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Palworld – Best Pals And Complete Guide To Kindling

Palworld is so much more than just a Pokemon clone, and while there is monster collecting there are a lot more mechanics that make the game unique. One of these is assigning jobs to your Pals. Jobs are an important part of Palworld to craft items and help keep your base running. One of the 12 potential jobs that you can assign your Pal is Kindling. Kindling is needed for any machinery that requires fire, most notably for cooking and refining ores.

Every Pal has “Work Suitability” ratings that roughly correspond to their type and physique. A Pal needs hands to do Handiwork, and the larger the Pal, the more likely it is to be good at tasks like Transporting or Mining that require a lot of strength. When it comes to Kindling, however, it’s the Pal that can make the biggest fire that will be your best bet.

In this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know about Kindling in Palworld. From what machinery requires it, how to boost Kindling speed and of course the best Pals for Kindling.


What Is Kindling Used For?

Any structure that uses fire will need a Pal that has Kindling to operate. These Kindling machines will generally be geared towards four main aspects of Palworld life. Refining ores into Ingots, burning Charcoal, cooking food and providing warmth.

Cooking PotFoodCan efficiently prepare more varieties of foods.
Electric KitchenFoodCan prepare high-quality food more efficiently. But will also require a Pal with Generating Electricity trait.
Primitive FurnaceIngotsUses Ore to produce ingots.
Electric FurnaceIngotsAllows refinement of Pal Metal Ingot.
Improved FurnaceRefined IngotsUses Ore and Coal to produce Refined Ingots.
HeaterWarmthWarms the nearby area and protects against the cold.
Electric HeaterWarmthWarms the nearby area and protects against the cold. Improved range and heating capabilities.

Furnaces can craft resources like Ingots and Charcoal. Since a lot of items require different tiers of ingots to be crafted, it is worth having a dedicated Kindling Pal assigned to a furnace.

The next main function of Kindling is to cook food. Food is an essential part of exploration in Palworld because you’ll need to keep the hunger of your party Pals satiated out in the wild. This is especially important for Pals that have a high hunger level.

Lastly, Kindling is used most basically to provide warmth. This function will depend on where your base is located, but for bases in colder areas of the world, having a heat source is non-negotiable. Also having a heat source is important for hatching eggs that prefer a warmer climate, like Scorching Eggs. At the perfect temperature, the hatching time for an egg will be cut down by half.


Best Kindling Pals

Jormuntide IgnisFire/DragonKindling Lvl 4The No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary found at the northwest part of the map. This is also northwest of the Ruined Fortress City teleport point.

You can also hatch them from a Huge Dragon Egg.
RagnahawkFireKindling Lvl 3
Transporting Lvl 3
Southwest edge of your map, near Mount Obsidian toward the beach.

You can also hatch them from a Large Scorching Egg.
BlazamutFireKindling Lvl 3
Mining Lvl 4
Can be found as a level 49 Field Alpha Boss inside the Scorching Mineshaft in the volcanic region of the map in the west.

Can also be found in the wild at the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary in the northeastern edge of the map. (You need to ride a flying Pal to be able to reach this island).

You can also hatch them from a Huge Scorching Egg.
FalerisFireKindling Lvl 3
Transporting Lvl 3
Faleris can be found on the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary island on the map’s eastern edge. You can access this location by riding a flying mount Pal or a swimming Pal such as Surfent.

You can also hatch them from a Huge Scorching Egg.

Jormuntide Ignis is the best Pal for focused Kindling tasks since it has the highest possible level for Kindling and no other Work Suitabilities. This means that it won’t get distracted by other tasks and can solely focus on anything that needs Kindling.

The best early game Kindling Pal will be Foxsparks. You’ll find it pretty near you at a very low level. Good for those just starting up their base.


Boost Kindling Speed

The Flame Cauldron is a structure that will passively boost the work speed of any task that requires Kindling. Have this on your base to heavily reduce the time it takes to cook food and refine ingots. When you start crafting in large batches, having a Flame Cauldron on your property is a worthwhile investment.



Strap on your backpack, grab your trusty Poké… I mean, Pal Capsule, and get ready to explore Palworld, a game that seamlessly blends monster-catching, survival crafting, and a dash of moral ambiguity. Prepare for a Pokémon-inspired adventure with a surprising twist! Palworld throws you onto the vibrant, open-world archipelago of the Palpagos Islands teeming with adorable, creature-like Pals. Befriend these furry (or scaly, or feathery) companions by capturing them with your capsule, then train them to fight, work, and explore alongside you.

Out now on Early Access on the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC – Steam.


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