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Stardew Valley – What To Know About The New Dehydrator (v1.6)

ConcernedApe has just released the v1.6 patch for Stardew Valley. With it comes a myriad of fun updates including fishing festivals, and a three-day spring festival, alongside a whole bunch of other content, features, and improvements. One of these fun new updates is the addition of some new Artisan Goods as well as the Artisan Equipment to make them. Artisan Goods as you know if you’re a long-time Stardew Valley or farming sim player, alters the state (and selling price) of your normal fruit and vegetables. In this case, the Dehydrator is able to turn your regularly harvested fruit into dried fruit and mushrooms into dried mushrooms.

In this guide, we’ll go through where to get the Dehydrator, how to use it and what could be the secret of the Raisins.


How To Get The Dehydrator

Recipe Cost: 10,000g
Recipe: 30x Wood, 2x Clay, 1x Fire Quartz

To get the Dehydrator, you’ll first need to purchase the recipe from Pierre’s shop in Pelican Town. Getting the recipe will cost you about 10,000 gold, ouch. As you can tell from the price this is not an early game purchase for you new Stardew Valley players.

After you purchase the Dehydrator recipe, the next step is to find the resources to craft it. You’ll need 30 Wood, 2 Clay, and 1 Fire Quartz to get this baby up and running on your farm. Wood and Clay are the easiest resources to find. You can find Wood by chopping down trees with an axe, and you can collect Clay by mining Clay Nodes at the Ginger Island Dig Side. You’ll also be able to get some from cracking open Geodes. The Fire Quartz is a much more challenging find. Forage for this mineral in the Mines from Level 80 and above. In the Skull Cavern, there’s a chance of you finding it inside a Magma Geode or Omni Geode.

Once you have these ingredients, place the Dehydrator down at any location on your farm. Do note that choosing the Mushroom Cave will also net you one free Dehydrator.


How To Use The Dehydrator

Just like most of Stardew Valley‘s other Artisan Equipment, in order to get it to work you’ll need to hold the item you want to dehydrate and put it in the machine. You can place up to five of the same fruit or mushrooms inside the Dehydrator, and after 24 hours it will produce a new item.

Any mushroom placed into the Dehydrator will become a Dried Mushroom. While all Fruit will become a Dried Fruit variant of their namesake. Except for Grapes which will become Raisins. Raisins have been teased by the developers to have a “special use” but as of now we don’t know what that will be.

But according to Secret Note #26 that covers Ancient Farming Secrets, it quotes “There’s no better helper than a raisin-fed Junimo…” What does that mean??

Artisan GoodDescriptionIngredientsProcessing Time
Dried MushroomA package of gourmet mushrooms5x Any Mushroom24h
Dried FruitChewy pieces of dried fruit5x Any Fruit24h
RaisinChewy dried grape5x Grapes24h

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