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10 Anime To Watch If You Love Stardew Valley

The Stardew Valley v1.6 patch has brought more players than ever back into the world of Pelican Town. There’s new festivals, items, late-game content, as well as a host of other features and improvements. If you never played any of the Natsume Harvest Moon games then it’s likely that Stardew Valley was your first introduction into the wonderful world of farming and life sims.

The best thing about a farming and life sim is the wholesome cuteness of the storyline and the world that we live in. Days are spent on simple tasks, such as planting crops, fishing and of course making friends. So what if you could enjoy even deeper submersion into this sub-culture? How? With anime of course. Farming anime come in various forms, from relaxing slice-of-life stories to unique isekai experiences. In some cases, farming is the story’s main focus, while in others, it simply plays a small role. Either way, these cozy tales of the simple life are a much-welcome change of pace from the usual hustle and bustle of most series.

So coming up we have a list of anime that you’re going to enjoy if you love Stardew Valley.


My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta

Wealthy heiress Catarina Claes is hit in the head with a rock and recovers the memories of her past life. It turns out the world she lives in is the world of the game Fortune Lover, an otome game she was obsessed with in her past life… but she’s been cast as the villain character who tries to foil the protagonist’s romances! The best ending the game has for Catarina is exile, and the worst, death! She’ll have to find a way to avoid triggering the flags of doom, and make her own happy future.

Farming may not be the main plot of My Next Life as a Villainess, but it plays a surprisingly significant role nevertheless. That’s because it’s a passion of the story’s heroine, Katarina Claes. Katarina begins tending to a vegetable garden to strengthen her poor earth magic skills. She hopes that by becoming closer to the earth, her powers will gain a boost, and she’ll be able to do more than simply summon a pathetic mound of dirt. While this proves to be a failure, she still obtains a life-long passion for farming that becomes one of her many lovable quirks.



Set in the eastern Japanese prefecture of Ibaraki, Agukaru centers around Sanae Baraki, a farmer’s daughter who can see spirits. Every day she works on her field together with such spirits to produce the best agricultural goods. However, there is a group that aims for that field. With the blessing of the earth, she transforms into Agriculture Angel Baraki.

Agriculture Angel Baraki is a short, five-episode-long series that’s nothing short of adorable. It’s a slice-of-life with just a pinch of supernatural and some magical girl elements thrown in for good measure. The series follows the adventures of a young girl named Sanae Baraki, who has the ability to see and communicate with spirits. Together, Sanae and her ghostly friends work on the fields of her family’s farm and produce some delicious crops.


I’ve Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years And Maxed Out My Level

Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita

After dying of overwork in the real world, I’m reincarnated as an immortal witch, and I spend 300 years enjoying a relaxing life. At some point, though, I end up at level 99! All those years spent killing slimes to make the money to pay the bills gave me a ton of experience points. Rumors of the level 99 witch spread, and soon I’m up to my ears in curious adventurers, duelist dragons, and even a monster girl calling me her mom! I’ve never been on an adventure, but I’m the strongest in the world… What’s going to happen to my relaxing life?!

At the beginning Azusa lives a simple country life, tending to her farm and killing a few slime monsters. However, after 300 years, Azusa eventually reaches the highest level for any warrior in that world, attracting some interesting new guests that shake up her life.


Flying Witch

Stardew Valley has inspired a whole genre of farming sims and often ones with witchy elements. Such as The Witch of Fern Island, Little Witch in the Woods and Wylde Flowers to name a few. They focus on everything that we love about Stardew Valley’s peaceful and rural inspired life but mixes it with a magical twist. the same goes for Flying Witch. Flying Witch is a unique series that combines the mundane of everyday life with the extraordinary world of magic. The story follows Makoto Kowata, a young witch who has finally come of age to begin her training. She sets out on her own and eventually makes her way to a quaint little town in the region of Aomori, which is well-known among witches for its abundance of nature and magical energy.

While Makoto may seem to be attending high school like any other teenager, her whimsical and eccentric involvement with witchcraft sets her apart from others her age. From her encounter with an anthropomorphic dog fortune teller to the peculiar magic training she receives from her older sister Akane, Makoto’s peaceful everyday life is filled with the idiosyncrasies of witchcraft that she shares with her friends and family.


I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger When I Improved My Farm-Related Skills

Noumin Kanren no Skill bakka Agetetara Nazeka Tsuyoku Natta

Al Wayne’s greatest goal is to become the best farmer he can be. With utmost effort, he reaches the apex of his farming skills and earns the title of a first-rate cultivator. Due to this achievement, Al gains a substantial upgrade to his stats which now eclipse even the strength of legendary heroes of old. But soon after discovering his potential, the royal family enlists his help against the rising number of disasters that coincidentally began right as his true power was awakened. Although reluctant, Al concedes that in order to protect his precious fields, he must do his best to keep all threats at bay.


Only Yesterday

Omoide Poroporo

Only Yesterday is a lesser-known Studio Ghibli film, offers an intimate cinematic experience.

Taeko Okajima is a 27-year-old, independent woman who spent her entire life in Tokyo. Looking to unwind from the rush of the big city, she decides to visit her family in the country to help out during the harvest. On the train there, Taeko vividly recalls her memories as a schoolgirl in the initial stages of puberty, as if she is on a trip with her childhood self. A young farmer named Toshio picks her up at the station, and they quickly develop a friendship. During her stay, Taeko forms strong bonds with family and friends, learning the contrasts between urban and rural life, as well as the struggles and joys of farming.

Nostalgic and bittersweet, Omoide Poroporo takes on Taeko’s journey as an adult woman coming to terms with her childhood dreams compared to the person she is today.


Wolf Children

Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki

Hana, a hard-working college student, falls in love with a mysterious man who attends one of her classes though he is not an actual student. As it turns out, he is not truly human either. On a full moon night, he transforms, revealing that he is the last werewolf alive. Despite this, Hana’s love remains strong, and the two ultimately decide to start a family.

Hana gives birth to two healthy children—Ame, born during rainfall, and Yuki, born during snowfall—both possessing the ability to turn into wolves, a trait inherited from their father. All too soon, however, the sudden death of her lover devastates Hana’s life, leaving her to raise a peculiar family completely on her own. The stress of raising her wild-natured children in a densely populated city, all while keeping their identity a secret, culminates in a decision to move to the countryside. Hana, a devoted mother cultivates her own crops while trying her best to raise her two half-human, half-wolf children.




Idol-obsessed Kousaku Hata is left devastated when his favorite, Yuka Kusakabe, unexpectedly announces her retirement at the peak of an illustrious career. As Yuka’s biggest fan, this news proves to be more difficult than he can bear. Shaken to his very core, he sinks into depression and places himself in self-imposed isolation. However, on the day his friends managed to convince him to attend school again, he gets a pleasant surprise.

He soon discovers that the ex-idol is now his classmate at Tamo Agriculture School. Now living under the name Ringo Kinoshita, this pop sensation seems nothing like she did on the screen. Thus, Kosaku makes it his mission to figure out why she decided to retire and why she came to a farming school.


Silver Spoon

Gin no Saji

Yuugo Hachiken is studious, hard-working, and tired of trying to live up to expectations he just cannot meet. With the ushering in of a brand new school year, he decides to enroll in Ooezo Agricultural High School, a boarding school located in the Hokkaido countryside, as a means to escape from the stress brought upon by his parents.

Initially convinced that he would do well at this institution, Hachiken is quickly proven wrong by his talented classmates, individuals who have been living on farms their entire lives and know just about everything when it comes to food, vegetables, and even the physiology of livestock! Whether it be waking up at five in the morning for strenuous labor or to take care of farm animals, Hachiken is a complete amateur when it comes to the harsh agricultural life.


Farming Life in Another World

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

During the final years of his life, Hiraku Machio remained confined to a hospital bed with a terminal illness until he finally passed away. Taking pity on the unfair life he lived, a god decides to reincarnate Hiraku in another world where he can live as he pleases. Wanting to try farming in this new life, he is bestowed with an all-in-one “Almighty Farming Tool” that can transform into any useful implement he wishes. Hiraku is then transported to a forest seemingly far from civilization. Here, he plans to build and farm everything from scratch—gradually developing the lifeless area into a thriving new society.

I would 10/10 play this Stardew Valley game spin-off.


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