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The Witch of Fern Island – Gift Guide (Updated)

The Witch of Fern Island is a witchy life sim that has you playing as the young witch Abrill. In order for her to become a full-fledged witch she’ll need to pass the tests at the Academy of Witches. But one day she falls into the lush and magical land of Fern Island. It is a magical island inhabited by different cultures and people.

You’ll perform magic rituals, craft talismans, brew potions and participate in other witchcraft practices to hone your skills. To do this you’ll also need to grow your own plants, raise animals and make friends with the people of the island to learn their traditions and beliefs.

In this guide, we’ll go through all 17 of the islanders, their likes and dislikes and more in The Witch of Fern Island.

Disclaimer: This article has been updated since August 7th 2023. The Witch of Fern Island has since come out of Early Access and has been fully released as of 28th February 2024.



Ahnah is an emotional teenager full of curiosity wanting to explore the world. She plays the drums and can be found during rehearsals and concerts with the Wilted Roses. In her day-to-day life, she co-runs a fishing store with her brother and grandmother.

BirthdayBask 6
OccupationOwner of Fishing Store, Drummer in Wilted Roses
LocationsNorthern Lights – Fishing Shop, On The Docks
LovesCinderella, Fish and Chips, Fish Stew, Grilled Fish, Red Herring, Shortcake, Sky Mackerel
LikesApple Pie, Carrot Cake, Chocolate, Conch, Crab, Cupcake, Cuflow’s Claw, Gass, Gold Starfish, Pike, Sapphire, Sea Urchin Shell, Seaweed, Scallop, Skeleton, Striped Starfish, Tulip, Tulip Shell
DislikesCopper Ore, Iron Ore, Steel Bar
HatesAmbered Insect, Fern Fossil, Garlic, Radish, Sulfur, Trash


Friendly and rather likeable, despite his awkwardness at reading the room. Anton’s rather disarming authenticity sometimes leads to situations where he gives advice that is not fully thought through.

BirthdayReverie 5
OccupationBaker/Barista at Sweet Corner
LocationsSweet Corner, Labyrinth – Every Friday
LovesCheese, Kitchen Charm, Sweet Corn Soup, Tagetes, Truffle
LikesBlueberries, Bread, Butter, Butter Eel, Chocolate, Coffee, Cream, Crusty Sweetcup, Elderberry, Flour, Honey, Oil, Sugar, Velvet Vanilla, Tulip Shell, Watermelon Lemonade
DislikesCucumber Beetle, Forest Ant


Cassandra is a young woman entering adulthood, she has a feisty outlook and a sarcastic approach to the world. She had to become independent at a relatively young age, taking over the flower shop after her mother. She seems to harbour secrets, although this may simply be a matter of her character.

BirthdayBloom 15
CultureBoran, Ex-Flowerhead
OccupationOwner of Flower Shop
LocationsFlower Bee – Flower Shop
LovesBask Bouquet, Bloom Bouquet, Frost Bouquet, Hyacinth, Lily
LikesCalendula, Chamomile, Crocus, Dahlia, Desert Rose, Fern Fossil, Heather, Lobelia, Lotus, Lupins, Pansy, Plant Revival Potion, Poppy, Scented Candle, Soft Wood, Storm Bouquet, Spicy Roots, Tagetes, Tulip, Wood Ash
HatesAroma Bass, Cod, Coffee, Conch, Gold Starfish, Roach, Striped Starfish, Sulfur, Trash


Charna is a Doctor and her perfectionist nature and responsibility to her patients will not allow her to make mistakes or waste time relaxing. She is respected throughout Barrow End, with most of the residents remembering how she has helped them or their loved ones.

BirthdayFrost 17
LocationsHospital, Charna’s House, Flower Bee – Some Mornings
LovesCarrot Cake, Harvest Bouquet, Vanilla Bath Salt, Veggie Smoothie
LikesAgate, Archangelica, Bitter Gentian, Breeze Mint, Calendula, Chamomile, Forest Stew, Onion
HatesAmulet of Health, Smudge Stick, Trash


One of the Rit people, a minority on the island. She does not hunt, because she respects animals, and instead eats the gifts of the forest and grows simple plants that do not require much skill. She feels kinship with Cassandra- and feels happy when the girl visits her and helps with the crops. They spend their free time tending flowers, taking long walks and talking about life.

BirthdayHarvest 12
OccupationJewelry Maker
LocationsFrita’s House
LovesAntique Earrings, Diamond, Emerald, Herbarium, Paffti Laef, Selenite, Stone Egg
LikesDemon’s Mandrake, Dream Mullein, Ephedra, Fried Eggs, Gold Ore, Lesser Luck Charm, Mirage Agrimony, Plant Revival Potion, Poppy, Redbeet, Ruby, Sapphire, Scarlet Cup, Silver Ore, Sky Mackerel, Topaz
DislikesButter, Clay, Coal, Flour, Pasta
HatesCream, Oil, Spicy Roots, Stone, Sugar, Trash, Vinegar


A senile pensioner, he owns a farm near the town. His health does not often allow him to do as much work as he would like to do, so he will often need help.

BirthdayHarvest 9
LocationsHorace’s House, Tulok’s Farm
LovesFarmer’s Omelette, Garlic Flakes
LikesBeans, Radish, Redbeet
HatesCandle, Herring, Trash
LovesBell Pepper, Blueberries, Farmer’s Omelette, Garlic Flakes, Onion Ring, Time Leek
LikesCabbage, Carrot, Cream, Elderberry, Garlic, Garlic Bread, Onion, Pelargonia, Radish, Redbeet, Sunflower, Thorned Cucumber,
HatesCandle, Herring, Pike, Trash


Malbi is an elegant woman with a great flair for creative clothing design. She runs her own boutique where she sells her creations. Although she respects nature and animals, she feels more connected to people and it is among them where her warmth and optimism are best manifested.

BirthdayReverie 18
OccupationOwner of Boutique
LovesCitrine, Amulet of Health
LikesFiber, Analgesic Ointment
DislikesCod, Thistle
LovesBloom Salad, Citrine, Forest Grapes, Fruit Salad, Gold Ore, Lapis Lazuli, Pink Quartz, Rose
LikesBlueberries, Diamond, Fiber, Lavender, Paffti Leaf, Ruby, Satin Cloths, Shiitake, Silver Ore
DislikesBitter Gentian, Cod, Haddock, Roach, Sea Urchin Shell, Thistle
HatesChatter Cinquefoil, Demon’s Mandrake, Dream Mullein, Frog Slime, Trash


The right person in the right position. Miruta is the Mayor of Barrow End, an energetic woman who is perpetually close to the people. She always fights to the last moment for the residents’ issues, even when the cause is lost in advance.

BirthdayBloom 12
OccupationMayor of Barrow End
LocationsTown Hall
LovesBask Bouquet, Coffee, Lily, Mild Perfume
LikesAntique Earrings, Candle, Lavender, Paper, Striped Porgy
DislikesButter, Conch, Milk, Oil, Scallop, Sea Urchin Shell, Spicy Roots, Stone, Sugar, Tulip Shell
HatesClay, Cream, Flour, Trash, Vinegar


An old hermit who has lived in the desert for decades. He remembers well all the secrets of the island he has learned over the years and remembers his own life much less well. No one knows him well enough anymore to understand his motives or his past.

BirthdayBask 16
LocationsWandering around the Abandoned Farm, Northern Archaeology Digsite, Northern Beach
LovesBread, Cabbage Soup, Elderberry, Lobelia, Pasta, Rice, Watermelon Lemonade
LikesButter, Cheese, Cream, Flour, Hardwood, Honey, Milk, Oil, Vinegar
DislikesPine Cone, Trash
HatesDiamond, Gold Ore, Sapphire


Patrice is a reserved teenager who, due to circumstances, works at a local market. She seems lonely and avoids conversations and interactions with others.

BirthdayStorm 3
OccupationWorks at Local Market
LocationsLocal Market
LovesAtlas Moth, Carrot Fritters, Midnight Cod, Ritual Candle
LikesAmbered Insect, Black Crystals, Blue Morpho, Dahlia, Demon’s Mandrake, Fruit Ice Cream, Harvest Bouquet, Opal, Smudge Stick, Wolf’s Bane
HatesAntique Earrings, Antlers, Kaoh Coin, Trash, War Horn


Rebecca is a widely known and popular journalist in Barrow End. She hosts “Fern Hum”, both a radio program and a newspaper.

BirthdayFrost 14
LocationsFern Hum
LovesCharisma Potion, Frost Grapes, Shy Tomato
LikesCinderella, Desert Rose, Fern Fossil, Mild Perfume, Paffti Leaf, Paper, Rope, Storm Bouquet, Surfinia, Trilobite
DislikesBlue Morpho, Breeze Mint, Butter Eel, Common Mackerel, Chatter Cinquefoil, Coal, Seaweed, Snake Agave, Stone
HatesArchangelica, Bitter Gentian, Crab, Chamomile, Horehound, Thistle


Not only is Rogost a good carpenter, but he also runs a sawmill and a construction company. He concentrates hard on his work, which gives the impression that he tries to occupy his thoughts and escape from his other problems in this way.

BirthdayReverie 12
LocationsRogost’s Workshop, Near Noticeboard (South of Town)
LovesAdamantite Bar, Bell Pepper, Bronze Bar, Demascium Bar, Grim Wood, Iron Wood, Lumberjack Potion, Spirit Wood, Steel Gass, Stuffed Peppers, Tialv Bar
LikesBoran Sandwich, Glushroom, Hardwood, Iron Ore, Nails, Oyster Fungus, Platinum Ore, Quartz, Scallop, Soft Wood, Steel Bar, Titanium Ore
DislikesAster, Crocus, Lupins, Pansy, Surfinia, Tulip
HatesFrost Bouquet, Mild Perfume, Pelargonia, Trash


An elderly forager who spends most of his time working in the Sacred Grove. He treats Boran customs and traditions as sacred and will not allow them to be taken frivolously. He enjoys giving lone lectures on the Guardians and preaching wise counsel.

BirthdayBask 8
OccupationWatcher of the Sacred Grove
LocationsSiemibor’s House
LovesAntlers, Boran Sandwich, Berylium
LikesAncient Porgy, Animal Jaw, Bird Skull, Bone, Boletus, Cabbage, Elderberry, Heather, Horn, Horn of Plenty, Pine Cone, Plant Revival Potion, Tibia,
DislikesFlint, Nails
HatesFrog Slime, Honey, Ishu Statue, Limestone, Spiderweb, Sulfur, Trash, Wax


Tesha is a teenage girl going through a rebellious phase, she is the singer of the band Wilted Roses. She doesn’t share the same enthusiasm for her family values and the culture she comes from. Instead, she sees her future in a musical career.

BirthdayReverie 16
CultureKuqkwa, Flowerhead
OccupationSinger in Wilted Roses, Helps out in Boutique
LovesChocolate, Cookies, Croissant, Lapis Lazuli, Shark Tooth, Tanzanite
LikesCupcake, Fiber, Gold Ore, Kuqkwa Chow, Pansy, Shortcake Silver Ore
DislikesAtlas Moth, Indigo Milkcap, Puffball, Venom
HatesGlushroom, Parrot Waxcap, Rose, Trash


Tulok is a veterinarian living close to the Barrow End. He runs a Tzoru farm and a pet store. He does not support the Apatut tradition of wearing fur and other zoonotic clothing, as he himself considers animals important in his life.

BirthdayHarvest 17
LocationsTulok’s Farm
LovesBronze Bar, Dumplings, Wheat
LikesCornflower, Fossil Track, Gazing Fennel, Hardwood, Kūkaenēnē, Limestone, Lupins, Rice, Stone Egg, Sunflower
DislikesBoletus, Cod, Common Mackerel, Feather, Gass, Herring, Roach, Shiitake, Wolf Perch
HatesAroma Bass, Cinderella, Fur, Gold Starfish, Hedgemole Spikes, Kite Mushroom, Lizard Scales, Morel, Pike, Striped Starfish, Trash, Truffle, Victory Champignon


An elderly man, experienced in life, who takes care of the museum in Barrow End. He is involved in archaeology and is very curious about the world around him. Mainly thanks to him, much of Fern Island’s history has been uncovered. As much as he values the ancient culture, he also values the culture from which he himself came.

BirthdayStorm 20
OccupationMuseum Caretaker
LocationsTown Hall
LovesArcheologist Charm, Adorned Vase, Ancient Doll, Ancient Helmet, Antique Earrings, Arrowhead, Bird Skull, Bone Comb, Garlic, Ishu Statue, Kaoh Coin, Kuqkwa Chow, Spinel, Stone Egg, Stone Plate, War Horn
LikesAmbered Insect, Amethyst, Animal Jaw, Antlers, Aster, Berylium, Black Crystals, Bone, Citrine, Conch, Culfow’s Claw, Desert Rose, Diamond, Fern Fossil, Fossil Track, Garlic Bread, Gold Starfish, Horn, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Opal, Pink Quartz, Prehistoric Bone, Sapphire, Sea Urchin Shell, Selenite, Scallop, Skeleton, Striped Starfish, Thistle, Tibia, Topaz, Trilobite, Tulip Shell, Tumeric
DislikesMild Perfume, Oil
HatesCod, Feather, Haddock, Red Herring, Striped Porgy, Trash


Cool at a glance and surprisingly calm for his avant-garde teenage appearance. He earns extra money as a bartender at the Labyrinth. He belongs to the band Wilted Roses as a guitarist: if you are very lucky you can meet him when he is practising outdoors, aside from the band’s rehearsals.

Witowir is best friends with Tesha and Anhah and together they form the punk band Wilted Roses. He has a crush on Tesha.

BirthdayStorm 13
CultureBoran, Flowerhead
OccupationBartender at the Labyrinth, Guitarist in Wilted Roses
LocationsLabyrinth, Near Statue of Boran, Lower Town
LovesBell Pepper, Cupcake, Malachite, Opal, Scented Candle, Watermelon Lemonade
LikesAcorns, Candle, Crocus, Pine Cone, The Eyes of Astra
DislikesAncient Porgy, Butter Eel, Cuflowrelle, Scallop, Spicy Roots, Snake Agave, Sky Mackerel, Tulip Shell, Wolf’s Bane
HatesChamomile, Conch, Lavender, Midnight Cod, Seaweed, Puffball, Trash, Wood


A somewhat pragmatic young man who is in charge of supplying a fishing store. He is rather reserved in interpersonal relations, even if he is very concerned about what other think of him. He spends his free time cooking for his family, who are the most important to him.

BirthdayBloom 4
OccupationOwns the Fishing Store
LocationsDocks, Northern Lights
LovesBloom Salad, Boran Sandwich, Cabbage Soup, Fishing Charm, Garlic Bread, Gourmand Charm, Lettuce, Wild Salad
LikesCommon Mackerel, Herring, Honey, Hyacinth, Kite Mushroom, Milk, Oregano, Striped Starfish, Victory Champignon
DislikesEphedra, Poppy, Shortcake
HatesAroma Bass, Clay, Gass, Glushroom, Parrot Waxcap, Scarlet Cup, Toadstool, Trash

The Witch of Fern Island

Welcome to the mysterious Fern Island! A lush temperate isle home to three great magical cultures – Boran, Apatut, and Kuqkwa – including one bright-eyed newcomer, Abrill. After crashing onto the island during her travels to a magical academy, the young witch makes the most of the situation, still eager to become a full-fledged Witch. Instead of waiting idly for her arrival, the Academy of Witches also decided to use this as an opportunity for young Abrill to demonstrate her mastery of magic and unveil the secrets of the mysterious island.

The Witch of Fern Island is out now on PC – Steam.


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