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Helldivers 2 – Upcoming Battles with Leaked Mech Suits and New Enemies

Helldivers 2 is the hottest game of the year and it should come as no surprise that maybe super fans of Super Earth want to know what’s coming up. A series of leaks have hit social media, that reveal Arrowhead Studio’s upcoming plans include an exciting addition to the game’s combat in the form of armoured mechs and vehicles, as well as a potential new enemy. Original fans of Helldivers 1 will know them as the Illuminate.

The data mine of Helldivers 2 seemingly confirms that developer Arrowhead is planning on giving players some new tools to help defend Super Earth. Per a post by u/stodal on Reddit, several interesting details were revealed. In terms of new Stratagems, a file named “DropoffCombatWalker” suggests that Helldivers will soon be able to call down their very own mech suit to make battling the Automatons and Terminids much easier. If you’re getting toasted like I am on the Automaton missions then you’re going to appreciate how much a mech suit would greatly help. Aside from the mech, the file titled “DropoffLav” has some speculating that vehicles may be the next major addition to the game although if that’s the case, they may be reserved for some of the larger maps.

Let’s go through everything that’s been leaked and our theories for the future of Helldivers 2. Please note that all these leaks and information haven’t been officially confirmed by the studio.


The Illuminate Are Landing

The data mine reveals that a new faction known as the Illuminate will eventually take up arms against Super Earth. The Illuminate is a faction from the first Helldivers game and currently is only teased through a scrolling headline during a news broadcast that can occasionally appear on one’s Destroyer. The in-game news scroll suggests that the faction is quietly spreading among the stars, sparking speculation that they’ll be added in a future update. But as the game is heavy on its governmental propaganda theme, the news is being brushed away as rumours spread by dissidents. However, we have no exact timeline for when this new faction may come.

The Illuminate is a long-lived aquatic species that refers to themselves as the Squ’ith. Their technology is more advanced than humanity’s, with mass production of weaponry. Though aquatic, the Illuminate have equipped their best with cybernetic enhancements to go along with their developed sense of nanobot/psychic powers. Their culture revolves around the pursuit of knowledge, with those failing to pursue this goal being in the lower ranks of their society and making up the bulk of their non-robotic army

The Illuminate in the original Helldivers had four special units that could carry over to the sequel. The first is the Obelisk, which is a robotic support dome that will project a barrier. The next two units are the Illusionists and Council Members, both of which are similar. They are armed with heavy shields and nanobot powers capable of controlling other sentient lifeforms. The last special unit, is the Great Eye, a heavily armored robotic unit that watches over the Illuminate society. The Great Eye is capable of sending out powerful bombs that can either damage or stun enemy Helldivers.


Mech Suits Coming to Helldivers 2

With the recent increase of the Automaton’s ferocity across the planets and humanity losing Mavelon Creek to Automatons, this might be the best time for Helldivers 2 to unleash the mechs.

As of now, there have been multiple gameplay leaks showcasing mech suits being used in battle. The clips that have been leaked to various social media platforms have revealed mechs with different types of guns. From a rocket launcher to a mini gun, it’s clear that the mechs will be well-equipped, giving players even more firepower against the game’s enemy factions.

The leak comes from r/Helldivers user fozzye18, who recently posted a video on the subreddit. In it, we can see what seems to be a usable mech on the battlefield. It is a bipedal mech that players enter from behind and use mounted cannons and battling guns to shoot the invading forces.


Combat Vehicles

While not officially confirmed, another leak suggests the possibility of vehicles joining the fight. These could potentially be reserved for larger maps, offering new strategic options and dynamic battlefields. X user JayTechTV shared footage of two players using a gun-mounted Humvee on a planet. We can see players sitting in the vehicle and riding around. One player drives the vehicle, while another uses the machine gun on the vehicle to shoot oppressors.


Helldivers 2 Roadmap

Following the unexpected success of Helldivers 2, Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt confirmed on 16th February 2024 that the studio’s original roadmap has now been thrown out in favour of a new one. The developers are currently prioritizing server stability and adapting to the game’s unexpected surge in popularity. We can expect an update on the roadmap around June/July, which aligns with typical industry announcement schedules.

“The team is working on it. Our old roadmap is very out of date in comparison to what we now want to do,” Pilestedt said when replying to a fan (via X, formerly Twitter)

We don’t know when we’re going to hear an announcement but Summer (June/July) is normally the hottest time for gaming announcements. However, with these video leaks, we might hear more news about upcoming content sooner than expected. Judging how the fight in-game has been going, it feels intentional on the developers’ part to tease them.


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