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Dragon’s Dogma 2 – What To Know About Dragonsplague

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a fully customisable role-playing game where you can create not only your own character but his friends aka pawns as well. You can have a party of four characters and fill up the other two slots by hiring Pawns from other players. Together you and your band can explore the world, fight enemies and get into all sorts of heroic adventures or mischief. Life is what you make it here in Dragon’s Dogma 2 but the game has a couple of interesting surprises for you along the way.

One of these is a mysterious ailment called Dragonsplague. If you know nothing about this you could likely miss its symptoms and let’s just say that the ending can be fairly catastrophic for you, your party and the world around you. So it’s important to nip the Dragonsplague bug in the bud.

In this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know about Dragonsplague. What is it, how to spot it, how to get rid of it and what happens if you don’t catch it.


What is Dragonsplague

Dragonsplague is an affliction that only manifests in pawns and will not appear on their status screen. It can infect any pawn, from the ones you’ve met out in the world, to others that you’ve made yourself or borrowed from others.

Dragonsplague is highly contagious and can pass from one pawn to another. The game will warn you if you encounter a pawn with Dragonsplague. But if you happen to miss the notification or your pawn catches it unknowingly from someone else these are the signs to watch out for.

  • Red Eyes – An infected pawn will have eerie red eyes, which are somewhat different from what you’d normally see during character creation.
  • Ailments – If standing idle, the pawn will sometimes cough, spit, or have migraines. The migraines have a longer animation, roughly 15 seconds or so, which should be noticeable.

There will be no drastic changes to a pawn’s behaviour or attitude during this time.


How To Cure Dragonsplague

There is essentially no traditional cure for Dragonsplague, as in you cannot use a flask or curative item to relieve your pawn of their condition. Instead, you’re going to have to use some unconventional method to make sure that this disease doesn’t spread to the rest of your party.

You can do this in a number of ways: Dismiss the pawn, Forfeit them or Infect someone else.

If you’re quick enough, you might be able to dismiss an infected pawn that you just recruited with Dragonsplague. Just keep your fingers crossed that they didn’t infect anyone else in your squad. But if you’d like to keep your pawn on the squad (sans disease) then you’ll need to forfeit them. Forfeiting them means that they need to die and you should avoid reviving them. They will respawn once you interact with a Riftstone. For support pawns that perish, you need to search for them by selecting the “View Previously Hired” option.

Lastly, this is a bit more insidious but you can play hot potato with the Dragonsplague by hiring a support pawn to pass along the disease to someone else and then get rid of that person. You can also choose to send an infected Pawn to another person’s game so they can pass the plague off there. Once a Pawn passes along the disease they will be cured.


What Happens If You Keep Someone With Dragonsplague

As the disease progresses, infected pawns will become more brash in combat. They will start to disobey orders, and start saying things like “Don’t tell me what to do!” There is no indication of how long a pawn needs to be infected before calamity hits. But what essentially happens is that when the disease takes over your Pawn will turn into a dark and shadowy dragon and wipe out the whole town you’re in.

Once Dragonsplague has reached its terminal stage, a cutscene will play when you rest at an inn. The pawn’s eyes will glow red before they erupt in a dark shroud. They will be sent back to the rift (i.e. forfeit), and the entire settlement will be filled with nothing but corpses of NPCs. Other pawns will perish, too, and you’d have to re-recruit them.

This calamity will only occur when you sleep at an inn so if you’d like to avoid this, make sure that you check all your pawns before you go to sleep. Boot them out of your party or, in the case of your main pawn, have them perish before you rest to avoid issues.

Note that some NPCs that perished in the calamity area will come back to life, but not everybody does. So in this case, if you’re subject to a calamity, the best thing is to use the Eternal Wakestone that will revive all the NPCs in the area. You can get this by beating the Sphinx (more information here).


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