8:00 PMOutside Home
9:30 PMHome
11:00 PMGoes to Bed


Image Credit: Fableheim

Lucia is the figurehead and guiding light of Sun Haven. Blessed with magic by the Sun Dragon at a young age, this fiery Archmage runs Sun Haven as its de facto leader.

BirthdaySummer 20
OccupationArchmage, Leader of Sun Haven
LocationSun Haven
Lucia’s House 8 AM – 10 PM

Lucia Gifts

LoveItems: Fire Crystal, Large Mana Tome, Small Mana Tome, Sunite Ore
Food: Appetizing Ale, Buttery Beer, Tikka Masala
LikeFood: Energy Smoothie, Hot Sauce, Spicy Catsup, Spicy Ramen, Spicy Shrimp Ramen, Strawberry Juice, Sweet and Spicy Shrimp
Crop: Greenspice, Heat Fruit, Pepper
Fish: Blazeel, Flame Ray, Hearth Angler, Inferno Guppy, Magma Star, Molten Slug, Pyrelus, Scorching Squid, Searback
DislikeItems: Earth Crystal, Lucia Record, Lucia Wedding Ring, Lucia’s Fire Orb, Water Crystal
Food: Blizzard Berry Stew, Brr-Nana Smoothie, Candy Cane Ale
Crop: Blizzard Berry, Brr-Nana, Candy Cane, Snow Ball, Snow Pea

Lucia’s Daily Schedule

Lucia has a schedule that will change after she gets married to you. Lucia’s House is available to the player from 8AM – 10PM.

TimeBefore MarriageAfter Marriage
6:00 AMHomeHome
8:00 AMTown HallTown Hall
10:00 AMPicnic Table outside Lynn’s HousePicnic Table outside Lynn’s House
1:30 PMLibraryLibrary
3:00 PMTown HallTown Hall
7:30 PMOutside HomeOutside Lucia’s Home
9:00 PMHome
9:30 PMHome


Lynn is an apprentice blacksmith and is still learning to trust herself and her smithing skills. She is the first character you’ll meet on the train, as she is also moving to Sun Haven.

BirthdaySpring 10
OccupationApprentice Blacksmith
LocationSun Haven
Lynn’s House 8 AM – 8 PM

Lynn Gifts

LoveItems: Glorite Bar, Sunite Bar
Food: Buttery Beer, Creamy Beef Stew, Creamy Mushroom Soup, Egg Hash, Hot Chocolate, Pot Pie, Stuffed Casserole
LikeItems: Adamant Bar, Copper Bar, Iron Bar, Mithril Bar
Food: Appetizing Ale, Apple Juice, Glass of Pure Water, Milk, Pickled Veggie Salad, Veggie Kebab
DislikeItems: Lynn Record, Lynn Wedding Ring, Lynn’s Shield
Food: Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cupcake, Sugar Cake

Lynn’s Daily Schedule

Lynn has one schedule that he follows rain or shine. When you’re married to her the only thing that will change is that she will sleep in your house. Lynn’s House is available to the player from 8AM – 8PM.

6:00 AMHome
8:30 AMOutside Solon’s Smithery
9:30 AMSolon’s Smithery
2:00 PMQuarry
4:00 PMTown
7:00 PMHome


Note: Miyeon is a new romanceable NPC that came with the v1.3 patch in October 2023.

Miyeon, The “Perfect” Daughter, has moved to Sun Haven from the realm of the Angels. With great expectations, her highly accomplished parents hope she’ll be inspired by a town of young professionals. Miyeon has the wings, but living under the pressures of perfection, this angel needs to overcome her anxiousness to fly.

BirthdayWinter 6
LocationSun Haven
Miyeon’s House

Miyeon Gifts

LoveItems: Small Potted Bush
Food: Berry Cake, Blue Rose Cake, Blueberry Cake, Bubble Tea, Honeycomb Cake, Hydrangea Cupcake, Indiglow Tea, Lemon Cake, Orange Cream Cake, Snappy Juice, Strawberry Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Sugar Cake, Tea, Wind Chime Tea
Crop: Honeysuckle
Fish: Angelfin, Flower Flounder
LikeItems: Earth Crystal, Large Mana Potion, Large Mana Tome, Magical Water, Mana Water, Small Mana Potion, Small Mana Tome
Food: Acorn Milk, Cake Pop, Cookies, Earth Dragon Tea, Fire Dragon Tea, Flan, Fruit Cupcake, Glass of Pure Water, Strawberry Milk, Water Dragon Tea
Crop: Tea Leaves
Fish: Angelfin
DislikeItems: Glorite Bar, Glorite Ore, Glorite Sword, Miyeon Record, Miyeon Wedding Ring, Miyeon’s Tea Pot
Food: Bitter Beer, Chocolate, Coffee, Demon Coffee, Demon Energy Juice, Kraken Cola, Spicy Catsup, Spicy Ramen, Spikey Soda, Sucker Soda
Crop: Coffee Bean, Soda Pop Crop

Miyeon’s Daily Schedule

Miyeon has a schedule that will change after she gets married to you. Miyeon’s House is available to the player from 8AM – 8PM.

TimeBefore MarriageAfter Marriage
6:00 AMHomeHome
6:30 AMOutside Library
8:00 AMLibrary
8:30 AMLibrary
10:30 AMTown HallTown Hall
12:30 PMMuseumMuseum
3:30 PMPet StorePet Store
5:00 PMTown HallTown Hall
8:00 PMHomeHome


Xyla sits on the Demon King’s royal council and is Withergate’s Demon architect, having built the city from the ground up. The Demon King took her in after Darius found her living in a cave out in the wild.

BirthdayFall 11
OccupationArchitect, Royal Council
Xyla’s House 6 AM – 12 AM

Xyla Gifts

LoveItems: Crown, Heavy Crossbow
Food: Red Velvet Cake, Withercake
Crop: Snappy Plant
Fish: Globfish, Purrmaid
LikeItems: Chess Board, Refined Concrete, Refined Glass, Refined Plastic
Food: Red Velvet Cupcake
DislikeItems: Amethyst, Bone Gift, Diamond, Gold Bar, Gold Ore, Old Boot, Rel’Tar’s Mark (Crossbow), Ruby, Sapphire, Xyla Record, Xyla Wedding Ring, Xyla’s Queen Chess Piece

Xyla’s Daily Schedule

Xyla has one schedule that she follows rain or shine. You can enter Xyla’s House with a relationship of 5 hearts between the hours of 8AM – 8PM.

6:00 AMAt home in the Apartment Complex
8:00 AMApartment Complex
10:00 AMThrone Room in Withergate Castle
2:00 PMCarnival
7:30 PMMovies
10:00 PMHome


Note: Vivi is a new romanceable NPC that came with the v1.2 patch in June 2023.

Vivi is a determined Amari, hunting the large bounty placed on your head by an unknown figure. With such a juicy bounty over your head, she’s got just the right dagger with your name on it. The only problem now is remembering to tie her boots before your special “date”…

SpeciesAmari (Squirrel)
BirthdayFall 23
LocationSun Haven
Vivi’s House

Vivi Gifts

LoveItems: Barrel Of Swords, Carrot Sword, Glorite Sword, Health Woven Scarf, Rel’Tar’s Mark (Crossbow), Sunite Sword
Food: Acorn Milk, Berry Pie, Cinnamon Apple Pie, Raspberry Pie, Seared Acorn Anchovy
Fish: Acorn Anchovy
LikeItems: Adamant Sword, Advanced Attack Potion, Attack Potion, Copper Sword, Crossbow, Egg Crossbow, Elven Crossbow, Gold Bar, Gold Ore, Heavy Crossbow, Incredible Attack Potion, Iron Swoth, Mithril Crossbow, Mithril Sword, Small Money Bag
Food: Creamy Mushroom Soup, Fruit Snacks, Mushroom Pie, Mushroom Risotto, Mushroom Stroganoff
Crop: Berry, Mushroom
DislikeItems: Training Dummy, Vivi Wedding Ring, Vivi’s Bone Dagger
Food: Bitter Beer, Buttery Beer, Coffee, Demon Coffee, Eggplant Cola, Grape Soda Pop, Kraken Cola, Moonplant Cola, Pumpkin Soda, Spikey Soda, Sucker Soda, Sweet Melon Soda, Tombmelon Soda
Crop: Pepper

Vivi’s Daily Schedule

Vivi has one schedule that he follows rain or shine. When you’re married to her the only thing that will change is that she will sleep in your house.

6:00 AMHome
10:30 AMMerchants
1:00 PMGeneral Store
3:00 PMBulletin Board
4:30 PMMerchants
6:00 PMBehind Tavern
9:30 PMHome

Sun Haven

You’ve just arrived in Sun Haven, a medieval town full of people from all walks of life doing their best to make their beloved town thrive as it once did. As a farmer, miner, fisher, warrior, craftsman, and even a mage, you’ll find that adventure awaits you here. Sun Haven is currently out on Steam for PC.


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