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The Witch of Fern Island – The Complete Witch Exam Guide

The Witch of Fern Island is a witchy life sim where you play as Abrill a fledgling young acolyte studying to become a proper witch. This compromises studying basic potion making, spell casting, growing herbs and more. But in order to prove herself to The Academy of Witches she’ll need to pass her Witch Exams. Witch Exams are how the Guardian Witch will track Abrill’s progress on her magical journey. You’re able to track it too by using the Crystal Ball.

The Witch Exam is split into three parts: Heart, Power and Wisdom and will involve you completing a series of tasks to pass the Test. Tests can range from brewing a certain number of potions, collecting and discovering herbs and shells or even just connecting with your fellow townspeople. And at the end of each Test, you’ll get a Recipe Reward.

In this guide, we’ll go through all the different components and how to complete your Witch Exams.


Witch Exam: Heart

Test NameDescriptionReward
HelperDo 20 CommissionsApple Pie
SociologyMeet 15 Different PersonMild Perfume
FriendshipBecome acquaintance (3 hearts) with someoneFriendship Charm
MerchantrySell 100 items on Witch StallPlenty Fertilizer
Cuflow HusbandryRise relationship with any cuflow above 3 heartsCuflow Snack
CharityGive 25 giftsFruit Ice Cream
PhilantropistDonate 30 different items to the MuseumSilver Earrings
Paffti ResearcherDiscover a beloved gift in 15 different Paffti shrinesCurry
Master BreederHatch 10 different cuflow racesFried Eggs
MemoryGive liked or loved gift to 15 people on their birthdaysBarrow End Special
Real FriendGet max relationship with somebodyGolden Bracelet
Party WitchGet first place in 2 different festival activitiesJump Potion
Advanced BreederHatch 19 different cuflow racesCuflow Breeder Charm
Beloved WitchGet Max heart level with 10 residentsAviye
Egg MasterSell 15 types of eggsEgg Brunch Torte
Master of ColorsDye cloths 25 timesMacarons
Master HelperDo 100 commissionsExplosive Fish Delicacy
Wildlife PhotographerPhotograph 10 different wild animals (excluding tzoru and cuflows)Treasures of the Earth

Witch Exam: Power

Test NameDescriptionReward
RitualistCast 5 different ritualsRain Weather
Basic AlchemyCraft any 20 magical potionsAlchemist Charm
CosmoturgyExpand the size of the magical bag by 8Croissant
Basic AstrologyCast 10 foretales on different daysMagic Streams
Basic CookeryCook 10 different dishesSkewer
CarpentryUpgrade any 3 toolsOatmeal
Advanced CookingCook 35 different dishesCroquettes
Witch FarmingDiscover 15 different types of Magical VegetablesFarming Charm
TravelerActivate at least 4 different altars in the wildPancakes
Advanced AlchemyCraft 10 different types of potions of Excellent Quality or betterAstral Termites
EssentialistDiscover 20 different types of essenceRitual Candle
AdventurerSolve 20 different ancient puzzlesBeetroot Burger
FashionistWear 5 different witch cloth setsWitches’ Brew
Full ChargeReach 400 in max stamina levelTurbosyrup
Master BusinesswomanCollect 300,000 Amber DropsPeace and Quiet
Master CarpentryGet all the best toolsCreeping Roots
Stables MasterCatch 3 different TzoruVitamin Fodder for Tzoru

Witch Exam: Wisdom

Test NameDescriptionReward
Basic ConchologyDiscover 5 different types of shellsShell Basket
Basic HerbologyDiscover 10 different types of herbsHerbarium
Basic MycologyDiscover 5 different types of mushroomsMushroom Pasta
Basic EntomologyCatch 5 different types of insectsSting Shield Amulet
Basic IchtologyCatch 10 different types of fishesHerbal Dough Bait]
Basic GeologyDiscover 10 different types of gemsGemstone Trophy
Advanced HerbologyResearch up to level 3 in 20 different herbs recordsSmudge Stick
Advanced IchtologyCatch 20 different fish of at least excellent qualitySweet Dough Bait
MetalurgyCraft 6 different types of alloysPotion of Resilience
FloristResearch up to level 4 in 10 different flowers recordsPotion of Preservation
Advanced MycologyResearch up to level 4 in 12 different mushrooms recordsMushroom Picker Charm
Advanced GeologyResearch up to level 3 in 15 different mineral recordsMiner Potion
Cat MasterFind 25 different bags in cat hideoutsFour Paws Amulet
Master CookingCook 20 dishes of Master qualityProtein Fodder for Tzoru
Master FarmerGet max research on 20 different vegetablesFriendly Hedgemoles
Master HerbologyGet max research in 25 different herbsFarm Mushroom
Master IchtologyGet max research in 20 different fishFish Bread
Master of DimensionsActivate all Dimensional Chests in AstraRapid Growth

The Witch of Fern Island

Welcome to the mysterious Fern Island! A lush temperate isle home to three great magical cultures – Boran, Apatut, and Kuqkwa – including one bright-eyed newcomer, Abrill. After crashing onto the island during her travels to a magical academy, the young witch makes the most of the situation, still eager to become a full-fledged Witch. Instead of waiting idly for her arrival, the Academy of Witches also decided to use this as an opportunity for young Abrill to demonstrate her mastery of magic and unveil the secrets of the mysterious island.

The Witch of Fern Island is out now on PC – Steam.




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