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CLeM – How To Solve All The Puzzles

CLeM at first glance looks like a cute narrative puzzle game but as you get deeper, things take on a more mysterious and dark twist. The game isn’t long and should only take you a couple of hours to play, but within it is a story that takes unexpected turns. Emotional trigger warning for themes that cover a tale of forgiveness, manipulation and redemption.

You play as a nameless servant/animated Sackboy creature to a little girl called CLeM. It is your duty to find items that she has requested of you in this mysterious and everchanging house. Unlike most normal requested items such as a sandwich or a book, you’ll be asked to bring creatures that embody the characteristics of Beauty, Determination, Intelligence, Strength and Hope instead.

Each creature you deliver to CLeM will unlock the next objective alongside more additional complexities to the world. The puzzles in the game are significantly intricate enough to warrant a guide, so if you’re stuck in the game we’ve got you sorted! Don’t worry though because we won’t spoil any of the story in this guide.


Part 1: Beauty (Butterfly)

1Dining RoomPick up the Glass Jar (cabinet on the right)
2InventorySeparate the Nails from the Glass Jar
3Shed (Backyard)Pick up the Nail Gun
4InventoryCombine the Nails with the Nail Gun
5Backyard1. Drive the Butterfly away to the other window.
2. Close the right window.
3. Drive the butterfly into the house
4. Close the left window
5. Use the Nail Gun to nail the window shut
6GreenhousePick up the Trowel (in a bucket)
7BackyardUse the Trowel on the Pet Grave. Pick up the Key
8Kitchen Pantry (Kitchen)Use the key on the locked green drawer.
Take the items – Handle, Note, Piece of Metal.
9Greenhouse1. Interact with the base of the Statue.
2. Place the Piece of Metal with the others and solve the puzzle.
3. [Puzzle] Arrange the pieces to form an eye.
4. Take the Glass from the statue’s hand.
10InventoryCombine the Glass with the Handle to make the Lens of Truth.
11HallUse the Lens of Truth on the book (right of the armchair)
12GreenhouseTake the Pansies (Yellow-Red) flowers
13Dining Room1. Put the flowers into the Vase.
2. Chase the butterfly into the Dining Room.
3. Use the Glass Jar to capture the butterfly.
14Upstairs (Right)Deliver the Butterfly / Beauty

Part 2: Determination (Snail)

1Hall (Left Door)1. Use the Lens of Truth on the painting near the door.
2. Interact with the drawer (left) on the desk.
3. Take the Runic Key.
4. Use the key on the right side of the desk.
5. [Puzzle – Up 7, Up 1, Up 1, Up 4]
6. Read the documents and interact with the bottles of liquor (left)
7. Arrange the bottles by fullness. [Puzzle – Angel Island, Burning Marble Valley, Labyrinth Seas, Mystic Cave, Misty Mountain]
8. Pick up the Sphere inside the Globe when it opens.
9. Interact with the Bookshelf (left)
10. Pull out books to create the ‘Temperance’ sign.
[Puzzle – Top Row: Middle book
Second Row: Far left book, far-right book
Fourth Row: Middle book]
11. Exit the room
2Hall (Right Door)Use the Runic Key to unlock the door. [Puzzle – Up 1, Down 4, Up 7, Down 9]
3Storage RoomPick up the Can on the floor.
4Shed (Yard)1. Pick up the Screwdriver on the floor.
2. Unlock the closed drawer. [Puzzle – Up 9, Up 8, Down 5, Down 7]
3. Take the Valve Handle inside
5Bathroom (Dining Room)1. Use the Valve Handle on the Bathtub.
2. Take the Adhesive Tape in the First-Aid Box on the wall
6Kitchen Pantry (Kitchen)1. Interact with the locked green door (Left) [Puzzle -Up 6, Down 9, Down 6, Up 3]
2. Pick up the Strainer in the drawer
7GreenhouseGive the Statue the Golden Sphere.
8Garden1. Use the Strainer on the Cracked Pipe.
2. Use the Adhesive Tape on the Strainer
3. Interact with the Valve (right). Turn left to drive away the bird.
4. Use the Can on the Snail.
9Upstairs (Right)Deliver the Snail / Determination

Part 3: Intelligence (Spider)

1KitchenPick up the Cruet (bottle on the table)
2Basement (Lawn)1. Use the ‘Lens of Truth’ on the stack of magazines
2. Interact with the pink puzzle box [Puzzle]
3. Pick up the Paper and Wine Bottle inside
4. Pick up the Doll from the floor
3Cellar1. Unlock the door on the right with the Runic Key [Puzzle – Down 6, Up 9, Down 8, Up 7]
2. [Puzzle] Insert the Wine Bottle in the right place.
4InventorySeparate the Wooden Box to get a Teleport Charm and the Box
5Hall1. Activate the Rune on the landing of the stairs
2. Use your ‘Lens of Truth’ on the wall on the right
6Study1. Arrange the books on the bookshelf to form the glyph for Discretion
[Puzzle – Top Row: Far-left book, far-right book
Fourth Row: All three books]
2. Teleport out into the Hall
7Storage Room (Hall – Right)1. Enter to scare the spider through the hole.
2. Use the Cruet to line the hole.
8Dungeon (Hall – Secret Door)1. Chase the Spider and use the Wooden Box in your inventory to catch it.
2. Pick up the Shoe from the ground
3. Unlock the Iron Maiden (right) [Puzzle – Up 1, Down 2, Up 5, Down 2]
9Upstairs (Right)Deliver the Spider / Intelligence

Part 4: Strength (Beetle)

1Hall (Upstairs Left)1. Use the ‘Lens of Truth’ on the picture on the wall.
2. Pick up the Dreamcatcher from the middle door.
2Clem’s Bedroom (Middle Door)Pick up the Pencil from the table
3InventorySeparate the Pencil to get a Gemstone and Pencil
4Clem’s Bedroom (Middle Door)Use the ‘Lens of Truth’ on the Blackboard
5Parent’s Bedroom (Left Door)1. Pick up the Bottle
2. Unlock the Chest of Drawers [Puzzle – Down 6, Up 4, Down 2, Up 5]
3. Take the Clock Hand inside
6Dining Room1. Use the Clock Hand on the Clock [Puzzle – 4:39, 7:21 and 11:56]
2. Pick up the Cog
7InventoryCombine the Cog with the Doll
8Dining RoomUse the ‘Lens of Truth’ on the picture on the wall (right)
9Hall1. Interact with the Piano [Puzzle – Second white key, first black key, fifth black key]
2. Investigate the Spring
10InventoryCombine the Spring with the Doll to get Marvin the Marble
11Kitchen Pantry (Kitchen)1. Go through the small hole in the right wall as Marvin
2. Knock over a Box of Food
3. Return to full size and pick up the Box Of Food
12InventorySeparate the Box of Food to get Oats and a Box
13Greenhouse1. Go through the drainpipe in the middle of the Greenhouse as Marvin
2. Take the Bug Egg
14Underground (pas the Shed)Explore the tree as Marvin
15TreehousePick up the Slingshot on the floor.
16InventoryCombine the Slingshot and Gemstone
17Treehouse1. Use the Slingshot on the Beehive (left)
2. Go downstairs to pick up Honey with your bottle
3. Go back upstairs and use your Bug Egg in the Incubator (right)
4. Combine Oats and Honey to create Gooey Food (left)
18TreehouseHatch Bugs
1. Turn up the temperature on the dial and fast-forward
2. Move the temperature to medium after the Larva has hatched
3. Turn the heat up whenever there are parasites. Then return to medium after the parasites die
4. Repeat until Pupa appears
5. Keep the temperature low until the Beetl appears
19Upstairs (Right)Deliver the Beetle / Strength

Part 5: Hope (Firefly)

1Utility RoomEnter the grate on the floor as Marvin.
Go through and climb up the ladder to the Attic.
2Attic1. Unlock the Black Case (left) [Puzzle – Up 1, Down 3, Down 4, Up 4]
2. Take the Hat of Memories
3. Use the Hat to get the Pencil
3Attic Bedroom (Attic)Grab the Gemstone which you fired off in your last chapter
4InventoryCombine the Gemstone and the Puzzle
5Parent’s Bedroom1. Unlock the Safe [Puzzle – 345, 753, 124]
2. Take the Jewellery Box
6Shed1. Use the Hat to reveal the outline of the Screwdriver. Use the Screwdriver on the outline.
2. Take the Battery from the Drawer
7Garden (Greenhouse)1. Use the Hat to reveal the outline of the Shoe. Use the Shoe on the outline.
2. Take the Walking Stick
8Study1. Use the Hat to reveal the outline of the Dreamcatcher. Use the Dreamcatcher on the outline.
2. Take the Bulb
9Attic1. Use the Battery, Jewellery Box and Bulb on the Switchboard.
2. Use the lights to attract the Firefly
[Puzzle 1st Row: Up, Up, Down, Up, Up, Down, Down, Up
2nd Row: Down, Up, Down, Up, Up, Down, Down, Up]
3. The Firefly will be caught
10Upstairs (Right)Deliver the Firefly / Hope
11Clem’s Workshop1. Use the Hat to reveal the outline of the Walking Stick. Use the Walking Stick on the outline.
2. Use the ‘Lens of Truth’ on the Note
3. [Spoilers]


CLeM is a narrative-driven puzzle adventure game with a dark twist. Wake up in a world where puzzles intertwine with exploration, weaving a unique narrative rooted in alchemy. A voice awakens you. It gives you purpose. To guide you, you find a notebook with mysterious entries and a house to explore. Puzzles intertwine with exploration, weaving a unique narrative experience we call “Puzzlevania” with a shadowy story to unravel and countless challenges to overcome.

You awaken in a cold, dimly lit room, your senses slowly adjusting to the surroundings that, oddly, feel familiar. A strange sensation lingers in you, reminding you that something is not quite right. As you find your bearings, your attention is drawn to a peculiar item on the ground. A notebook labelled “CLeM” lies before you. As you delve into its pages, covered with intricate sketches of insects accompanied by vague symbols, you find a note containing a cryptic message: “Bring me BEAUTY.” Lost in deciphering the contents, a voice interrupts your focus.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam