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Dragon’s Dogma 2 – How To Get All Endings

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is an epic fantasy RPG where you awaken as the Arisen, a prophesied hero marked by a dragon. Carving your path through a vast, open world brimming with secrets and danger, you must confront your destiny. With the fate of a kingdom hanging in the balance, you’ll hone your skills as a warrior, mage, or something else entirely. Your choices throughout the journey will shape the narrative, leading you towards one of several endings. Will you uphold the established order, or forge a new path with unforeseen consequences?

There are currently three endings you can achieve in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and to unlock them you’ll need to follow a series of steps and choices. In this guide, we’ll go through how you can achieve each ending. Watch out for dragons and spoilers.


Bad Ending: The Empty Throne Room

The main story quest of Dragon’s Dogma 2 culminates in ‘Legacy’, where you meet Phaseus at the top of the Moonlight Tower. The Dragon then gives you a choice to fight him or walk away. This choice will determine your fate and that of the world.

Led by the Godsbane blade, you followed Phaesus to Moonglint Tower, where he intends to create a dragon and control the world’s fate. Your own destiny—the ultimate choice—is nigh.

As you might have guessed the Bad Ending choice is for you to walk away. The Dragon will then ask you if you’re sure, select “Yes” to trigger the Bad Ending. A cutscene will bring you to Vernworth Castle Hall, where the Arisen can be seen being crowned as the new Sovran of Vermund in a sombre coronation ceremony, and then the credits will roll.

In this ending, you will not get access to New Game+ once you return to the main menu. Instead you’ll be prompted to reload your save, aka pick again.


Good Ending: Good Tidings And Celebration

To get the Good Ending in Dragon’s Dogma 2, where you are able to claim your stolen heart and become the new Sovereign, you must choose to fight and defeat the Dragon.

Once you beat the Dragon, a cutscene at Vernworth Castle Hall will trigger, where the Arisen can be seen being crowned as the new Sovran of Vermund in a cheerful coronation ceremony. Once you’re in control of your character you can choose to sit on your throne and watch the credits. Once the screen fades, you’ll get the “Peace” Trophy or Achievement and give you a new option to play Dragon’s Dogma 2 in New Game+.

If however, you’d like to get the True Ending of the game, instead of going to sit on the throne, talk to the Pathfinder (twice) and he’ll offer to give you another chance to face the dragon.

“Thou wishest to dismantle the world’s will – just as I do. Yet dost thou know what awaiteth the world, should it meet such a fate? The world shall not change with my death. Nor shall it change with thine.

The Dragon

True Ending: Break The Cycle

Just like the previous two endings, the Dragon then gives you a choice to fight him or run away. But there is a secret third option that you can do to break the cycle and get the True Ending of Dragon’s Dogma 2.

After achieving the Good Ending, talk to the Pathfinder in the Throne Room and he will offer you another chance, take it and you’ll be sent back in time to when you were on the dragon’s back. On this curiously long flight to the battlegrounds, climb towards the Dragon’s heart (marked by an orange glowing area in his chest). Then equip the Empowered Godsbane Blade which you can use to stab yourself. This will trigger the True Ending.

Yes, Arisen. This world has been safeguarded by the dragon all along. You yourself were chosen to form a part of this cycle. The Arisen is selected by the great will to play the role of the dragon’s counterpart. That is how this world is built: the dragon serves to continue the cycle, and the Arisen exists to oppose it.

This is the true meaning of the Dragon’s Dogma.”

By the great will does the dragon create a cycle, allowing it to forestall the end of this world time and time again.

Once the sword is plunged into the Arisen, both them and the Dragon will plummet into the Brine, and you’ll find yourself transported into the Unmoored World; an alternate version of the world with no water and is slowly being enveloped by a red fog. In the Unmoored World, enemies are more difficult and your main Pawn is gone. Only Arisen whom you have met in the past will be able to accompany you.

Complete various quests to slay Dragons throughout the Unmoored World and reunite with your main Pawn and eventually you’ll be able to go back to the Seafloor Shrine – Sacred Grounds to face the Dragon once more. Stab the dragon’s heart with the Empowered Godsbane Blade and end the cycle once and for all.


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