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Critter Cove – An Island Life Sim That Could Be The New Animal Crossing

We all know the phenomenon that Animal Crossing: New Horizons caused back in 2020. We spent our virtual days on a beautiful island, fishing, catching bugs, decorating our space and making new animal friends. Now the upcoming Critter Cove could bring all that cozy island life charm back with some amazing upgraded features, fun and of course furry friends!

In Critter Cove you’ll return to a post-apocalyptic world where you’ll need to restore an old town in the middle of a beautiful archipelago. Spend your data farming, fishing, crafting as well as exploring the numerous islands and hunting for relics and other forgotten secrets. This upcoming game is a beautiful and charming blend of town building, RPG and life sim, where you’ll get to enjoy it all.

Whether you’re a die-hard adventurer or a dedicated builder, Critter Cove has something for everyone!


Restore Critter Cove To Its Former Glory

Forget the grim wasteland tropes – Critter Cove‘s apocalypse is post-cozy. Picture an overgrown, sun-drenched paradise where nature has reclaimed its reign, sprinkled with the ruins of a lost civilization. Your role? To breathe life back into the charming coastal town of Critter Cove and transform it into a thriving tourist destination.

The town of Critter Cove used to attract visitors from all over the world. Now it’s mostly known for dirty streets and trash-strewn beaches. So it’s going to be your job to clean the place up and attract tourists back to the island. Every few days, tourists will visit your town on a cruise ship, and it’s your job to keep them entertained, happy and spending doubloons.


Town Building


The heart of Critter Cove lies in building and customization. Restore the dilapidated town to its former glory, brick by charming brick. Upgrade buildings, unlock new structures, and create a bustling hub that attracts tourists from far and wide. You’ll also need to explore the world to discover new blueprints and gather resources to grow your town. More upgrades will improve Critter Cove’s tourist rating and the greater your tourist rating, the more new tourists will visit. The more new tourists, the more money in your pockets to upgrade the town!

Craft weird and wonderful items using resources scavenged from across the world. Repurpose trash, debris, and driftwood into useful tools, machinery, and furniture. Whether you prefer quaint cottages or vibrant markets, the choice is yours. Customize your town with decorations, plants, and unique flair to make it your own.


Exploration and Adventure


Critter Cove isn’t just about raking leaves and planting flowers. Its massive archipelago boasts a treasure trove of exploration and adventure. Sail across the ocean brimming with diverse islands, each hiding unique landscapes, resources, and secrets. Uncover the mysteries of the vanished civilization through ancient relics and intriguing lore scattered throughout the world. And, of course, what post-apocalypse would be complete without a dash of danger? Face friendly (and not-so-friendly) critter encounters, navigate treacherous reefs, and weather unpredictable storms.

This tropical archipelago is peppered with the ruins of a long-destroyed civilization. Dive beneath the waves to salvage the treasures of the old world. Rescue shipwrecked critters. Unearth exotic ingredients. It’s a wondrous world of mysterious ruins, shipwrecks and ancient technology waiting to be discovered. And that’s just on dry land—below the waves there’s a wondrous world of mysterious ruins, shipwrecks and ancient technology. Craft new equipment to dive deeper and sail farther, and discover new places and bizarre people!

As you explore, you’ll find resources to craft hundreds of different items, discover new construction blueprints and bring home unique plants to grow on your farm. Turn mundane salvage into something new and unique, and improve your tourism rating by offering your freshly grown food to visitors.


Make Friends


You’ll need help to restore the town, and luckily the world of Critter Cove is filled with many colorful characters. Some are easy-going and friendly… others might need some convincing! As your town levels up, you’ll need more animal townsfolk to move in. Assign them jobs that suit their unique personalities, and help them become a part of your flourishing island community. Their happiness is the key to your success.

Each of these quirky critters has their own personality and needs. From a snarky bearded dragon to a robot puzzled at the peculiarities of meat-based beings, you’ll always be forging new relationships with the world’s eclectic characters. Help them build their homes, care for their young, and even embark on quests together. Critter Cove‘s emphasis on wholesome interactions promises a truly heartwarming experience.


Critter Cove

A is a deep, open-world life sim and town-building game set in a cozy post-apocalyptic paradise. Restore an old town, sail across a mysterious archipelago, hunt relics and farm, fish & craft everything you need. Can you help turn Critter Cove into a thriving tourist town once again?

Critter Cove is coming to the PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC – Steam in Q1 of 2024.


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