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Helldivers 2 – The Best Way To Farm Medals, Samples and Supercredits

Helldivers 2 gives you everything you want in a co-op shooter and then some. If you’re ready for mass explosions, chaos, guns and endless enemies with your friends, this is the game for you. On top of a wide variety of missions and planets to liberate and explore the game also equips you with a nice catalogue of weapons, armour and gadgets to keep you alive in the field. Unfortunately, the cost of those amazing items can be a bit of a process to farm and grind. It’ll be well worth it however and tons of fun, we promise.

There are a few different types of currency used in Helldivers 2 – Medals, Super Credits and Samples. Each of these currencies is used in different stores in-game and can be used to unlock various weapons and upgrades. In this guide, we’ll go through all of them and let you know the best ways to farm them.


Helldivers 2 – Currency System


Warbond Medals

Warbond Medals are the currency you’re going to be using to complete your Warbonds. Which is the battle-pass system in Helldivers 2 and just like with most live-service games, there is a premium and free version. Warbonds allow you to unlock different weapons and armour within the game with the use of Medals, one of the main currencies in the game. Medals can be obtained by completing missions, operations, scavenging for them and the daily Personal Order quest. We’ll get into more of that later.

To get access to the Premium Warbonds, it will cost you 1,000 Super Credits and also comes with the Deluxe edition of the game. This will give you access to additional armour, weapons, gear, emotes and Super Credits.



Samples are a separate currency from Medals and Super Credits and their only purpose is to upgrade your ship. These ship upgrades provide some amazing bonuses for you and your team, as well as greatly increase the strength of your stratagems. Without upgrading your ship you’re going to be hard-pressed to complete any of the harder missions.

Samples come in three different types – Common Samples (Green), Rare Samples (Orange) and Super Samples (Pink). The Rare Samples are needed for advanced upgrades to your ship and will only appear in Challenger difficulty and higher. While Super Samples can only be found in Helldive difficulty. Just remember to pick up your Sample Containers when you die.

Unlike Medals and Requisition, Samples are generally harder to come by and look different on different maps. In Terminid territory, Samples can appear as bulbous growths attached to thin stalks near bug holes and nests. And in the human territories, they’ll appear as flat, rectangular containers.


Super Credits

Super Credits are for the Super Citizens of Helldivers 2, if you want to show that you’re serious about democracy then you’ll spend some premium currency over at the Superstore! However, if you’re not willing to shell out real-world cash, you’re also able to get these premium credits for free in the game. Either by looting and scavenging it in-game or by getting it with Warbond Medlas.

There are 13 tiers across the regular and premium Warbond, and you can earn up to 1050 Super Credits from it. However, you will need a ton of Medals to claim them, so get ready to grind those. 


Participate In High-Difficulty Operations

Higher-difficulty operations will reward you with a higher amount of Medals. For example, in a Suicide Mission, you get six for your first mission, eight for your second, and 10 for your third, as long as they’re all part of the same operation. Failing any of these missions will lock you out of higher-tier rewards.

All mission types will share the same Warbond Medal reward for completing them—a 40-minute long Egg breaking excursion will give you the same six medals that a five-minute Defense mission provides. So because of that if you’re interested in saving time we recommend that you prioritise focusing on – Defense, Blitz, and Escort missions for the highest amount of Medals in the shortest time. These missions should take you about 30 minutes and depending on your difficulty setting you should be able to farm Medals quite efficiently.

The only note about mission difficulty is that you’ll need to balance it with the strength of your team. Remember that failing a mission won’t get you the rewards you’re looking for, so it’s better to succeed on a lower-difficulty mission. If you only have a squad or two or three you might find it hard to succeed in Extreme and therefore might want to go for the Hard or Challenging difficulty instead.


Play Eradication Missions For Samples

While all high-level operations are going to net you some solid rewards, if you’re hunting specifically for Samples you should focus on Eradication Missions. Eradication missions are set on small maps that often have high concentrations of Samples. So all you have to do here is run around the vicinity (usually outside the area you’re supposed to defend) and search for Samples along possible points of interest, like craters or ruined fortifications. Also, since the only objective of Eradication missions is to kill a specific number of enemies, you should have plenty of time to look for them.

Eradicate missions usually have seven Green Samples that you can collect every ten minutes. A few Eradicate missions have 15 Green Samples that you can collect in ten minutes before the mission timer ends. Eradication missions appear randomly so check all the available planets to see if any are available.


How To Get Rare and Super Samples

Rare Orange Samples are mostly found after clearing bug nests. Usually clearing a medium and large-sized bug nest spawns the Rare Samples for you to collect. The area near the Egg Nests is also a favourite spot to find and loot Rare Samples and for that, you do not always have to destroy eggs first for the Samples to spawn.

And to be able to find Super Pink Samples in Helldivers 2, you’ll need to destroy Spore Spewers in Helldive, Impossible and Suicide difficulty. Once it is destroyed, the Pink Samples usually spawn around the damaged structure. Note that you can only carry up to three Rare Pink Samples per mission though, so there is not much opportunity to get these in high quantity per run.


Complete Major Orders

If you can complete your daily Major Order, it will reward you with 15 Warbond Medals on completion. Daily Major Orders can range from you having to kill a certain number of targets like Bile Spewers, to utilising specific gear to take out enemies. Daily Major Orders differ from the longer Major Orders that refresh every two weeks.


Scavenge For It

And of course, another way of finding any currency in Helldivers 2 is to discover it planetside. If you have time during a mission have a look around for any spare Medals, Requisitions or Samples lying around. You’ll find them in Locations of Interest normally scattered around, behind a vault door or even amongst crashed shuttles and bodies. If you’re lucky you’ll even find the game’s premium currency, Super Credits around as well. Now these won’t come in a high quantity, maybe only 2-3 Medals an area, but it’ll add up over time.

Hidden bunkers can often be hard to spot and are tucked away in small openings beneath the surface. They’re easy to miss so keep an eye out for doors with a blue outline and/or two gleaming keypads outside of it. For those playing solo, unfortunately, you need a friend to help you open the bunker to enter.

If you’re on a longer mission and see a Diamond icon on your map, you should check it out. Clearing it of bugs and looting the shuttle, or blasting the locked door with a grenade, can get you up to nine Warbond Medals if luck favors you. If you’re having trouble finding these diamonds, upgrade your Radar—either through Boosters, Modules, or the Radar Tower sub-objective to reveal these stash caches on your map.


Activate Radio Towers

The best way to spot additional Places of Interest is to activate Radio Towers. Activating these not only gives you a nice bump of EXP and Requisition, but they also reveal every single POI in the map. With the fog of war lifted, you and the squad will be able to plan out a path that nets you the most Samples possible.


Helldivers 2

The Galaxy’s Last Line of Offence. Enlist in the Helldivers and join the fight for freedom across a hostile galaxy in a fast, frantic, and ferocious third-person shooter. Out now on PlayStation 5 and PC – Steam.


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