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Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Answers To The Sphinx’s Riddles

How do you answer the Sphinx’s riddles in Dragon’s Dogma 2? A side quest called A Game of Wits will see you face off against a legendary creature known as the Sphinx who loves a good riddle. She’ll task you with answering 10 riddles, most of which require thinking outside of the box. And every puzzle that you solve nets you a reward from a chest. You can also obtain an even more enticing reward from the larger chest once you solve all the riddles.

Note that if you fail a riddle you won’t be able to try that riddle again and will forget that riddle’s reward. So it’s best to read through all of this before you begin. Also as a warning do not attack the Sphinx because you won’t be able to defeat her. She’ll fly away, you’ll fail the quest and lose access to all her rewards.

In this Dragon’s Dogma 2 guide, we’ll go through the Sphinx’s riddles, where you need to go and what you need to do to answer them. As well as of course, the rewards that you get for completing them.


The Sphinx’s Riddles and Answers

Riddle of Eyes
Our eyes are our allies, yet oft do they betray, for eyes tell lies, so I advise, and then do lead astray.
Yet how will your eyes advise you? Venture through yonder door, and retrieve that which is of greatest value.
Sealing Phial
You’ll find this directly above the entrance to the area the Sphinx opens up. You can climb up to this.
Full Wakestone
Riddle of Madness
Love is as twin to madness, they say. They are bound fast, as night is to day.
So bring forth your most beloved to me, that I might gauge the depths of your insanity.
Place a pawn that has the highest affinity to you on the pedestal (Pick them up) and Answer Yes.Portcrystal
Riddle of Wisdom
The parent knows the child, yet the reverse is far from true. The child knows the parent: such is the parent’s due.
I am a lost child; for kinship do I yearn.
So bring to me my “Parent,” that I might better learn.
There are two pawns that can complete this quest: SphinxMother and SphinxFather. You can find them at the Riftstone in Harve. Grab one of them and travel back to the Sphinx to complete this riddle by placing the “Parent” on the pedestal.1200 RC
Riddle of Conviction
Life is an enigma-a lender of mortal debt. Yet lighter pack makes fleeter foot and challenge nibly met.
So grant to me what you most prize, and thence elude your ponderous demise.
Give the Sphinx whatever item you want – You’ll get back whatever you give.Whatever you’ve chosen to give will be rewarded in duplicate. (Portcrystals are a good idea)
Riddle of Rumination
Seeker’s Tokens are treasures indeed: keepsakes of a fondly remembered journey.
Yet where was it that you found your first? Retrace your steps, if you can – you might make a new discovery.
Go back to where you found your first Seeker’s Token and in its place will be a new item called the Finder’s Token. Bring this token back to the Sphinx to complete the riddle.Ferrystone x3
Eternal Bond (a ring that makes NPC gain friendship more quickly)Simply arriving at the Frontier Shrine is enough to complete this riddle.100,000 Gold
Riddle of Differentiation
The Sphinx will show you an NPC, and ask you to find this person out in the world. Bring them to her.
If you go into the History section of the main menu, and then check the NPC Logbook, you can search through NPCs you’ve seen before.Whimsical Daydream (Trickster weapon)
Riddle of Recollection
Place down statues onto the pedestal, based on how many riddles you’ve successfully completed
The quest list becomes hidden during this, but you can save and quit to the main menu, then reload and it should be available again. Place statues based on how many riddles you’ve completed, including the Riddle of Reunion.Unmaking Arrow (instantly kills almost anything)
Riddle of Futility
You must take a fragile pot all the way to Battahl and give it to an NPC named Maurits.
Maurits’s location will be marked on the map. However, rather than take the pot to him, it makes more sense to take him to the pot. Head on over to Maurits, grab him, then go back to the Frontier Shrine.Eternal Bond (ring that makes NPC gain friendship more quickly)
Riddle of Contest
You’re tasked with fighting a single soldier. However, you’re also given a ring that causes all of your attacks to do nearly no damage (though the rest of your stats are fine).
Simply pick up the guard and throw him off the cliff. This should kill instantly, but repeat if necessary.Ring of Ambition (slight experience gain)

Kill The Sphinx

After completing all 10 riddles, the Sphinx will attempt to fly away during your next interaction. However, you can quickly defeat her to claim the key needed for the large gold chest.

The best way to do this is to be an Archer (even Vocation Level 1 is fine) and equip the Unmaking Arrow you get as a prize during the riddles. Quickly Equip the Arrow after the dialogue, and switch to steady shot and point towards the area behind you – as the Sphinx attempts to fly away after completing the second set of riddles, shoot her with the arrow.

She’s congratulate you, before perishing and leaving behind lots of Gold sacks. More importantly, she also drops the Key of Sagacity needed to open the large gold chest. Inside the gold chest is an Eternal Wakestone which can resurrect everyone within the area. There’s only one Eternal Wakestone in the whole game so make sure to use it wisely.


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