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Hello Kitty Island Adventure – The Complete Fishing Guide

Starting today, players can join Hello Kitty and Friends on a grand adventure to restore an abandoned theme park to its former glory, as Hello Kitty Island Adventure brings the beloved, bow-wearing star of Sanrio’s character lineup to the Apple Arcade in an exclusive game release.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is a life simulation game where players will build friendships with their favourite Sanrio characters, like Kuromi, Badtz-Maru and Cinnamoroll, as they explore a massive island with a magical underwater world filled with puzzles, challenges and mysterious treasures. If you love Animal Crossing: New Horizons then you’re going to want to give this game a go!

In this guide, we’ll be covering one of the main mechanics of this life sim game – fishing! There are plenty of fish to catch on and around the island. With different types and varieties to be found everywhere. Here we’ll show you the basics as well as where and when to catch all the fish in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.


How to Get the Fishing Rod

A Fishing Rod is a tool you can acquire from Badtz-maru to catch fish in any body of water. To get the Fishing Rod Crafting Plans, you must reach Level 3 Friendship with Badtz-maru and complete the “Fishing Tutorial” Story Quest.

To level up your friendship with Badtz-maru to Level 3, you will need to give him gifts each day. The more gifts you give, and the more “hearts” each gift ranks, the faster your friendship level with Badtz-maru will climb! You can give up to three gifts to a character each day.  Try gifting Badtz-maru Pineapple or Tropical Critters, which can both be found around the Seaside Resort where he’s set up his comic book stand.

Once you have reached Level 3 Friendship with Badtz-maru, the “Fishing Tutorial” Story Quest will be automatically unlocked. Talk to Badtz-maru to start the quest. You can usually find him at his comic book stand, on the south dock in Seaside Resort.


Craft The Fishing Rod

Badtz-maru will gift you the Fishing Rod Plans so that you can craft your very own Fishing Rod. Once obtained, you will need to gather the following materials to craft the Fishing Rod at a Crafting Table:

Fishing Rod Recipe: 10x Sticks, 3x Thread, 1x Gizmo

Sticks can be found all around Seaside Resort, the main area of the island where you first crash-land with the rest of your Sanrio friends. Thread is a resource that can only be obtained by giving gifts to Tuxedosam. Similarly, Gizmos are a resource you only get from giving gifts to Chococat.


How To Fish

With your new Fishing Rod in hand, return to Badtz-maru, who should be at his comic book stand. He’ll lead you down the dock a bit and give you a small tutorial on how to fish in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

To start fishing, select your Tool Wheel and pick the Fishing Rod. Tap the Fishing Rod icon to cast your line out into the water. Wait until a fish bites on the bobber, and an exclamation icon appears. Tap the Fishing Rod icon again to start reeling in.

A curved bar will appear above your hooked fish, with arrows to the left and right on your screen. To keep the fish on the hook, you need to tap the left and right arrows repeatedly to keep the white triangle centred on the fishing meter. If the white triangle hits the orange sections of the fishing meter, you will start to lose the fish, and eventually, your fishing line will snap.

While you can often see fish swimming around, you can cast your Fishing Rod into any deeper water for a chance to catch a fish. Fish will automatically appear in any area that you throw your fishing line into.


Fish Locations

Seaside Resort

RarityNameLocationTime of Day
CommonPeppermint TetraResort Docks/Badtz Pier, Nul beach far right (toward Resort Gate)Dawn, Day
CommonSeaweed SkipperSeaside Resort Shores & Hopscotch IslandsAny
UncommonCoastal ClamfishBeaches near Resort Gate & Chococat’s PierEvening, Night
UncommonSummer SolePonds, including upper-level ponds Dawn, Day
UncommonTropical SunfishHopscotch & Moon Islands, Southern shoresDay, Evening

Rainbow Reef

RarityNameLocationTime of Day
CommonAmethyst SnipeOpen water & piers near Gemstone MountainAny
CommonElectric TangAlong Eastern edge of Rainbow Reef from the Northeast corner through the pier midway down Spooky SwampsDawn, Day
CommonKelpfinAbove Kelp Maze, in Northeast waters further from the shoresDawn, Day, Night
CommonMasked WrasslerNorth & Northeast of Cozy IslandsAny
CommonOpal FlutterfinEast of Comedy Club & off of boxes in the reef between Spooky Swamp & Kelp MazeEvening, Night
CommonRoyal LanceAround Cozy IslandsAny
CommonSunset GuppyHopscotch & Moon Islands, shoresAny
UncommonBriny ClamfishCozy Islands, Southern ShoresEvening Night
UncommonGalaxy GrouperBoxes above Sunken Ship, Moon IslandNight
UncommonSandy PufferHopscotch & Moon Island, shores and Moon Island HarborDay, Evening

Spooky Swamp

RarityNameLocationTime of Day
UncommonBog ClamfishAround Witch’s Hut, note: Huge Bog Clamfish may require you to lean your line to one side before the meter appears, or it can break freeAny
UncommonMidnight PikeTiny (above ground ponds of Ghost Tour Ride), Med/Huge (rivers)Evening, Night
UncommonSpirit BettaPonds & graveyard riverEvening, Night
CommonQuagfishTiny (near Nature Preserve), Med/Huge (rivers)Any
CommonSlimescaleOuter moats & Eastern shoresAny
CommonZebra SwamplingAround Nature Preserve, tiny (right in front of reserve)Any

Gemstone Mountain

RarityNameLocationTime of Day
RareJeweled GobyPonds, East, South, and West of Icy Peak EntranceDay
UncommonCavern ClamfishCrystal Caves, (Medium in Pink Cave (Revive the Oasis quest)Dawn, Day
UncommonHalfmoon HerringRed & Orange Crystal Caves (Revive the Oasis quest)Evening, Night
CommonBanded SpelunkerCrystal Caves, (Huge at the bottom of Pink Cave [Revive the Oasis quest])Any
CommonMountain GulperPondsAny
CommonNeon LongtailTiny in upper Northwest pond, All sizes in Oasis, LakeDay, Evening
CommonRuby DreamscaleNortheast waters around Gemstone Mountain & Gemstone Mountain PierAny

Mount Hothead

RarityNameLocationTime of Day
RareBurning PerchCalderaDawn
RareSailing CharmfishTiny (Mount Hothead pier) / Med&Huge (stone arch near Mount Hothead)Night
UncommonGolden LoachLower ponds near Mount Hothead Fast-Travel LocationDawn, Day
UncommonMagma ClamfishLava CavesEvening, Night
CommonArmored BassLava Caves & CalderaAny
CommonFlying SpringtailHot Springs (Ponds) Day, Evening

Cloud Island

RarityNameLocationTime of Day
CommonCrescent Minnowregular – righthand & lefthand round pond above star pond, and all below locations

huge – far right rond pool (off of far right cloud island, not near the moon/star pools), and all below locations

tiny – pond left of critter corral
Dawn, Evening, Night
CommonMoonlaregular – righthand round pond above star pond, moon pond, and all below locations

huge – righthand round pond above star pond

tiny – lefthand round pond
Dawn, Day, Evening
CommonNebula Peepermoon pondDay, Evening, Night
CommonStarlight Floaterstar pondDay, Night

Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Embark on a cozy adventure with Hello Kitty and Friends and restore an abandoned island to its former glory. Can you solve the mystery hidden within?

Get to know supercute and friendly faces like Hello Kitty, Kuromi, Cinnamoroll, and more by discovering their likes, questing alongside them, and eventually becoming best friends. Craft rare items, solve ancient puzzles, and decorate cabins to bring new visitors and create your ultimate island paradise.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is available on the App Store and Mac.


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