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Overwatch 2 – How To Play Venture

Overwatch 2‘s new heroes have been all about gameplay disruption and manoeuvrability. They want us to play outside of the traditional map paths and really utilise flanking and vertical spaces. While the last hero Lifeweaver gave us access to raised platforms, Season 10’s new hero Venture brings it underground.

Venture is the latest DPS hero in Overwatch and like some of the other heroes on the list has a pretty mid-to-high skill ceiling. In order to play them you’re really going to have to understand their kit to make the most out of mastering their skills. They’re best at close-hit attacks, causing chaos and disruption with their drill-based arsenal. To play them you’ll need to play aggressively and with high mobility.

Venture was unlocked at the beginning of Season 10 and is immediately playable in Competitive mode. For those of you looking to play the hardest-hitting DPS character to date, or are coming up against them in battle you’re going to want to learn more about their kit as well as how to dominate and counter them.


Venture Skills and Kit

Venture’s unique kit revolves around their heavily-armoured Exo-Driller Suit. The drill can fire short-range explosives that explode when they come into contact with an enemy or object, causing knockback. While their main skill ‘Drill Dash’ allows them to burrow into the ground, dealing damage and knocking back enemies in the area. While underground Venture is invulnerable and will deal damage upon exit. Lastly, their Tectonic Shock their ultimate ability, fires projectiles underground, which go outward in a cone shape, dealing damage to enemies in its path.


Smart Excavator (Primary)

Damage25 (direct hit)
45 – 13.5 (explosion)
Falloff Range1 – 3 metres
Reload Time1.5sMax Range16

This isn’t your average mining tool. The Smart Excavator launches volleys of explosive charges that detonate on impact or after a short distance. The key to maximizing damage lies in mastering detonation timing. Aim for enemies’ feet – the splash damage radius ensures maximum impact, especially when grouped with other explosives or hero abilities.

Hero abilities that can destroy Venture’s projectiles are Defense Matrix, Kinetic Grasp, Javelin Spin and Deflect, but the explosion is unaffected.


Drill Dash (Secondary)

Damage40 (first hit)
60 over 0.4 seconds (subsequent hits)
5 (during Burrow)
Duration0.4s (unborrowed)
0.9s (burrowed)
Max. Range10mMovement Speed20m/s

This explosive movement ability allows Venture to propel themselves forward in a burst, shoving enemies back and dealing damage. Upon hitting an enemy for the first time, they take a small amount of damage. If the enemy stays in contact, they will take additional damage over the remaining duration.

Use your Drill Dash to jump into the backlines of an enemy’s defence or use it to escape from a hairy situation.


Burrow (Movement Ability)

Damage110 – 75 (max charge)
55 – 37.5 (min charge)
Falloff Range2.5 – 7.5 meters (max charge)
1.4 – 4 meters (min charge)
Duration4 seconds (burrowed)Movement Speed+40% movement speed buff (burrowed)

This signature ability is what defines Venture. It allows them to tunnel underground for a limited duration, becoming invulnerable to damage and cleansing any negative status effects.

Burrow offers a tactical toolbox that allows them to flank enemies and emerge right behind them for devastating close-range attacks. Escape from a bad situation or remove a potentially killer debuff from yourself underground. And of course, even grabbing sneaky health packs, stealth moving a payload or capturing an objective. There are so many opportunities given to the manoeuvrability that Burrow gives to Venture.


Tectonic Shock (Ultimate)

Damage130Rate of Fire1.11 shots
Ammo4 ChargesDuration7s

Venture’s ultimate ability, Tectonic Shock, is a very strong ultimate attack that deals damage in a wide area. You get four shots, which go underground, moving outward in a cone shape, dealing damage to enemies it reaches. Since it goes underground, you can use this under shields and objects in the environment, like a payload. Most damage and support heroes can be killed in two to three shots if they are at full health, with high-health heroes like Bastion taking all four shots. The best time to use Tectonic Shock is when enemies are grouped up and have taken a bit of damage, so you likely won’t want to open a team fight with it, but hold it until you have them on the ropes.

Do note that Tectonic Shock waves can be completely negated by travelling to higher ground or deploying shields. Specifically, Venture’s Ultimate shockwaves can travel up ramps or stairs but will be blocked by taller structures, such as Mei’s Wall or Reinhardt’s Shield. And it comes as no surprise that they are absolutely useless against fliers such as Pharah and Echo. So you might want to reserve this ability as a surprise attack when all the shields are down and you know the characters will have trouble escaping, such as Ana, Zen and Roadhog.


Venture Strategies


Dive in, dive out

Venture is a dive hero and like most heroes in her class such as Reaper, Winston and D.Va, your hard hits and manoeuvrability are at the core of your kit. Jump in to disrupt the enemy and make the most of your close-quarters combat damage by flanking and hitting the unexpected backline. This playstyle works best if you’re aggressive and constantly pushing the enemy time.

However even though Venture’s passive gives you some temporary shields to take the hit, you’ll want to balance being caught out without an escape. You’ll need to balance using Drill Dash or Burrow to both enter and exit combat. If you use one to enter, make sure to save the other to leave.


Play Upfront Or To The Side

Venture is a close-range hero who cannot deal any damage from a distance. So it is incredibly important to learn how to space yourself correctly. Such as playing with your tank or flanking around the enemy to pick off weaker targets. She’s not a stealthy ninja-like Genji and her abilities can only take her so far when chasing far from a team fight.

Venture’s primary fire is most similar to Sigma’s Hypersphere’s, meaning that each shot will explode after travelling a certain distance. This means that you will have to space yourself closer to enemies than other long-range DPS characters typically would, all to ensure that your Primary Fire can deal damage.


Enjoy Invulnerability

Burrow has an 8s cooldown which makes you way more mobile than most of the heroes on Overwatch’s roster. Not only that but tunneling underground makes you invulnerable, will remove any status effects and will unstick projectiles. This means you can use it to knock off a particularly deadly Tracer bomb or cleanse the effects of Ana’s Biotic Grenade. Not to mention escape crowd-clearing ultimate abilities like D.Va’s Bomb. Keep practising your timing and your Venture hero will be extremely hard to kill.


Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play, team-based action game set in the optimistic future, where every match is the ultimate 5v5 battlefield brawl. Play as a time-jumping freedom fighter, a beat-dropping battlefield DJ, or one of over 30 other unique heroes as you battle it out around the globe.  

Overwatch 2 is available on the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC – Battle.Net.

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