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Palia – The Complete Fishing Guide (Updated)

Palia is out now in closed beta! And for all of you still waiting on your invites or the open beta, don’t worry it should be out tomorrow, the 10th of August 2023. For those of you already in this fantasy MMORPG you’re probably still orienting yourself, meeting all the villagers and upgrading your skills.

In our previous article, we’ve listed all eight skills currently out in Palia. These are skills that can be upgraded the more you do them and include: Foraging, Gardening, Hunting, Cooking, Mining, Fishing, Insect Catching and Furniture Making. To get started on any of these skills simply follow the quests that you’re assigned to at the beginning of the game and then keep working on them to level up.

That’s pretty much how skill levelling works in a nutshell. But in this article, we’re going to dive deeper into the mechanics of fishing in Palia, upgradeable fishing rods, fish locations and more.

Disclaimer: This article has been updated with new information since its original release in August 2023.


How To Start Fishing

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To begin fishing, head on over to the Pier on the bottom right side of Kilima. Here you’ll generally find Einar a golem who is our resident Fishing Skill Master. He will provide you with a Basic Fishing Rod to get started and task you immediately with catching a fish.

Equip your rod using “R” and head to any body of water to toss it in by holding down the LMB. Wait for a bit and you’ll eventually get a bite, once you do hiy the LMB again to begin reeling the fish in. Reeling the fish is a little minigame of keeping the fish between the two green lines around it. As you reel move your mouse left or right to keep it in the space.

More difficult fish can jump out of the water, causing them to leave the area between the green lines. If a fish moves out of the area, the bar below the fishing line will start to deplete. Once a fish is gone out of the area too long you’ll end up losing the catch.

Note: If you catch the fish when the bar is full, you’ll get a Perfect Catch bonus which will sometimes reward you with some ‘Renown’. You’ll also get Renown for each new fish species that you catch.


Levelling Up Your Fishing Skill

You’ll gain experience in your fishing skill by catching fish. The type of fish you catch will also influence the amount of experience you earn to level up your fishing skill. As you level up, you can unlock more features and benefits. Once you meet specific level requirements, you can go back to Einar and check if he has upgraded items, and equipment such as bait, and cooking recipes.


Fishing Upgrades

As your fishing skill level increases, you’ll have access to a host of new fishing upgrades including – Bait, Fishing Rods and Fishing Accessories that will give you access to new types of fish and make catching fish easier. These recipes can be bought from Einar and crafted at your worktable.



Fish will vary depending on location, time of day, and what bait is being used. Right now in Palia, there are only two types of bait available: Worms and Glow Worms. Bait allows you to catch different, more difficult fish.

To use bait while fishing, equip your fishing rod with R and then click RMB to open the bait menu. Select the bait you want by clicking on it and then clicking the RMB to close the menu.


Fishing Rod

At Fishing Level 3, Einar will be able to offer you plans for other Fishing Rods. As you further increase your skill, he’ll unlock more rod plans for you to purchase. These rods are crafted at the workbench.

Fishing RodFishing LvlRecipe Cost In StoreCrafting Recipe
Makeshift RodGifted by Einar
Standard RodLvl. 3250g1x Makeshift Rod
20x Sapwood Plank
5x Copper Bar
Fine RodLvl. 61500g1x Standard Rod
10x Heartwood Plank
5x Iron Bar
Exquisite RodLvl. 93000g1x Fine Rod
5x Flow-Infused Plank
2x Palium Bar

Fishing Accessories

After upgrading your Fishing Level, Einar will begin to sell Fishing Accessory Recipes at his Fishing Hut. The first accessory crafted will automatically be equipped. After that, you’ll need to open the character panel (C) to equip a different accessory.

AccessoryFishing LvlDescriptionCost In StoreCrafting Recipe
Minor Rod Health BoosterSlightly increases fishing rod health when equipped.20x Plant Fiber
1x Copper Bar
3x Sernuk Hide
Tuning ForkLvl. 8Allows you to track fishing nodes for 15 minutes.2500g1x Any Rare Fish
3x Glass Bulb
1x Copper Bar
Major Hook Time BoosterLvl. 10Significantly decreases time to hook a fish when equipped.5 Fishing Medals
Major Rod Recovery BoosterLvl. 10Significantly increases fishing rod health recovery rate when equipped.5 Fishing Medals
Major Safe Zone Size BoosterLvl. 10Significantly increases fishing safe zone size when equipped.5 Fishing Medals
Major Safe Zone Speed BoosterLvl. 10Significantly increases fishing safe zone speed when equipped.5 Fishing Medals


AccessoryFishing LvlDescriptionCost In StoreCrafting Recipe
Fisherman’s BrewLvl. 5This suspicious drink has a strange odour that can only be described as ‘mossy’, but Einar swears by it. Buffs Fishing reticle size for a short time.Campfire
1x Emerald Carpet Moss
1x Crystal Lake Lotus

Fish Locations


FishTime of DayBaitRairtySell Price★ Price
Calico KoiAll DayNoneCommon2334
Cantankerous KoiDay, NightNoneUncommon5075
CloudfishMorning, DayGlow WormRare210315
Fairy CarpMorning, EveningWormRare145217
Giant GoldfishAll DayGlow WormEpic410615
Kilima CatfishAll DayWormCommon3958
Mirror CarpAll DayWormUncommon75112
Mottled GobiAll DayGlow WormCommon85127
MudminnowAll DayNoneCommon2334
Orange BluegillAll DayWormCommon3958
Scarlet KoiAll DayGlow WormCommon85127
Stalking CatfishEvening, NightGlow WormUncommon125187

Kilima Village: Rivers

FishTime of DayBaitRaritySell Price★ Price
Channel CatfishAll DayNoneUncommon4770
Crucian CarpAll DayGlow WormCommon80120
Energized PiranhaAll DayWormRare135202
Flametongue RayMorning, DayGlow WormEpic375562
Freshwater EelEvening, NightWormUncommon70105
Golden SalmonMorning, DayWormUncommon3552
Indigo LampreyEvening, NightGlow WormUncommon115172
Kenil’s CarpAll DayGlow WormRare205307
Kilima GreylingAll DayGlow WormUncommon115172
Platinum ChadAll DayGlow WormCommon80120
Radiant SunfishAll DayWormRare135202
Rainbow TroutAll DayNoneUncommon4770
Red-Bellied PiranhaAll DayWormCommon3552
Silver SalmonEvening, NightNoneCommon2131
Spotted BullheadAll DayNoneCommon2131
SticklebackMorning, DayWormUncommon70105
Striped DaceAll DayNoneUncommon2131

Kilima Lake

FishTime of DayBaitRaritySell Price★ Price
Alligator GarAll DayGlow WormCommon80120
Ancient FishAll DayGlow WormEpic410615
Beluga SturgeonAll DayGlow WormCommon80120
Enchanted PupfishAll DayGlow WormUncommon115172
Giant Kilima StingrayMorning, EveningGlow WormEpic355532
GillyfinAll DayNoneCommon2030
Largemouth BassAll DayWormCommon3349
Midnight PaddlefishNightGlow WormRare185277
Painted PerchAll DayWormCommon3349
Prism TroutMorning, DayWormUncommon6090
ShimmerfinAll DayWormRare130195
Smallmouth BassAll DayWormCommon3349
Striped SturgeonEvening, NightWormUncommon6090

Bahari Bay: Coast

FishTime of DayBaitRaritySell Price★ Price
Bahari BassAll DayNoneCommon2334
Bahari BreamAll DayWormCommon3958
BarracudaEvening, NightNoneUncommon5075
Black Sea BassAll DayGlow WormCommon85127
Blue MarlinAll DayWormRare145217
Blue Spotted RayMorning, Day, EveningGlow WormRare210315
Bluefin TunaAll DayWormCommon3958
Cactus MorayDay, NightGlow WormUncommon125187
Long Nosed Unicorn FishDayGlow WormEpic410615
Ribbontail RayMorning, EveningWormUncommon75112
SardineAll DayNoneCommon2334

Bahari Bay: Rivers

FishTime of DayBaitRaritySell Price★ Price
Bahari PikeAll DayGlow WormCommon80120
ChubAll DayGlow WormUncommon115172
Cutthroat TroutAll DayWormUncommon70105
Fathead MinnowAll DayGlow WormCommon80120
Honey LoachDay, NightGlow WormUncommon115172
Kilima RedfinAll DayWormCommon3552
Oily AnchovyAll DayWormCommon3552
PaddlefishMorning, Day, EveningWormUncommon70105
Rosy BitterlingAll DayNoneCommon2131
Silvery MinnowAll DayNoneCommon2131
StormrayMorning, EveningGlow WormRare205307
Swordfin EelAll DayGlow WormEpic375562
Thundering EelAll DayWormRare135202
Willow LampreyNightWormRare135202
Yellow PerchAll DayNoneCommon2131

Bahari Bay: Caves

FishTime of DayBaitRaritySell Price★ Price
Albino EelAll DayWormCommon3552
Bat RayAll DayWormUncommon75112
BlobfishAll DayGlow WormCommon75112
Crimson FangtoothAll DayGlow WormUncommon115172
Eyeless MinnowAll DayNoneCommon2030
Hypnotic MorayAll DayGlow WormRare205307
Mutated AnglerAll DayWormRare145217
StonefishAll DayGlow WormCommon80120
Umbran CarpAll DayNoneUncommon4770
Void RayAll DayGlow WormEpic375562

Temple of the Gales

FishTime of DayBaitRaritySell Price★ Price
Ancient CloudminnowAll DayNoneLegendary


Palia by Singularity 6 is a free-to-play cosy fantasy MMORPG inspired by Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. The game will be out on PC for closed beta on August 2nd 2023 and open beta on August 10th 2023, sign up here to get registered!

The game is expected to come out on the Nintendo Switch in Winter 2023.


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