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LEGO Fortnite – The Best Food and Cooking Recipe Guide

LEGO Fortnite is the other survival crafting game that is not Minecraft. And just like most survival crafting games, you’ll be collecting resources, battling creatures and building a life in an open world. This time, however, made out of LEGO. One of the key aspects of surviving and thriving in LEGO Fortnite (as well as in real life) will be managing your hunger.

To keep your character alive you’ll need to eat from time to time. You’ll be able to do this by either foraging for edible resources, maintaining a farm or cooking up some nourishing meals to survive. The world is full of food for you to eat and find, from berries and corn out in the wild, to even taking down cows and sheep for meat. Amp up the benefits of these ingredients further by turning them into a cooked dish! Each of these different foods or meal provide different benefits and in this guide, we’ll go through all of them, as well as which are the best to keep and take with you out in the wild.

Whether you’re heading out in the freezing snow or exploring caves in the desert, make sure to bring the best food items with you to ensure your survival.


Forageable Foods

You can gather a good number of foods around the world, as well as grow them. Fruit and vegetables are gathered from plants in the world, while animals can be taken down or petted to make them drop produce. It’s also possible to make Garden Plots using Soil and Fertilizer, and then plant seeds to grow more fruit and vegetables.

CheeseFound in Chests+6 ❤, +5 Hunger
CornGrasslands Biome+1 ❤, +3 Hunger
EggPet Chickens In the Grasslands+2 ❤, +3 Hunger
MeatDropped by Sheep, Cows, Chickens and Wolves+2 ❤, +5 Hunger
MilkPet Cows in the Grasslands
Pet Mountain Cows in the Frostlands
+2 ❤, +3 Hunger
PumpkinGrasslands Biome+1 ❤, +5 Hunger
RaspberryGrasslands Biome+1/2 ❤, +2 Hunger
Slap BerryShores Biome+1 ❤, +2 Hunger
+Speed (1 min)
Spicy PepperDry Valley Biome+1 1/2 ❤, +3 Hunger
+RES Cold (2 min)
Snow BerryFrostlands Biome+2 ❤, +2 Hunger
+RES Heat (2 min)

Cultivated Foods

Spending most of your time foraging for food may be all well and good at the start of your LEGO Fortnite adventure but it can get repetitive pretty fast. So to make sure you have a good cache of food on your homestead you’re going to want to set up a farm and an animal pen.


Start A Farm

To start up your farm you’re going to need to place down a Garden Plot. You can unlock this by using your Shovel for the first time to scoop up some soil from any patch of ground. Then place some down to get your Farm going.

  • Common Shovel – 3x Wooden Rods, 1x Plank
  • Garden Plot – 2x Soil, 1x Fertilizer

Seed Crops

You’ll be able to collect crop seeds by finding them in chests scattered throughout LEGO Fortnite. These chests are often guarded by groups of bandits, but once you take care of them, their bounty is yours to keep. A more reliable way to get seeds, however, is to craft them yourself using the Grain Mill.

  • Grain Mill – 20x Knotroot Rod, 20x Granite Slab, 3x Shell
Corn Kernel
Pumpkin Seed
Raspberry Seed
Grain Seed
Slap Berry Seed
Red Pepper Seed
Snow Berry Seed

Build An Animal Pen

To keep livestock in your village you’re going to have to domesticate some of the wild animals in the world. First, you’ll need to build an enclosure with walls high enough so that your animals cannot escape. Make sure that you also have a front door for you to get into!

Then you’ll need to lure the animals inside to keep them. Approach a Chicken, Cow or Sheep and drop some food near them to get them interested. Then simply lure them into the pen you’ve built and close the door behind them.


Domesticated Livestock

Each of the animals that you find in the wild will offer unique resources. These animals are the Chicken, Cow and Sheep, you won’t be able to domesticate the Wolves. Give your livestock a nice place to stay and feed them to get them to produce resources. These animals will automatically also produce fertilizer.

AnimalPreferred FoodProduce
ChickenCorn, Pumpkin, RaspberryEgg
CowVines, Raspberry, PumpkinMilk
SheepRaspberry, PumpkinWool

All Recipes In LEGO Fortnite

Grill Recipes

  • Grill Recipe: 30x Granite

The Grill will be the first cooking station that you’ll unlock in LEGO Fortnite.

Corn on the Cob1x Corn+3 ❤, +5 Hunger
+Stamina Regen (2 mins)
Fried Egg2x Eggs+5 ❤, +8 Hunger
+Stamina Regen (2 mins)
Grilled Meat1x Meat+2 ❤, +8 Hunger
Spicy Burger1x Flour, 1x Meat, 1x Spicy Pepper+4 Bonus ❤, +10 Hunger
+RES Cold (10 mins)

Juicer Recipes

  • Juicer Recipe: 8x Plank, 8x Marble Slab, 5x Knotroot Rod
Slap Juice2x Slap Berries+3 Bonus ❤, +5 Hunger
+Stamina Regen (2 mins)
Slurp Juice2x Raspberries, 2 Slurp Mushrooms+5 Hunger
+HP Regen (5 mins)
Snowberry Shake2x Snow Berries, 1x Milk+12 ❤, +5 Hunger
+RES Heat (10 mins)

Oven Recipes

  • Oven Recipe: 8x Brightcore, 15x Copper Bar, 35x Obsidian Slab

You unlock the Oven once you have access to the resources Brightcore, Copper, and Obsidian. The Oven is used to make even better food, with each recipe requiring Flour (made by processing Corn in a Grain Mill).

Bread2x, Flour, 2x Eggs+10 ❤, +10 Hunger
Meat Pie1x Flour, 1x Meat, 1x Egg+20 ❤, +20 Hunger
+4 Temporary ❤
Pumpkin Pie1x Flour, 1x Pumpkin+10 ❤, +20 Hunger
+Stamina Regen (2 mins)
Fruit Pie1x Flour, 1x Raspberry, 1x Snow Berries, 3x Slap Berries+15 ❤, +8 Hunger
+Stamina Regen (2 mins)
Pizza2x Flour, 1x Meat, 1x Cheese, 3x Spicy Peppers+25 ❤, +20 Hunger
+5 Bonus ❤

Best Food In LEGO Fortnite

It comes as no surprise that one of the best foods in LEGO Fortnite is going to only be something you can achieve in the late game. The best food is Pizza, for the main reason that it fills up the most hunger and HP. It’s a must have when exploring dangerous territories and its additional +5 Bonus Hearts will keep you alive when facing off against tough baddies.

Other than that some of the better foods to have with you are going to be Snowberry Shakes as well as the Spicy Burger. More than just the hunger that they’re going to relieve, you’ll need them when tackling hot and cold biomes. The Snowberry Shake is going to keep you cool in the Desert and Lava Caves for up to 10 minutes. While the Spicy Burger will keep you warm in the Frostlands and Icy Cave.

For beginner level food you should focus on making and keeping Fried Eggs with you. It only requires 2x Eggs and you can cook it up on the Grill. This will be your main food group at the start of your game. Then once you’re able to get an Oven, most of the Oven recipes such as Bread and Pumpkin Pie will keep you healthy for huge chunks of the game.


LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite is free to play on the equally free Fortnite game. Simply go to the Discover Screen and enter the LEGO mode without any additional downloading required. The game is available on all major consoles – PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC – Epic Games and Android.