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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Best Use The Ancient Machines

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an ever-evolving world of things to do. Whether you’re foraging for ingredients, farming and planting crops or even just cleaning up Night Thorns there’s always something that will need your attention. But with Disney Dreamlight Valley’s new A Rift In Time expansion, you’ll be able to automate some of these daily chores.

The A Rift In Time expansion comes with the ability to craft Ancient Machines, for everything else in that DLC be sure to check out our other article here. To gain access to Ancient Machines you’ll need to complete some of the main story quests to unlock them and once you do you’ll be able to start crafting! As of now, there are three different Ancient Machines you can unlock – The Ancient Cooker, Ancient Gardner and Ancient Vacuum. Let’s go through all of them here.


How To Craft Ancient Machines

When you’re ready to craft an ancient machine, head to any timebending table and navigate to the Ancient Machines tab to get started. You can only craft the base model of each ancient machine at first, so the upgrades will be greyed out. Once you build the base model, however, the next upgrade will become available to craft–provided you have enough materials to do so. There are three levels that you can upgrade your Ancient Machines to, Basic, Regular and Advanced.

To craft these ancient machines, you’ll have to gather timebending parts using your Royal Hourglass. Each ancient machine requires a fairly significant amount of these crafting materials, but if you make sure you’re seeking them out during your other daily tasks, you’ll acquire quite a collection after just a few days.


Ancient Cooker


The Ancient Cooker allows you to insert ingredients and have meals cooked for you automatically at a cost of 25 Mist per meal. Each upgrade will increase how many meals can be cooked before needing to remove them and restart the process. Get a list of all the recipes you can make in Disney Dreamlight Valley here.

Ancient MachineTimebending RecipeOutput
Basic Ancient CookerMist x2000
Ancient Core (Level 1) x2
Ancient Radiator x3
Ancient Plate x3
10 Meals
Regular Ancient CookerMist x3500
Ancient Core (Level 2) x2
Ancient Radiator x5
Ancient Plate x5
Basic Ancient Cooker x1
20 Meals
Advanced Ancient CookerMist x5000
Ancient Core (Level 3) x2
Ancient Radiator x7
Ancient Plate x7
Regular Ancient Cooker x1
30 Meals

Ancient Gardner


The Ancient Gardner allows you to automatically harvest all crops in the biome at a cost of 10 Mist per harvest. Each upgrade will increase how many crops can be harvested before needing to empty out the ancient machine.

You must set up your Ancient Gardner Machine on land where crops can grow. When placing the Ancient Gardener, blue squares will indicate the machine’s coverage range. While the blue area is marked when placing the machine in Furniture mode, you can further see the coverage area while holding your Shovel, as the ground highlight will turn blue instead of yellow.

You can choose whether you want to automate the process of planting seeds or harvesting crops. Farming and Gardening Guide

Ancient MachineTimebending RecipeOutput
Basic Ancient Gardner2,000x Mist
2x Ancient Cores (Level 1)
3x Ancient Gears
3x Ancient Pipes
15 Crops
Regular Ancient Gardner3,500x Mist
2x Ancient Cores (Level 2)
5x Ancient Gears
5x Ancient Pipes
1x Basic Ancient Gardener
25 Crops
Advanced Ancient Gardner5,000x Mist
2x Ancient Cores (Level 3)
7x Ancient Gears
7x Ancient Pipes
1x Regular Ancient Gardener
35 Crops

Ancient Vacuum


The Ancient Vacuum allows you to remove the things that grow around your valley, such as Night Thorns/Splinters of Fate, herbs, and flowers at a cost of 10 Mist per item. Each upgrade will add additional items that can be automatically removed.

Once an Ancient Vacuum has been placed in your Valley, check the machine and select the items you wish to collect. Upon collection, each item will be placed in your inventory unless your inventory is full, in which you’ll then need to empty your inventory before continuing.

It’s also worth noting that Ancient Vacuums will only scan the same elevated level that it has been placed on. So, any elevated areas within the same biome will require you to place one Vacuum on each level in order to collect all items.

Ancient MachineTimebending RecipeOutput
Basic Ancient Vacuum2,000x Mist
2x Ancient Cores (Level 1)
3x Ancient Magnets
3x Ancient Belts
Collects Ephemerals (Night Thorns and Splinters of Fate)
Regular Ancient Vacuum3,500x Mist
2x Ancient Cores (Level 2)
5x Ancient Magnets
5x Ancient Belts
1x Basic Ancient Vacuum
Collects Ephemerals, Wild Crops, and Flowers
Advanced Ancient Vacuum5,000x Mist
2x Ancient Cores (Level 3)
7x Ancient Magnets
7x Ancient Belts
1x Regular Ancient Vacuum
Collects All Activity Items

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Explore a world filled with the magic of Disney as you discover rich stories and build the perfect neighbourhood alongside Disney and Pixar heroes and villains. Disney Dreamlight Valley will be launching in full release on December 5th on the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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