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The Witch of Fern Island – Amulets and Talismans Guide

The Witch of Fern Island is a farming and life sim game that takes everything you love about Stardew Valley but imbues it with a wonderful magical twist. You’ll play as Abrill, a young witch studying to become a fully-fledged sorceress. One day on her journey outside of the magical academy she crashlands into the lush and magical Fern Island. This island is home to a myriad of plants, herbs and cultures where you can uncover its deepest secrets, and master magical trades.

In this guide, we’ll go through all of the amulets and talismans that you can craft in The Witch of Fern Island.


How To Craft Amulets and Talismans

You’ll be able to craft Amulets and Talismans at a crafting station found inside the Witch’s Mansion in the main room. As with other crafting stations, you must first interact with the Crafting Table and select the recipe. Then either drag the ingredients from your inventory to the indicated places or click on the arrow button to do it automatically. Finally, click on the crafting button to craft the item. Items crafted at the crafting station will be instantly created.


Amulet Recipes

AmuletEffectRecipeSell PriceObtain
Amulet of HealthProtects the wearer against diseases1 Fiber
1 Softwood
1 Malachite
1 Chamomile
1 Demon’s Mandrake
500Steppes Chest 6 – Located on the plateau inside the large tree behind the archaeology dig site
Amulet of Safe SleepProtects from nightmares and magical interference during sleep1 Fiber
1 Softwood
1 Amethyst
2 Dream Mullein
1 Horehound
325Steppes Bell Puzzle 2 – South of the Lake in the Steppes
Anti-Demon AmuletRepels magical creatures from the wearer1 Softwood
1 Fiber
1 Dream Mullein
1 Archangelica
1 Wolf’s Bane
1 Black Crystal
500Steppes Chest 8 – Inside an old Kaoh ruin in the Steppes
Astra Protection AmuletAllows you to stay safe in Astra without limitations1 Fiber
1 Softwood
1 Astra Root
1 Astra Berry
1 Astra Mushroom
1 Astra Plant
625Quest Reward: Break the Curse
Four Paws AmuletReduces fall damage by 50%1 Fiber
1 Spiritwood
1 Glushroom
1 Grasshopper
1 Waterfall Perch
1 Spiderweb
375Witch Exam: Cat Master
Sting Shield Amulet50% chance to avoid sting damage1 Fiber
1 Softwood
1 Tanzanite
1 Tibia
1 Shiitake
325Witch Exam: Basic Entomology

Talisman Recipes

AmuletEffectRecipeSell PriceObtain
Alchemist CharmIncreases potion quality by 15% when craftedSoftwood
Hedgemole Spikes
Gazing Fennel
500Witch Exam: Basic Alchemy
Archeologist CharmIncreases the quality of digout excavations by 20%1 Fiber
1 Softwood
1 Spinel
1 Fern Fossil
1 Tibia
500Desert Memory Puzzle 4
Beekeeper CharmChance for double gathering from beehives1 Softwood
1 Fiber
1 Topaz
1 Octopus Stinkhorn
1 Honey
500Swamp Dancing Pillars Puzzle 5
Cuflow Breeder CharmImproves the effect of striking the cuflow1 Fiber
1 Softwood
1 Topaz
1 Cuflowrelle
1 Feather
550Witch Exam: Master Breeder
Farming CharmIncreases quality of harvested vegetables by 20%1 Fiber
1 Softwood
1 Typha
1 Kite Mushroom
1 Ocean’s Squill
275Witch Exam: Witch Farming
Fishing CharmIncreases the quality of fish caught by 50%1 Fiber
1 Softwood
1 Tanzanite
1 Tibia
1 Shiitake
575Steppes Chest 2 – Found on the beach next to the broken broom pieces and Witch Hat
Florist CharmIncreases quality of picked flowers by 30%1 Fiber
1 Softwood
1 Desert Rose
2 Surfinia
300The Lake Musical Notes Puzzle 1
Friendship CharmIncreases relationship points by 20%1 Softwood
1 Fiber
1 Typha
2 Chatter Cinquefoil
1 Pink Quartz
250Witch Exam: Friendship
Gourmand CharmFood restores 30% more stamina1 Fiber
1 Softwood
1 Time Essence
1 Spicy Root
1 Paffti Leaf
450Desert Musical Notes Puzzle 1
Herbalist CharmIncreases the quality of picked herbsWicker
Bitter Gentian
Snake Agave
125Cliffs Chest 1
Kitchen CharmIncreases crafted food quality by 15%1 Fiber
1 Softwood
1 Agate
2 Victory Champignon
375Foothills Chest 4
Lesser Luck CharmIncreases luck by 10%1 Softwood
1 Tibia
1 Feather
1 Fiber
125Steppes Chest 2 – Found on the beach next to the broken broom pieces and Witch Hat
Mushroom Picker CharmExtra 20% chance of additional mushrooms when picking up1 Fiber
1 Softwood
1 Emerald
2 Horn of Plenty
1 Gazing Fennel
625Witch Exam: Advanced Mycology
Speed CharmIncreases walking speed by 10%1 Fiber
1 Softwood
2 Speedy Roundhead
3 Feathers
250Desert Chest 12
Strength CharmIncrease tools efficiency by 10%1 Softwood
1 Fiber
1 Egg
2 Thistle
1 Spiderweb
1 Apple
250Foothills Chest 9
Vitality CharmIncreases maximum energy by 201 Fiber
1 Softwood
1 Ephedra
1 Boletus
1 Ruby
550Witch Exam: Master Cooking
Woodman CharmIncreases the quality of chopped wood by 35%2 Spiritwood
1 Fiber
1 Snake Agave
1 Oyster Fungus
125On the Pedestal in the Gazebo

The Witch of Fern Island

Welcome to the mysterious Fern Island! A lush temperate isle home to three great magical cultures – Boran, Apatut, and Kuqkwa – including one bright-eyed newcomer, Abrill. After crashing onto the island during her travels to a magical academy, the young witch makes the most of the situation, still eager to become a full-fledged Witch. Instead of waiting idly for her arrival, the Academy of Witches also decided to use this as an opportunity for young Abrill to demonstrate her mastery of magic and unveil the secrets of the mysterious island.

The Witch of Fern Island is out now on PC – Steam.


The Witch of Fern Island Guides


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