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Sun Haven – Fishing Tournaments and Invisible Fishing Spots Guide

While Sun Haven may not yet facilitate fishing tournaments, its multiplayer capabilities and hidden fishing spots offer endless opportunities for collaborative and social fishing adventures. Whether you’re delving into the mysterious depths of Withergate, uncovering the secrets of Nel’Vari, or casting your line in tranquil village ponds, Sun Haven invites players to embark on thrilling fishing expeditions unlike any other. The game’s hidden fishing spots even offer the chance to reel in unique species found nowhere else in Sun Haven. 


Multiplayer Fishing

Social Fishing Adventures: Multiplayer excursions in Sun Haven

While fishing tournaments aren’t yet available in Sun Haven, the game does offer excellent multiplayer capabilities, allowing you to enjoy the virtual fishing experience together with friends. Whether you’re exploring new fishing spots, comparing catches, or simply enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of the game’s world, multiplayer mode provides an opportunity for collaborative and social fishing adventures. So, join forces with friends to cast your lines, share tips, and create lasting memories in Sun Haven’s tranquil setting. And, who knows, the game’s immersive fishing experiences may even inspire you to venture into real-world fishing adventures, exploring nature’s beauty and the thrill of the catch firsthand. In this case, be sure to prioritize safety on the water by wearing life vests and non-slip shoes. Implementing an action plan will also ensure you know what to do if an emergency does occur.  



The only home of Sandstone Fish 

Withergate — a mysterious city home of a demon race — offers players a fun hidden fishing spot filled with unique Sandstone Fish — but reaching it is the first challenge. Withergate only becomes available to players upon completion of the main Sun Haven quests — these include chatting with Elios who’ll eventually tell you to head to Withergate to stop the evil dark fog.

Note: Withergate quests are identifiable via a purple banner complete with a crescent moon. First, you’ll be tasked with checking out the northern forest, which you’ll only be able to pass once the Snaccoon has been adequately fed (with ten wheat and ten potatoes). You’ll then continue to overcome challenges, navigate roadblocks, and consult Claude and Catherine for guidance. 

Notably, accessing Withergate’s hidden fishing spot directly involves defeating the Heatviper. Rastus suggests gathering 250 Sandstone Ore to deal with the Heatviper, while Linus proposes a gentler approach by feeding it 50 Sandstone Fish. To collect Sandstone resources, visit the quarry north of the dragon train and Barracks, where you’ll find rocks yielding Sandstone Ore. Further into the quarry lies a pond — Withergate’s elusive hidden fishing spot — teeming with Sandstone Fish, a unique catch only found there. Sandstone Fish are an epic type of fish that earn you forty points per catch, so reeling in a few of these beauties will significantly boost your score. 



Nel’Vari — the elven village that lies beyond the Western Forest — is also only accessible upon completion of the Sun Haven main quests. Here, in Nel’Vari’s numerous hidden fishing spots, you’ll find a unique selection of fish available nowhere else in Sun Haven — including the endearing pink Axolotl and the playful Snobfish.

So, to reach Nel’Vari, you’ll again hear from Elios about the evil dark fog spreading across Withergate, and you’ll either have the option to head straight there, or venture instead to Nel’Vari. The Nel’Vari quest is marked with a blue banner and a green sprout. Rest assured, this quest is simple — all you have to do is chat with NPCs and perform simple tasks. In particular, Edwin at the Tavern and Amanda at the Library will assist you in unravelling elven lore. Your task then involves shuttling between Amanda and Anne to translate an elven book, and Lucia and Edwin to pick grapes. You’ll then be ready to venture onto Nel’Vari and check out some awesome hidden fishing spots. Notably, in Nel’Vari, fishing options are limited to just three distinct areas: your farm, the village, and the surrounding elven forests. At the farm and village, you’ll find the legendary Angelfin, earning you 100 points per catch. And, keep an eye out for the Bubblefish in the elven forest, another legendary catch that’ll also earn you 100 points each time. 

Fishing tournaments and invisible fishing spots in Sun Haven are exciting additions that enhance the game’s immersive experience, offering players thrilling challenges and rewarding exploration opportunities. Whether you’re competing with friends or simply exploring, you’ll be bound to enjoy a fun and rewarding fishing adventure in Sun Haven


Sun Haven

You’ve just arrived in Sun Haven, a medieval town full of people from all walks of life doing their best to make their beloved town thrive as it once did. As a farmer, miner, fisher, warrior, craftsman, and even a mage, you’ll find that adventure awaits you here. Sun Haven is currently out on Early Access on Steam for PC.


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