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Moonstone Island – Romance Guide (Updated)

Moonstone Island is a recently released creature collecting life sim. Or as I like to think about it as what if Stardew Valley and Pokemon had a baby? In this world, there are over a hundred islands for you to explore where you can catch Spirits, make friends and brew potions. There are plenty of wonderful islanders to befriend and 10 of them can even turn into something more.

In this Moonstone Island guide, we’ll go through all of the eligible romantic candidates, how to date them, what they like and more!


How To Romance Someone On Moonstone Island

Just like most life sim games, you’ll need to start your romantic wooing in Moonstone Island as friends. You’ll be able to see your friendship meter with them on the social menu of the game. Once you reach a high enough friendship level with someone you’ll be able to start romancing them.

To get the friendship level up make sure to speak to them every day. Now the speaking option in Moonstone Island works on probability percentages. The higher the percentage, the more successful the interaction. These are your social options available when you speak to them: (% are affected by your friendship level)

  • Chat
  • Joke
  • Flirt

Now this doesn’t mean that you should never flirt with anyone. In fact, if you Flirt successfully it has the highest chance of boosting the friendship meter. So make sure to start slow with some chats and jokes to work your way up to the Flirt. And of course, another way of increasing friendship levels is to give them gifts that they enjoy.

Note: The Fluffox Spirit can add an additional 10% boost to social interactions if you want to quickly increase your friendship level. This fox-like spirit can be found on Earth islands at low levels.


How To Go On Dates

Dating can begin at any friendship level in Moonstone Island but those with a higher level will be more likely to accept the date than those at a lower level. When you ask someone out on a date, you are offered three locations

  • Beach
  • Tavern
  • Hot Spring

Once you’ve chosen the date location and your date has been accepted you’ll get a short cutscene where you can pick and choose how to respond. Watch out though because you can actually reduce your friendship level at this point by picking the wrong answer.


How To Start An Official Relationship


To start an official relationship with someone you’ll need to craft and gift a Moonstone Bracelet to that special someone. This can only be done however once you reach a certain level on the skill tree that will allow you to craft it.

  • Moonstone Bracelet Recipe – Moonstone Enchanter: 3x Moonstones, 1x Iron Ingot

Once that person has accepted your Moonstone Bracelet you’ll start an official relationship with them. You’ll then be able to go on dates to your partner’s house.


Moonstone Island Romance Candidates


BirthdayWinter 14

Chloe is an archaeologist and the town’s historian. As expected she has a great appreciation for all the historical and old artifacts of the land. When speaking to her she will provide fascinating stories and insights about the history of the island. She dislikes anything with electricity and is allergic to all grass and flowers.

LovesCompleted Treasure Maps, Stack of Books, Wolfbane
LikesCoal, Old Boot, Sea Glass, Zenifish
DislikesBolt, Bulbshroom, Electric Spirit Egg, Lightning Eel, Joltfish, Electricone, Sparks, Sparkstar, Stun Flower, Zaplant
HatesFibre, Flax Flower


TimeMon, WedThursFriSatSun
09:00Leaves HouseLeaves House
10:00South of Tavern
11:00Leaves House
11:30Hot Springs
14:00Leaves HouseNorth of Hot Springs
15:00Leaves House
15:30Bridge, East of TavernLeaves Hot Springs
17:00Bridge, North of HotspringsHeads to Tavern
18:30Hot Springs
19:00Leaves Bridge
22:00South of Tavern
23:30Leaves TavernLeaves Hot Springs
00:00Stops ReadingGoes Home
00:50Goes Home
01:30Goes Home


BirthdaySummer 8

Ferra is the town’s blacksmith. Just like the hard metal that she forges, she has a tough exterior, but work on her and she’ll open up to you over time. Ferra enjoys any gift that you have forged on your own such as ingots and sheets. As well as fluffy things, but nothing round.

LovesBunnyfish, Beardini, Nimbus Plant, Fuzzball, Sweater Plant
LikesCoal, Copper Ore, Colberry, Erdenleaf, Iron Ore, Copper Ingot, Iron Ingot, Moonstone Ingot, Copper Sheet, Iron Sheet, Moonstone Sheet, Sparks, Steelfish, Fire Flower, Ruby Plant, Saplant
DislikesStonefruit, Spirit Bane, Wingfruit, Mossball, Eye Berry, Beach Peach, Fuzzball, Snowball, Moonstone, Stonefruit Seeds
HatesSnow Flobes


TimeMonTueWed, Thurs, Fri, SatSun
06:30Leaves HouseLeaves HouseLeaves House
07:00ShopLeaves HouseShop
09:00Leaves Fountain
11:30Leaves Fountain
12:30Hot SpringsTavern
17:00Leaves ShopLeaves Hot SpringsLeaves Shop
17:30Near WaterfallTavern
22:00Leaves WaterfallLeaves BridgeLeaves TavernHot Springs
22:30Goes Home
23:00Goes HomeGoes HomeLeaves Tavern
00:00Goes Home


BirthdaySpring 28

Gaiana is a shy herbalist who has a passion for rare plants. She is the little sister of Ofelia. As an herbalist, she is excited by any plant that you bring her that isn’t native to the island. Her shyness may come off as being reserved but keep giving her plants or fertilizer and she’ll open up to you. She dislikes fish.

LovesBlack Pearl, Emoshroom, Prickly Plant, Grumpkin
LikesAny Flower – Nightshade, Mandrake, Magic Mushroom, Bloodrot, Umbrellashroom, Erdenleaf, Wingfruit, Eye Berry, Spiky Plant, Colberry, Spectre Flower, Willowisp, Ghostshroom, Saplant, Flake Flower, Icicle Root, Snowdrop Flower, Any Fertilizer
DislikesAll Fish


07:30Leaves Conservatory
08:00Bridge between Tavern and Smithy
09:00Hot Springs


BirthdayAutumn 2

Ofelia likes materials for crafting and dislikes anything spirit-related.

LovesOssono’s Dish of the Day, Bonguin
LikesFibre, Cloth, Clay, Sea Glass
DislikesAll Spirit Resources
HatesAll Spirit Eggs


BirthdaySummer 16
OccupationOwns the Tavern

Ossono is the owner of the tavern, she likes to be gifted flowers and alcohol. She’s also a fan of potions.

LovesBeer, Capacibee, Wine, Time Dilation Potion, Speed Potion
LikesAll flowers
DislikesStonefruit, Beach Peach, Pizzafish, Grumpkin, Popcorn Plant, Blobfish, Old Boot


BirthdayAutumn 12

Paolo runs the local carpentry shop and appreciates gifts that showcase woodworking skills, like crafted furniture. As a carpenter, Paolo is always willing to lend a hand with home projects and improvements around town. He’s not a fan of berries and mushrooms.

LovesDining Table, Bedside Table, Coffee Table, Round Table, Chair, Cozy Chair, Cozy Couch, Bed, Library, Sink, Pantry, Counter, Loom, Oaken
LikesWood Window, Bridge, Wood Fence, Gate, Chest, Moonstone Enchanter, Decoration Station, Sell Crate, Counter, Wicker Chair, Wooden Path, Wood
DislikesUmbrellashroom, Eye Berry, Ghostshroom, Spiky Plant, Magic Mushroom, Colberry, Willowisp, Chilly Berry, Bulbshroom, Popcorn Plant
HatesApplum, Applum Seeds


BirthdaySpring 23

Quill is a fun and spicy character, literally, he loves all things hot and spicy and is always up for a joke or sharing town gossip over a meal. Give him everything from the fire islands like Fireballs and Hot Plants, but don’t share with him anything cold. He won’t like anything cold or useful for crafting, especially Moonstones.

LovesFire Spirit Egg, Sheemp
LikesHot Pepper, Fire Flower, Hot Air Fruit, Flameroot, Heat Plant, Colberry, Plantern, Sweater Plant, Cinderfish, Fireball, Lantern, Furnace
DislikesPopsiplant, Ghostshroom, Snowman Plant, Ice Spirit Egg, Water Spirit Egg, Steelfish, Blobfish, Fridge, Anvil, Snowball, Sea Glass, All Seeds, Crafting Materials
HatesMoonstone, Moonstone Ingot, Moonstone Sheet


BirthdayWinter 19
OccupationOwns the General Store

Rowan runs the general store and is the town’s resident goth kid. They enjoy the occult, spirits and the supernatural. Give them gifts of a more spooky nature from the more dangerous islands. Rowan likes gifts that help them face their fears and become braver but dislikes things that are dangerous such as poison and crafting materials.

LovesTreasure Map (Cleared), Balloon, Bonguin, Charms
LikesBloodrot, Skeleplant, Spectre Flower, Ghostshroom, Fangfish, Spinefish, Dark Spirit Egg, Blobfish
DislikesWood, Stone, Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Iron Ingot, Copper Ingot, Moonstone Ingot
HatesDark Matter, Poison


BirthdaySummer 22

Tobin is the resident fisherman who owns the Fishing Shop. He knows a lot about fishing and the water of the islands and he’ll even buy any fish that you catch. As expected he loves being given the harder-to-catch fish, Except for the Zenifish.

LovesSparkstar, Blobfish, Cinderfish, Snorcko
LikesBunnyfish, Fangfish, Flyingfish, Jewelfish, Lightning Eel, Moonfish, Old Boot, Pizzafish, Ringfish, Sisyphish, Spinefish, Steelfish, Tigerfish, Joltfish
DislikesPrickly Plant, Eye Berry, Skeleplant, Bloodrot, Spectre Flower, Ghostshroom, Snowman Plant, Mandrake



Zed is Moonstone Island‘s spirit researcher and it’s a job that he takes very seriously. On most days Zed will always seem exhausted from working overtime at his job. He always has some interesting facts about the spirits of the island. He likes most Spirit Resources and is allergic to mushrooms.

LovesArmbot, Applum, Stonefruit, Beach Peach, Grumpkin, Chilly Berry
LikesCoffee, Poison, Snowball, Sparks, Fireball, Dark Matter, Dream Drop, Psychic Sight Potion
DislikesFibre, Wood, Stone, Moonstone, Clay, Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Sea Glass, Cloth
HatesUmbreallashroom, Magic Mushroom, Spiky Plant, Ghostshroom, Bulbshroom

Moonstone Island Guides

Moonstone Island is a creature-collecting life-sim set in an open world with 100 islands to explore. Make friends, brew potions, collect Spirits, and test your strength in card-based encounters to complete your Alchemy training! Following your village’s tradition, you must move to an island in the sky to complete your Alchemy training. Armed with a team of nature spirits, magical potions, and the support of your new friends, you’ll explore ancient temples, dangerous dungeons, and hostile biomes to uncover the dark secret of Moonstone Island.

Moonstone Island is out now on the Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam and Mac.