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Potions: A Curious Tale – All Potion Recipes

Another witchy sim game is out! Potions: A Curious Tale is an adventure-crafting game where you follow the story of Luna, a young witch who overcomes obstacles with the potions she brews. Guide Luna on her quest to become a potions master as you encounter fairy tale characters and their stories. Your wits and ingenuity are your greatest weapons, and combat is not always the answer.

On Luna’s path to master potion brewing, she must gather rare ingredients to craft new potions. While her grandmother and friends will teach her how to brew some potions, most recipes must be discovered through experimentation with ingredients. There are over 100 unique potions that you can brew with ingredients scattered over 7 biomes. As you collect each unique ingredient you can read a descriptive text that hints towards its potential use. These descriptions, along with additional hints from characters in the game, can lead Luna to craft undiscovered recipes. 

But if you’re having trouble discovering all the potions in Potions: A Curious Tale, then this complete potions recipe list will help you out!


Fire Potions

Greater Explosion Potion33
Greater Knockback Draught42
Cone of Explosion32
Explosion Potion22
Furiously Magical Explosion51
Explosion Spear41
Knockback Draught31
Minor Explosion Cone21
Minor Explosion Potion111
Furiously Magical Fire6
Furiously Magical Steam51
Furiously Magical Lava51
Fire Spear5
Greater Smoke Bomb42
Steam Spear41
Greater Frost Resistance Draught42
Lava Spear41
Cone of Fire4
Greater Steam Potion33
Cone of Steam32
Smoke Bomb31
Grater Lava Potion33
Cone of Lava32
Frost Resistance Draught31
Minor Fire Bomb3
Steam Potion22
Minor Cone of Steam21
Lava Potion22
Minor Cone of Lava21
Minor Steam Potion11
Minor Lava Potion11

Water Potions

Greater Ice Potion33
Greater Poison Resistance Draught42
Cone of Ice32
Ice Potion22
Furiously Magical Ice51
Ice Spear41
Poisions Resistance Draught31
Minor Cone of Ice21
Minor Ice Potion11
Greater Shock Resistance Draught24
Cone of Acid23
Furiously Magical Acid15
Acid Spear14
Shock Resistance Draught13
Minor Cone of Acid12
Furiously Magical Water6
Furiously Magical Mud51
Water Spear5
Greater Flame Resistance Draught42
Mud Spear41
Cone of Water4
Greater Mud Potion33
Cone of Mud32
Flame Resistance Draught31
Minor Water Bomb3
Mud Potion22
Minor Cone of Mud21
Minor Mud Potion11

Earth Potions

Greater Sandstorm Potion33
Greater Itching Powder42
Cone of Poison Gas32
Furiously Magical Poison51
Poison Spear41
Itching Powder31
Minor Cone of Poison Gas21
Greater Rock Wall Potion24
Cone of Spikes23
Furiously Magical Spikes15
Iron Spear14
Rock Wall Potion13
Minor Cone of Spikes12
Greater Defensive Draught24
Cone of Vines23
Furiously Magical Vines15
Vine Spear14
Defensive Draught13
Minor Cone of Vines12
Furiously Magical Earthquake6
Rock Spear5
Cone of Earth4
Minor Rock Bomb3

Air Potions

Furiously Magical Hurricane6
Furiously Magical Lightning15
Furiously Magical Sandstorm15
Wind Spear5
Greater Zynda’s Zipping Stimulator24
Tornado Spear14
Greater Summon Cloud24
Lightning Spear14
Greater Protective Draught24
Sand Spear14
Cone of Wind4
Cone of Storm23
Zynda’s Zipping Stimulant13
Cone of Lightning23
Summon Cloud13
Cone of Sand23
Protective Draught13
Minor Wind Bomb3
Minor Cone of Storm12
Minor Cone of Lightning12
Sandstorm Potion22
Minor Cone of Sand12
Minor Lightning Potion11
Minor Dust Devil Potion11

Potions: A Curious Tale

Potions: A Curious Tale is an adventure-crafting game where your wits and ingenuity are your greatest weapons, and combat is not always the answer. Play as Luna, a young witch who overcomes obstacles with the potions she brews. Encounter fairy tale characters and stories from around the world in new settings and situations as you guide Luna on her quest to become a potions master.

Potions: A Curious Tale by Stumbling Cat is out now on PC – Steam, Mac and Linux.


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