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Paldium Farming Made Easy: A Complete Guide for Palworld Players

Palworld is a universe full of creatures, monsters and even humans that are ready to be caught and become your Pal. But to ensure that they’ll stay your loyal Pal forever you’re going to need to catch them. Hit them down and toss what is not a Pokeball but a Pal Sphere at them. A Pal Sphere will give you a chance to capture Pals when thrown. You’re able to acquire Pal Spheres as loot drops from enemies, out in the wild or for the most reliable source, your best bet is to craft them.

To craft a Pal Sphere you’ll first need to unlock it in the Technology window. And depending on the type of Sphere you’re going to craft you’re going to need a certain amount of material. With the core ingredient being Paldium. This useful material is great to have on hand and will also be used to make other items such as the Palbox.  Paldium Fragments can be found throughout the world and because you’ll need so much of it this guide is going to tell you how best to get them.


Pick Paldium Off The Ground

At the beginning, as you set about exploring Palworld, you’re going to be able to simply find Paldium Fragments out on the ground. They look like shiny blue chunks of rock and to get them you’ll simply need to pick them off the ground. As you start progressing in the game though you’re going to realise that this process of collecting is time-consuming and unreliable. Since you never know where you will find them lying around. So you’re also going to want to employ the rest of these other Paldium mining methods.


Mine For Paldium

Paldium rock deposits exist in the world in two different varieties. The first and more common version is in a large blue-grey stone. Simply mine this Paldium rock with your pickaxe to be able to harvest a Paldium Fragment. One small stone will equate to one Paldium Fragment, while a medium stone will give about 4-5 and so on, based on difficulty. There’s also a chance to get it as a random drop from harvesting other stones.

The second way to mine Paldium is by looking in the underground dungeon. In there you’re likely to find larger deposits of Paldium, than you would on land. These Paldium boulders function like large stones and can be mined a lot more.


Automate The Process

Now for the best way to get Paldium, is to automate the entire process of collecting it. And you can do this with the Crusher. You’ll probably only be able to unlock the Crusher later in the game when your Technology Tree hits level 8. But by doing so you’ll be able to put in any random 5x Stones to get yourself 1x Paldium Fragment.

Technology TreeLvl 8 for 2 Technology points
Unlock50x Wood, 20x Stone, 10x Paldium Fragments
Pal Required1 Watering Ability
e.g. Teafant, Pengullet, Celaray, Fuack
Input5x Stone for 1x Paldium Fragment
1x Wood for 2x Fiber

By unlocking the Crusher you’ll be able to leverage your Stone Pit and keep in that steady stream of Paldium Fragments. So just assign a couple of Pals to mine, another one or two to transfer the stone to the Crusher, and of course, your watering Pal to power it. And with that, you’ve completely automated the process of farming Paldium.



Strap on your backpack, grab your trusty Poké… I mean, Pal Capsule, and get ready to explore Palworld, a game that seamlessly blends monster-catching, survival crafting, and a dash of moral ambiguity. Prepare for a Pokémon-inspired adventure with a surprising twist! Palworld throws you onto the vibrant, open-world archipelago of the Palpagos Islands teeming with adorable, creature-like Pals. Befriend these furry (or scaly, or feathery) companions by capturing them with your capsule, then train them to fight, work, and explore alongside you.

Out now on Early Access on the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC – Steam.


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