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Palworld – Best Pals And Complete Guide To Watering

Palworld is an open world exploration game in a world inhabited by various creatures known as Pals. These Pals roam the world and with a Pal Sphere can become your friend. Instead of chilling out in their Sphere all day after catching them however you can set them out to work on your base. There’s plenty to do to build the perfect home and you’ll be able to assign your Pals jobs to help out. There are 12 jobs that you can assign your Pal and in this article we’re going to focus on Watering.

Every Pal has “Work Suitability” ratings that roughly correspond to their type and physique. A Pal needs hands to do Handiwork, and the larger the Pal, the more likely it is to be good at tasks like Transporting or Mining that require a lot of strength. When it comes to Watering it’ll come as no surprise that the only Pals up to the job are Water types.

In this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know about Watering in Palworld. From what machinery requires it, how to boost Watering speed and of course the best Pals for Watering.

What Is Watering Used For?

You’ll need the Watering skill in Palworld in order to utilise your Crusher and Mill Structures, as well as water your farm. Note that in order to Farm you’ll also need Pals that can Plant and Gather, we’ll get into this later.

A Mill is used for milling Wheat to produce Flour. While a Crusher is used to break down Stone and Wood to exchange them for other materials. Both machines requires Pal with the Watering trait to spin the water turbine.

Best Watering Pals

JormuntideWater/DragonWatering Lvl 4In lakes southeast of the Investigator’s Fork and east of the Mossandra Forest teleport point.

You can also hatch them from a Huge Dragon Egg.
PenkingWater/IceWatering Lvl 2
Handiwork Lvl 2
Transporting Lvl 2
Mining Lvl 2
Cooling Lvl 2
Is available as a level 15 Field Alpha Boss inside the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings. This is near the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings teleport point at Windswept Hills.

No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary and the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings. You can access this location by riding a flying mount Pal or a swimming Pal such as Surfent.

You can also hatch them from a Large Damp Egg.
AzurobeWater/DragonWatering Lvl 3Is available as a level 17 Field Alpha Boss in the water area west of the Bridge of the Twin Knights fast travel point.

Can be found on the No.1 Wildlife Sanctuary island on the map’s southern edge. You can access this location by riding a flying mount Pal or a swimming Pal such as Surfent.

You can also hatch them from a Large Damp Egg.
Elphidran AquaWater/DragonWatering Lvl 3
Lumbering Lvl 2
Only available by breeding Surfent and Elphidran. Check out our full Breeding Guide here.

You can also hatch them from a Huge Dragon Egg.

Jormuntide is the best Pal for focused Watering tasks since it has the highest possible level for Watering and no other Work Suitabilities. This means that it won’t get distracted by other tasks and can solely focus on anything that needs Watering.

Even though it only has Watering Lv. 2, Penking is the best multitasking Watering Pal. This is because it has 4 other Work suitabilities at Lv. 2, making it a generally good addition to any base.

The best early game Watering Pal will be Pengullet. You’ll find it pretty near you at a very low level. It also has the bonus of having 3 extra Work Suitabilities – Handiwork, Transporting and Cooling, making it a very flexible worker for your base.

Boost Watering Speed

The Water Fountain is a structure that passively boosts the work speed of any task that requires Watering. Have this on your base to heavily reduce the time it takes to to mill Wheat and crush items in large batches. When you start crafting in large batches, having a Water Fountain on your property is a worthwhile investment.



Strap on your backpack, grab your trusty Poké… I mean, Pal Capsule, and get ready to explore Palworld, a game that seamlessly blends monster-catching, survival crafting, and a dash of moral ambiguity. Prepare for a Pokémon-inspired adventure with a surprising twist! Palworld throws you onto the vibrant, open-world archipelago of the Palpagos Islands teeming with adorable, creature-like Pals. Befriend these furry (or scaly, or feathery) companions by capturing them with your capsule, then train them to fight, work, and explore alongside you.

Out now on Early Access on the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC – Steam.

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