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The Witch Of Fern Island – The Complete Potions Guide

In The Witch on Fern Island, you play as Abrill, a young student studying to become a fully-fledged witch. The art of witchery involves making amulets, casting rituals and of course brewing potions. The art of potion-making is a precise science and in order to start whipping up some potent brews you’re going to need a couple of things. The right recipe and of course the right ingredients that you’ll be able to farm or forage around Fern Island. In this guide we’ll go through everything you need to know about potion-making, including and where to get each recipe.


How To Brew Potions

You can’t quite wing Potion brewing in The Witch on Fern Island, so to begin you’ll need a recipe as well as the right ingredients for it. To start making a potion, simply select the cauldron that’ll be located inside your Witch’s Mansion on the bottom floor of the main room. You’ll unlock it by completing the “Wake up, Cauldron” Quest. To begin just interact with the cauldron and select your desired recipe. Then you’ll need to drag the right ingredients to their indicated spots or hit the arrow button to do it automatically.

The cauldron unfortunately does not heat up by magic and for you to brew a potion you’ll need a piece of wood to start it cooking. Any piece of wood will do, from hardwood to driftwood. Then all you need to do is click on the brew icon to start making your potion.  The cauldron works by itself according to the queue of scheduled potions, including time through the night. Below the queue, there are inventory slots which hold the already-brewed potions. These can be collected and added to the inventory at any time.


Body Potion Recipes

PotionEffectRecipeSell PriceObtain
Antidote for Mushroom PoisoningAn antidote that performs well with diseases of unnatural effects.3 Chamomile
3 Chatter Cinquefoil
2 Snake Agave
1 Lotus
1 Forest Essence
200Rewarded by Charna during Faulty Fungi quest.
Astra Resistance PotionGives resistance to the effects of Astra.

Duration: 210s
1 Aster
1 Demon’s Mandrake
1 Egg
1 Mushroom
250Found in a crate on a chair in the Witch’s Mansion – Basement.
Charisma PotionIncreases relationship points gained.

Bonus: 80%
Duration: 80s
1 Chatter Cinquefoil
1 Burdock
1 Ephedra
175Discovery: Ephedra 4 stars
Jump PotionIncreases jump height.

Bonus: 50%
Duration: 60s
1 Frog Slime
1 Bean
1 Air Essence
200Witch Exam: Party Witch
Lumberjack PotionReduces the stamina cost of using an axe.

Bonus: 50%
Duration: 80s
1 Nettle
1 Boletus
1 Ginger
1 Thistle
200Desert Memory Puzzle 3
Miner PotionReduces the stamina cost of using a pickaxe.

Bonus: 50%
Duration: 80s
1 Dust Essence
1 Earth Essence
150Witch Exam: Advanced Geology
Potion of ResilienceReduces all damage.1 Victory Champignon
1 Shiitake
1 Thistle
1 Earth Essence
150Witch Exam: Metalurgy
Potion of Soft LandingReduces fall damage.

Bonus: 50%
Duration: 60s
1 Kite Mushroom
1 Spiderweb
1 Dream Essence
125Barrow End Chest 1
Speed PotionIncreases speed.

Bonus: 40%
Duration: 60s
1 Nettle
3 Radish
1 Gold Starfish
200Found on the floor in the Witch’s Mansion – Bedroom.
Strength PotionIncrease tool efficiency.

Bonus: 40%
Duration: 40s
1 of any Vegetable
1 Boletus
1 Thistle
200Foothills Bell Puzzle 1
Sweet Dreams PotionThis mixture sends sweet dreams and ensures restful sleep.1 Dream Mullein
1 Mirage Agrimony
1 Herring
275The Lake Chest 6
TurbosyrupRestores energy over time.

Bonus: 100 Energy
Duration: 1s
1 Ginger
1 Honey
1 Onion
1 Garlic
1 Elderberry
175Witch Exam: Full Charge
Vigor PotionYou don’t lose stamina for a short time.2 Ephedra
1 Honey
1 Grapes
1 Life Essence
350Quest Reward from “Herbs from the other side of the world”

Destruction Potion Recipes

PotionEffectRecipeSell PriceObtain
Astral TermitesDeals damage to wood in a specific radius.

60 DMG to wood in a 100cm radius.
Astra Plant
Hedgemole Spikes
Animal Essence
500Witch Exam: Advanced Alchemy
Gate-Breaking PotionA potion designed to remove blockades of cursed metal.1 Coal
3 Fire Essence
1 Dahlia
1 Darkberry
250Quest Reward: A Matter of Trust
Rock Melting PotionDeals damage to rocks in a specific radius.

Radius: 100cm
1 Sulfur
1 Volcano Essence
1 Meltberry
1 Venom
375Quest Reward: Hang out with Urushu

Farm Potion Recipes

PotionEffectRecipeSell PriceObtain
Plant Revival PotionUse on withered plants to revive them.1 Honey
1 Clay
1 Morel
150Rewarded by Cassandra during Wilted Flowers quest.
Potion of Bask GrowAllows all plants to grow during the Bask season.1 Oregano
1 Toadstool
1 Sunflower
1 Time Essence
250Swamp Chest 4
Potion of Bloom GrowAllows all plants to grow during the Bloom season.1 Radish
1 Burdock
1 Morel
1 Time Essence
250Swamp Chest 2
Potion of Harvest GrowAllows all plants to grow during the Harvest season.1 Potato
1 Clove
1 Boletus
1 Time Essence
250In the loft of Tulok’s Tzoru barn. Accessible by broom from the west end.
Potion of Instant GrowAll plants on farm in a specific radius will instantly grow.

Radius: 100cm
1 Grasshopper
1 Pansy
1 Ocean’s Squill
350Desert Memory Puzzle 2
Potion of PreservationAll plants on farm in a specific radius will stay in their current state.

Radius: 100cm
1 Rockcorn
1 Time Essence
1 Quartz
1 Crocus
400Witch Exam: Florist
Potion of Reverie GrowAllows all plants to grow during the Reverie season.1 Garlic
1 Clove
1 Lawyer’s wig
1 Time Essence
250Swamp Chest 1
Potion of Storm GrowAllows all plants to grow during the Storm season.1 Carrot
1 Archangelica
1 Cuflowrelle
1 Time Essence
150Quest reward: Vegeswamps
Throwable CloudCreates a raincloud over the place potion was thrown at. Used to water crops easily.1 Ocean Essence
1 Puffball
1 Spotted Egg
300Desert Chest 10

Special Potions Recipes

PotionEffectRecipeSell PriceObtain
Blasphemy PotionA mixture that can eradicate the most powerful magical seals. 1 Painite
2 Wolf’s Bane
3 Venom
1 Lobelia
1 Red Herring
5 Death Essence
500Quest Reward: The Potion which Killed
Purifying PotionRemove potion effects and some curses.1 Turmeric
2 Archangelica
2 Horehound
175Quest Reward: Bloodlust
Witch Broomstick Creation PotionAn ingredient used in the witch broomstick creation.2 Puffball
1 Chimera Birdwing
3 Boletus
1 Airmelon
1 Sky Mackerel
375Quest Reward: I believe I can fly!

Other Potion Recipes

PotionEffectRecipeSell PriceObtain
Insect CalmerWhen thrown at a swarm of insects, it calms them down and makes them stop attacking.1 Clove
1 Toadstool
75Desert Memory Puzzle 1
Live Light PotionThrow it to generate a glowing lamp.1 The Eyes of Astra
1 Puffball
1 Light Essence
250The Lake Chest 3
Potion of PropagationMakes all possible wild plants from all seasons grow from big circular area where this potion is thrown at.1 Time Leek
1 of any Insects
1 of any Excavations
500Quest Reward: On par with Gods

The Witch of Fern Island

Welcome to the mysterious Fern Island! A lush temperate isle home to three great magical cultures – Boran, Apatut, and Kuqkwa – including one bright-eyed newcomer, Abrill. After crashing onto the island during her travels to a magical academy, the young witch makes the most of the situation, still eager to become a full-fledged Witch. Instead of waiting idly for her arrival, the Academy of Witches also decided to use this as an opportunity for young Abrill to demonstrate her mastery of magic and unveil the secrets of the mysterious island.

The Witch of Fern Island is out now on PC – Steam.


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