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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth – Best Weapons For All Characters

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has a handful of amazing and unique weapons that can be kitted out and modded to each character’s playstyle. Because weapons also level up over time alongside the character, even starting weapons remain viable in the endgame, depending on what sort of role you want that character to take. Because characters learn new Abilities quickly, Materia slots and the stat boosts to Attack and Magic Attack matter the most. Each weapon also has distinct passive Weapon Skills to consider. Depending on the weapon, even frontline attackers like Cloud can be kitted into your mage.

Like in FF7 Remake, every weapon helps characters learn unique Abilities they can use in battle. Once you master an Ability, that character permanently acquires it even if they equip another weapon. There’s a lot going on with the weapons system and in this guide, we’re going to go through each weapon, where to find it, their stats and which is the best for each character.


Cloud Strife Weapons

Cloud is probably going to be your main guy while you play Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. He’s a well-balanced frontline attacker and is generally the main damage dealer of the party. His weapons focus on close-range combat, and high damage output. His Weapon Abilities have a lot of varied offensive utility, but you need him to take and deal a lot of damage since you’ll be piloting him so much.

Best Weapons For Cloud

  • Early Game: Sleek Saber – Until the end of the game, the Sleek Saber has the highest Attack value of any sword, especially since it has some Weapon Skills that boost Attack Power even further. 
  • Mid Game: Sleek Saber
  • Late Game: Igneous Saber
WeaponLocationATKMATKMateria SlotsAbilityBonus
Buster SwordDefault weapon – Chapter 12222◯-◯Focused Thrust Lunge toward an enemy with a piercing strike that hits multiple times. Significantly increases stagger.Stagger an enemy.
Sleek SaberPurple Chest at the Abandoned Dock in Grasslands – Chapter 23224◯◯◯Firebolt Blade – Imbue your sword with fire and lightning while slicing a foe. Can be used while airborneExploit an enemy’s weakness.
Rune BladeComplete the Assassination Minigame at the City Center and it’ll spawn a chest beside the rest station – Chapter 41956◯-◯◯Disorder – Deliver a devastating attack while switching modes. Fills the ATB gauge when the attack connects. Can use while airborne.Strike with Attack or Strong Attack after switching modes.
Umbral BladeIn a room in The Dust Bowl – Chapter 84141◯-◯◯◯-◯Prime Mode – Strengthen Punisher Mode. Hold down Attack to deliver three consecutive strikes. Increases Berserk potency.Finish off an enemy while active.
Crystal SwordIn the Freight Corridor of Gongaga Reactor – Chapter 95474Infinity’s End – Wind up and unleash an overhead strike. Increased damage on stagger. Costs 2 ATB.Strike a staggered enemy.
Igneous SaberLook for a climbable wall on the way to the Nibel Reactor on the Northern Ridge. It will be at the top of the platform – Chapter 11 11639◯◯◯◯◯◯Blade Burst – Unleash a wave of non-elemental mako energy at an enemy in front of you with a slash of your sword.Finish off an enemy.
Slipstream SaberChange gravity in the Labyrinth Ceiling, there will be a vine you can climb. Climb it to find the purple chest on top – Chapter 1386119◯-◯◯-◯◯-◯Counterstance – Brace for attacks and retaliate. Activate at the right time to reduce damage. Can use while airborne.Unleash a counterattack.

Barret Wallace Weapons

Barret is a high-HP and long-ranged damage dealer, great at dealing with flying enemies and being a bit of a “Tank.”

Best Weapons For Barret

  • Early Game: Hi-Caliber Rifle
  • Mid Game: Gatling Gun – Barret probably has the best-starting weapon out of anyone. The Gatling Gun has balanced stats overall with Weapon Skills that buff his innate Overcharge ability. 
  • Late Game: Calamitous Bazooka
WeaponLocationATKMATKMateria SlotsAbilityBonus
Gatling GunDefault weapon – Chapter 21919◯◯Focused Shot Consume all ATB charges to unleash a concentrated burst of energyStagger an enemy.
Hi-Caliber RifleIn a chest on the small island in the Swamplands – Chapter 23612◯-◯◯Bonus Round – Load your weapon with unique bullets that increase stagger and power up your attacks.Fire 20 bullets.
Vulcan CannonNear the wreckage of a minivan as you’re leaving The Dust Bowl – Chapter 83344◯-◯◯-◯Charging Uppercut – Rush toward an enemy and launch them into the air with a furious blow. Increases Charge.Top up the Overcharge gauge.
Barrage BlasterNear the edge of a cliff in Coal Mines. Look for the two Cockatrice – Chapter 7 3330◯◯◯◯Lifesaver – Temporarily increase your HP and take damage intended for other party members.Use your HP to heal allies (one time only while active).
Fafnir RifleComplete the quest The Pursuit of Perfection3873◯◯◯◯◯Point Blank – Consume all ATB charges to deliver a close-range attack and send enemies flying.Finish off an enemy.
Calamitous BazookaAt the Cave of Gi, enter the gate with the 5 altars, you’ll see it and a spider on the left – Chapter 107259◯◯◯◯◯◯Smackdown – Strike the ground and send nearby enemies flying.Strike two or more enemies.
Battle CryIn a Tower in the Hall of Life8865◯-◯◯-◯◯◯Turbulent Spirit – Significantly increase your ATB charge rate for a limited time. Can only be used once per battle.Fill 2 ATB charges while active.

Tifa Lockhart Weapons

Tifa is a close-range fighter that excels at increasing the stagger gauge and increasing the damage you do to staggered enemies.

Best Weapons For Tifa

  • Early Game: Sylph Gloves
  • Mid Game: Kaiser Knuckles – These are the offensive go-to that can last you most of the game. 
  • Late Game: Járngreipr – Tifa’s ultimate weapon trades some ATK power for MATK. But with Weapon Skills like Critical Hit Rate +5% and Critical Hit Damage +10%, the strategy becomes about Critical Hits.
WeaponLocationATKMATKMateria SlotsAbilityBonus
Leather GlovesDefault weapon – Chapter 22618◯-◯Divekick Leap into the air and unleash a powerful kick.Finish off an enemy.
Sylph GlovesBeside a Crystalline Crab enemy in the Mythril Mine – Chapter 33225◯◯◯Reverse Gale – Knock enemies into the air or bring them crashing down with a wind-aspected attack. Launches enemies toward you. Can use while airborne.Exploit an enemy’s weakness.
Kaiser KnucklesIn the Cargo Hold of Shinra-8. Up a small flight of stairs – Chapter 56715◯-◯◯-◯Overpower – Use with other attacks to more effectively pressure enemies. Can use while airborne.Follow up with Attack after using the weapon ability.
Dragon ClawsGet 42,000 Points in the Desert Rush Minigame in the Dust Bowl – Chapter 86231Starshower – Unleash a flurry of powerful strikes. Increases strength of the next command executed.Follow up with an offensive ability or spell after using the weapon ability.
Tiger FangsIn the flooded room in the reactor. Jump to the nearest platform forward then look up to find that you can grapple up the beam. Beat the Chimera Mimics and grapple to the beams on the left -Chapter 55846◯◯◯◯◯Chi Trap – Create an orb of materialized chi that deals damage on contact.Strike an enemy.
Crystal GlovesNear to a storage shed-looking area on your way to the Nibel Mako Reactor – Chapter 114892◯◯◯◯◯-◯Unfettered Fury
– Imbue your unbridled attacks with non-elemental magic, increases stagger.
Stagger an enemy with a standard attack while active.
JárngreiprBeat the Riot Troopers in the Hall of Life, Second Tier. You’ll find it to the left near some ruins – Chapter 138658◯-◯◯-◯◯-◯True Strike – Deliver a tremendous blow at close range. Increased stagger damage bonus.Strike a staggered enemy.

Aerith Gainsborough Weapons

Aerith is a lower-HP member of the party, who excels as a healer and magical damage dealer.

Best Weapons For Aerith

  • Early Game: Timeless Rod
  • Mid Game: Wizard’s Rod
  • Late Game: Plumose Rod – This has the highest MATK and a lot of Materia slots, but many of its Weapon Skills focus on enhancing Aerith’s unique abilities, making this a powerful and balanced way to build Aerith’s kit.
WeaponLocationATKMATKMateria SlotsAbilityBonus
Guard StickDefault weapon – Chapter 21826◯◯Arcane Ward Conjure a ward. Attack spells cast within the ward will automatically be cast twice.Activate the effects of the ward (one time only while the ward is on the field).
Timeless RodOn the right side of Chloe in Bill’s Ranch2037◯-◯◯Chrono Aegis – Raise a barrier that damages and temporarily freezes enemies who attempt to strike you.Strike an enemy and inflict Stop.
Empress’s ScepterTalk to Aerith in her room inside the Under Junon Inn – Chapter 43631◯◯◯◯Radiant Ward – Conjure a ward that grants invincibility while casting spells. Strengthens Aerith’s basic attack.Finish off an enemy with a standard attack launched within the ward.
Wizard’s RodIn a chest to the left of a Rest Station at the foot of Mt. Corel.3146 ◯-◯◯-◯◯Lustrous Shield – Conjure a magical shield that keeps enemies at bay and stops projectiles.Defend against an enemy’s attack (one time only while active).
Ceremonial StaffBehind the rest stop in the Village of Gi – Chapter 105692◯◯ATB Wand – Conjure a ward. Fill ATB charges within the ward to increase your allies’ ATB gauges.Activate the effects of the ward (one time only while the ward is on the field).
GambanteinnAfter learning about Vessels in the Temple of the Ancients, go to the area on the left and head down the stairs – Chapter 135886◯-◯◯-◯◯◯Noble Sacrifice
– Sacrifice yourself to revive fallen allies, restore their HP, and remove detrimental status effects. Costs 2 ATB.
Activate when an ally is in critical condition or unconscious.
Plumose RodComplete all 8 Shinra Combat Trials in the Lament of the Damned sidequest – Chapter 1243125◯-◯◯◯◯◯Ray of Judgement – Fire an energy burst that hits multiple times. Increased stagger bonus.Strike a staggered enemy.

Red XIII Weapons

Red is a higher-HP damage dealer, who charges up a Vengeance meter, that lets you use some of his stronger abilities, as well as an HP Leech attack.

Best Weapons For Red XIII

  • Early Game: Mythril Collar
  • Mid Game: Renegade’s Collar – The main idea with this is to tank as Red but emphasize counterattacks to build up and activate Vengeance Mode. 
  • Late Game: Golden Collar – The strongest weapon in the game across all characters.
WeaponLocationATKMATKMateria SlotsAbilityBonus
Mythril CollarDefault weapon – Chapter 22420◯-◯◯Stardust Ray Unleash a devastating attack over a wide area. Costs 2 ATB.Strike 2 or more enemies.
Renegade’s CollarAt the rest station after fighting Elena and Rude – Chapter 34022◯◯Crescent Claw – Slash at a foe. Deplete the gauge while in Vengeance Mode to increase potency and range.Finish off an enemy.
Silver CollarGet First Place in Run Wild Minigame at Costa Del Sol3737◯◯◯◯Chilling Roar – Retaliate with ice shards whenever hit by an attack. Charges the Vengeance Gauge when a counterstrike lands.Exploit an enemy’s weakness.
Amethyst CollarAt the end of the cave, you’ll enter through the Of Robed Men and Ransoms side quest4570◯-◯◯-◯Supernal Fervor – Grant Haste on all party members. Can only be used during Vengeance mode. Costs 2 ATB.Activate on a three-person party
Golden CollarOn a Broken Platform in Gongaga Reactor. Pull the green crate to the red crate to climb it10629◯-◯◯◯◯Watcher’s Respite – Deplete the Vengeance Gauge to heal allies. Potency is proportional to the amount expended.Activate when the Vengeance Gauge is full.
Mystic CollarOn the Fetch Sequence in the Cave of Gi – Chapter 10
9759◯◯◯◯◯◯Watcher’s Spirit – Deplete the Vengeance Gauge to increase allies’ ATB. Potency proportional to amount expended.Activate when the Vengeance Gauge is full.
BrisingamenThe Hall of Life Second Tier with Aerith, it’ll be near some stone pillars7997◯-◯◯-◯◯◯Reaper Touch – Deliver a deadly strike. Potency is inversely proportional to current HP.Activate when HP is critically low.

Yuffie Kisaragi Weapons

Yuffie is a mid-range HP character that excels at quick attacks and elemental strikes.

Best Weapons For Yuffie

  • Mid Game: Bird of Prey – The Luck Attribute primarily influences two things: the success rate of Steal and Critical Hits. Perfect for Yuffie.
  • Late Game: Crescent Sickle – A balanced but powerful option that buffs all aspects of Yuffie’s toolkit. 
WeaponLocationATKMATKMateria SlotsAbilityBonus
4-Point ShurikenDefault weapon – Chapter 63939◯-◯◯Elemental Ninjutsu Set an element to enhance and use for ninjutsu attacks.Exploit an enemy’s weakness with Elemental Ninjutsu.
Savage DaggerDefault weapon – Chapter 63345◯-◯Blindside – Launch an attack even while immobilized or reeling from damage. Can use while airborne.Finish off an enemy.
Twin ViperOn the ground level of Coal Mines – Chapter 74936Windstorm – Creates a gust of wind that damages nearby enemies and launches them toward you.Strike two or more enemies.
Bird of PreyIn the Gongaga Inn of Gongaga Village – Chapter 95949◯-◯◯◯Doppelganger – Conjure a clone of yourself that temporarily mimics your actions. Can use while airborne.Finish off an enemy while the clone is present.
Crescent SickleGet Rank III Prize in Training Course 1 of Glide de Chocobo – Chapter 104078◯-◯◯-◯◯Shooting Star – Let the shuriken fly across the battlefield, mowing down all enemies it touches. Can use while airborne.Strike two or more enemies.
Crystalline CrossInside the Utilidor in Gold Saucer while you’re chasing Cat Sith – Chapter 1210435◯-◯◯◯◯◯Banishment – ATB spent on other commands increases damage dealt. Affinity changes with ninjutsu. Can use while airborne. Shares gauge with Purification. Max Level: III.Strike an enemy with a Level III attack.
Fuma ShurikenAfter Trials in Hall of Resurrection go down the spiral staircase to find an entrance to the chest7777◯-◯◯-◯◯-◯Purification – ATB spent on other commands increases the amount of HP and MP absorbed. Can use while airborne. Shares gauge with Banishment. Max Level: III.Strike an enemy with a Level III attack.

Cait Sith Weapons

Cait Sith is a lower-damage character from a direct attack perspective, but his abilities are very strong and used for more than just pure damage.

Best Weapons For Cait Sith

  • Mid Game: Resounding Megaphone – This will turn Cait Sith into a Paladin archetype, a tank that can buff and heal.
  • Late Game: Golden Megaphone – The highest Magic Attack boost. It also has six slots with one linked pair for a total of eight slots.
WeaponLocationATKMATKMateria SlotsAbilityBonus
Yellow MegaphoneDefault weapon – Chapter 86246◯-◯◯◯Roll o’ the Dice Roll a die. Resulting effect varies depending on which number appears.Roll a 1, 3, or 6.
Iron MegaphoneDefault weapon – Chapter 85353◯◯Fortune Telling – Deal damage great or smallーor perhaps just get your fortune told.Finish off an enemy.
Red MegaphoneIn a Small Cave Under the Bridge in Gongaga Gorge7646Moogle Kaboom – Turn your Moogle into a ticking time bomb that explodes when it leaves combat.Strike an enemy.
Crystal MegaphoneIn the bottom of the Storeroom of the Cosmo Observatory – Chapter 107366◯◯◯◯◯Moogle Magic – Use an equipped summon’s ability. Can only use while riding moogle during battles in which summons are available. Cooldown increases with each use.Finish off an enemy.
Resounding MegaphoneNear the phone booth in Gongaga Airstrip – Chapter 910153◯-◯◯Moogle Mine – Use the moogle to scatter landmines that explode upon enemy contact. Moderately increases stagger.Stagger an enemy with a mine explosion.
Golden MegaphoneInside a Cell in Shinra Manor. Get a box and throw it at the switch near the door with a locked purple chest – Chapter 116086◯◯◯◯◯◯Moogle Knuckle – Use the moogle to deliver a fistful of pain. Increased stagger damage bonus.Strike a staggered enemy.
GjallarhornExchange with 45 Chocograss in Tack Shop – Chapter 1113634◯-◯◯-◯◯-◯ Lady Luck – Call upon the goddess of fortune to temporarily increase allies’ critical hit rate.Activate on a three-person party.

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