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Palworld – Best Pals And Complete Guide To Generating Electricity

One of the best parts about Palworld, the open-world monster hunting game is its ability to create your own base. Much like Fallout and other base-building games, your base is a safe place for you to produce the necessary equipment needed for you to survive, catch Pals and of course play and see them outside of the wild. There’s plenty to do to maximise production on your base and build the perfect home and you’ll be able to assign your Pals jobs to help out. There are 12 jobs that you can assign your Pal and in this article, we’re going to focus on Generating Electricity.

Generating Electricity is a Work Suitability that is only available to Electric-type Pals, meaning that if you need a Pal to Generate Electricity, you simply need to look for an Electric-type. In this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know about Generating Electricity in Palworld. From what machinery requires it, how to boost Electricity speed and of course the best Pals for Generating Electricity.


What Is Electricity Used For?

Generating Electricity on your base is something you’ll only need later in Palworld and it’s something needed to power many of the game’s late-stage machines. As for Generating Electricity though you’ll only need it to power one thing, the Power Generator. But the Power Generator in turn will fuel a lot more technology. Full list below.

Electric FurnaceIngotsAllows refinement of Pal Metal Ingot.
Production Assembly LineImproved ProductionProduces items at a faster pace.
Production Assembly Line IIImproved ProductionProduces items at an even faster pace.
Sphere Assembly LineImproved ProductionCreates Pal Spheres at a faster pace.
Sphere Assembly Line IIImproved ProductionCreates Pal Spheres at an even faster pace.
Weapon Assembly LineImproved ProductionProduces weapons and ammunition at a faster pace.
Weapon Assembly Line IIImproved ProductionProduces weapons and ammunition at an even faster pace.
Electric CoolerCoolingCools nearby areas and protects against the heat. Improved range and cooling capabilities.
Electric HeaterWarmthWarms the nearby area and protects against the cold. Improved range and heating capabilities.
Electric KitchenFoodCan prepare high-quality food more efficiently.
Electric Medicine WorkbenchMedicineNeeds electricity but can produce higher-quality medicine.
Antique Lamp SetLightingProvides illumination
Street Lamp SetLightingProvides illumination

Best Generating Electricity Pals

OrserkElectricityElectricity Lvl 4
Handiwork Lvl 2
Transporting Lvl 3
No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary in the northeastern edge of the map. You need to ride a flying Pal to be able to reach this island.

You can also hatch them from a Huge Dragon Egg.
Relaxaurus LuxElectricityElectricity Lvl 3
Transporting Lvl 1
Can be found as a level 31 Field Alpha Boss in the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon. This is right beside the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon teleport point.

You can also hatch them from a Huge Dragon Egg.
GizzboltElectricityElectricity Lvl 4
Lumbering Lvl 2
Handiwork Lvl 2
Transporting Lvl 3
No.1 Wildlife Sanctuary island on the map’s southern edge. You can access this location by riding a flying mount Pal or a swimming Pal.

You can also hatch them from a Huge Electric Egg.

Orserk is the best late-game Pal for Generating Electricity because it’s the only Pal that has Generating Electricity Lv. 4. It also has other common Work Suitabilities in Handiwork and Transporting for when it doesn’t need to Generate Electricity. However, if you’re planning on using Orserk solely to Generate Electricity, remember to pick it up and fix its assignment to a Power Generator so that it doesn’t run off to do other tasks.

Sparkit is the best early game Generating Electricity Pal because it is encountered at a low level and it also has a close proximity to the starting area. Do note though that Generating Electricity is more of a late game necessity, so you don’t have to worry about looking for a Pal that can Generate Electricity early on.


Boost Generating Electricity Speed

The Electric Pylon is a structure that passively boosts the work speed of any task that requires Generating Electricity. This will heavily reduce the time it takes to charge a Power Generator, freeing up the Pals that are Generating Electricity to do other tasks instead.



Strap on your backpack, grab your trusty Poké… I mean, Pal Capsule, and get ready to explore Palworld, a game that seamlessly blends monster-catching, survival crafting, and a dash of moral ambiguity. Prepare for a Pokémon-inspired adventure with a surprising twist! Palworld throws you onto the vibrant, open-world archipelago of the Palpagos Islands teeming with adorable, creature-like Pals. Befriend these furry (or scaly, or feathery) companions by capturing them with your capsule, then train them to fight, work, and explore alongside you.

Out now on Early Access on the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC – Steam.


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