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Tavern Talk – Is Coffee Talk In A Baldur’s Gate World

Calling all fantasy fans and aspiring entrepreneurs! Tavern Talk, the upcoming visual novel by Gentle Troll Entertainment, is brewing up a captivating experience that lets you step into the shoes of a heartwarming tavern owner. Forget grinding monsters and endless loot hunts; Tavern Talk offers a unique blend of storytelling, resource management, and community building, all wrapped in a charming fantasy setting. If you’re a fan of visual novel games like Coffee Talk and high fantasy RPGs like Baldur’s Gate and Dragon’s Dogma then you should definitely check out Tavern Talk.


Play As The Innkeeper of Destiny

Tavern Talk isn’t your typical tavern simulator. In this game, you are the owner of the Wayfarer’s Inn, a popular watering hole in the fantasy land of Asteria. Sure, you’ll manage your inventory, keep the hearth crackling, and ensure a steady flow of coins, but your true role lies in fostering a welcoming atmosphere for a vibrant cast of characters. Each adventurer who walks through your door carries a story – tales of daring exploits whispered rumours of forgotten lore, and the occasional plea for a legendary hangover cure. By becoming a trusted confidante, you’ll not only build meaningful relationships but also become an integral part of their grand narratives. Each drink that you choose to serve can change the path of your customer’s destiny forever.

Befriend a colourful cast of adventurers as they brag about their latest triumph – or commiserate an utter failure. Whether it’s relaxation or a fresh thrill, you’re on hand to give each patron what they need.


Save Or Topple A Realm

Beyond the walls of this cosy tavern, a world-threatening danger is brewing. Every quest, rumour and conversation is intertwined with the ultimate fate of the land. Those whispered rumours overheard by the barkeep’s watchful ear? They could be the key to uncovering hidden quests, ancient secrets, or even the ingredients for a legendary potion with world-altering effects.

Every conversation holds a clue, and your keen sense of observation and social skills will be the tools you wield to navigate this captivating world. Eavesdrop on conversations and piece together intriguing whispers. These snippets of information could lead to lost treasures, forgotten dungeons, or even the fate of a kingdom. Stay sharp, listen carefully and maybe ply your patrons with a bit more mead to unveil all the secrets of the realm.


No Ordinary Drinks Here

You won’t be finding your garden variety butterbeer here. As a barkeep in a magical realm, you don’t just pull beer, you’re a master of the art of concocting magical elixirs. Brew up the right potions and tonics and you’ll be able to heal wounds, bolster courage, or even unlock forgotten memories.

Whatever you decide to serve to the adventurers that frequent your inn know that you’re playing a part in changing their fate and maybe even the fate of the realm. Each of these unique characters is inspired by TTRPGs and all of them have unique personalities, ideals and goals in their life.


Tavern Talk

Tavern Talk is a cosy visual novel about running a tavern in a D&D-inspired fantasy! Gather rumours, serve magical drinks, and meet adventurers on a life-changing quest.

Tavern Talk offers a unique and heartwarming adventure for players seeking a break from the typical fantasy grind. Developed by the talented team at Gentle Troll Entertainment, Tavern Talk is slated for release on PC (Windows and macOS) – the exact date is still under wraps, but eager adventurers can wishlist the game on Steam to be notified when it arrives! So, dust off your barkeep’s apron, prepare to meet a cast of unforgettable characters, and get ready to unleash your inner innkeeper in Tavern Talk!

Wishlist it on Steam here.