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Helldivers 2 – Best Weapons, From Early To Late Game

Optimising your loadouts in Helldivers 2 is the best way to ensure democracy is being spread on each planet. We’ve covered the best armour sets for you here, and now let’s look at the best weapons for you to take down into Hell. For this particular guide, we’re just going to focus on the weapons you’ll be equipped with when you drop out of the shuttle as opposed to a Heavy that you’ll need to summon with a Strategem. Note that playstyles will heavily influence which gun is actually going to be the best for you but we’ll talk about all the different utilities of each gun later on.

Right now you’ll be able to buy weapons with Warbonds and Super Credits. Check out our full currency explanation here. Some weapons that you get early on such as AR-23 Liberator Assault Rifle will last you until mid-game. While others such as the SG-225 Breaker are going to carry you into late game and beyond. Here are all the guns you should be checking out in Helldivers 2.


SG-225 Breaker Shotgun

Cost20 Medals, Page 4 of Warbonds
Weapon TraitRapid-fire shotgun, perfect for clearing out groups of enemies. Requires frequent reloading.
Light Armour Penetrating.
Recoil30Fire Rate300

I think we can all agree that once you’ve unlocked the Breaker Shotgun in Helldivers 2, missions just start feeling better. The Breaker is a fully automatic shotgun that hits the hardest of any guns in its class. It has a surprisingly long range and can take down both Terminids and Automatons with ease. When used at mid-range, it remains accurate even when used in full auto.

Armour on the Automatons falls easily when put against the Breaker, as it can muster the same firepower as the Anti-Material Rifle in some cases. It’s good against bigger enemies like Chargers, as it can take off armour, so be sure to unlock it in the Warbonds progression guide. However, the gun’s biggest weakness is its magazine size, which is relatively small and only carries 16 shotgun shells before needing a reload.


JAR-5 Dominator (Premium)

Cost80 Medals, Page 3 of Warbonds (Premium)
Weapon TraitRocket launcher dealing massive damage to single targets.
Medium Armour Penetrating.
Recoil75Fire Rate250

Imagine your SG-225 Breaker now penetrates medium armour and deals explosive damage. That’s it, that’s the gun. The JAR-5 Dominator is the best weapon in the Premium Warbond and arguably one of the best in the game, with high-damage, plenty of ammo, and that weirdly precise shotgun damage cone that lets you pick off enemies a little further away. The JAR-5 is also fantastic for headshotting enemies with its scope and it can pop most bug or bot heads with a single blast.


SG-225IE Breaker Incendiary Shotgun (Premium)

Cost20 Medals, Page 4 of Warbonds
Weapon TraitA modified Breaker shotgun firing incendiary projectiles. Generates heat during use, so limited to burst fire.
Light Armour Penetrating and Incendiary.
Recoil28Fire Rate300

The SG-225IE Breaker Incendiary isn’t quite as strong as the JAR-5 Dominator, but it serves a different purpose in spreading fire amongst groups of enemies and damaging them over time. This gun has the same wide projectile spread as the SG-225SP Breaker Spray & Pray, but the key difference here is that every projectile sets enemies on fire. This can be very strong when you’re moving and firing, blasting into tightly packed groups of enemies, then repositioning as the fire damages them over time. Since it loads clips and fires fast, too, you can also effectively blast any enemies that get up close. It’s worth noting that while this gun is one of the best against bugs, it isn’t so great vs. bots.


AR-23P Liberator Penetrator Assault Rifle

Cost40 Medals, Page 6 of Warbonds
Weapon TraitHigh-damage assault rifle that fires armour-piercing rounds.
Medium Armour Penetrating.
Recoil19Fire Rate640

It may have less stopping power than the basic assault rifle variant, but this gun can be pretty useful, and that’s down to its ability to pierce medium armour. Its clip might be a little on the lighter side, but it can shoot through just about any armoured bug, and is fairly effective against robots. Save shooting a Charger in the face, it can pierce their leg armour, and it also has very good range.


23E Liberator Explosive Assault Rifle (Premium)

Cost20 Medals, Page 1 of Warbonds (Premium)
Weapon TraitAssault rifle firing explosive rounds for crowd control.
Light Armour Penetrating.
Recoil15Fire Rate640

The standard Helldivers 2 assault rifle has exactly what you need—decent damage, range, and ammo capacity. It’s not going to win any competitions for being the absolute best, but if you’re looking for a reliable primary and don’t like swapping weapons lots, it’ll get the job done. If you switch to first-person aiming mode, it also has a scope with a handy targeting crosshair.

You can also unlock the explosive version of this assault rifle in the Premium Warbond, though I wouldn’t say it’s significantly better. While it deals more damage and is slower firing, its recoil is tough to handle, which makes it hard to use as more of a precision weapon. Still, it’s strong enough and offers a different playstyle variant of the original gun.


SMG-37 Defender SMG

Cost15 Medals, Page 3 of Warbonds
Weapon TraitVersatile weapon usable at both close and medium range.
Recoil10Fire Rate520

The Defender is an exceptionally powerful SMG with a slower fire rate than many others of its class. It hits hard with a damage of 70 versus a gun like the Liberator, which only does 50 damage. It’s also able to be wielded in one hand, making missions where you have to carry the SSSD drive to an objective much easier since you’re not forced to use only a pistol.

The SMG-37 Defender has better range, recoil, and a slower firing rate than its MP-98 cousin, but offers slightly higher damage than, say, your Liberator assault rifle. Due to that slow firing rate, it also doesn’t eat through your ammo the way that the Knight does. If you’re looking for a slightly more close-range focused weapon that still performs decently at mid-distance, you should try this out. The gun is also very accurate and makes it viable both up close and at mid-range. Having the Defender available at such an early level makes it a worthwhile investment that can hold its own in most missions.


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