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My Time At Sandrock – Bachelor Confession Quest Guide

My Time At Sandrock is a life-sim RPG that focuses heavily on its story. In this game, you’ve just relocated to the small desert town of Sandrock. Together with other Builders in town, you’re there to get the town back on its feet and help the people of the town. There are plenty of deep dark caves to uncover, a local bandit camp to unmask and so much more.

The town of Sandrock has many townspeople that you’ll hopefully be able to befriend. Some of these people however may start falling in love with you. And a little mission to help them solve a medical mystery may just lead to them confessing their love for you! In this My Time At Sandrock guide we’ll go through all the missions from the bachelors that will have them confessing their love. For the bachelorettes make sure to check out this list.

Note: You won’t be able to trigger any of these confession quests if you’re married to someone else.



Quest: Some Picnics or No Picnic

Requirements: Worktable Lvl. 1
Trigger: Arvio will have a mission for you, talk to him to begin the mission.

Note: Arvio will request for you to make him a picnic basket. If you don’t do this in time or skip attending the picnic, you will not be able to proceed to the next mission.

Dialogue Option #1Dialogue Option #2
Sure, I could use a break.Too much on my plate right now…
I’ll make the Picnic Basket!I’ll get some food!

Complete Request: Make a Picnic Basket and deliver it to Arvio at the Ceramic Gate
Recipe: Wood (4), Thin Thread (3) at Worktable Lvl 1.

Dialogue Option #1Dialogue Option #2
We can do it!I’m not much for pottery…
I’ll make the Picnic Basket!I’ll get some food!

Attend The Event: Meet Amirah and Arvio at Martle’s Oasis at 09:00. If you go after 18:00 you will miss the picnic and fail this mission.

Dialogue Option #1Dialogue Option #2Dialogue Option #3
Never.I’ve always wanted to go.
I really admire his courage. [+5 Relationship with Arvio]Business requires more maturity… [+5 Relationship with Amirah]⁠⁠I’ll cheer you on, Arvio!

Quest: Blessings in Disguise

Requirement #1: Completed the ‘Some Picnics Are No Picnic’ Quest and chose the “I’ll cheer you on, Arvio!” dialogue line.
Requirement #2: Worktable, Furnace, Tailoring Machine Lvl 1

Trigger: Arvio will tell you about the masquerade party he’s planning.

Dialogue Option #1Dialogue Option #2Dialogue Option #3
Someone’s birthday?Your birthday? [-3 Relationship with Arvio]A Fireside chat?
I’m pretty sure it’s not…I didn’t know!
Yeah, I’ll come!I’m really busy…

Complete Request: Make a Mask to wear to attend the party and then talk to Arvio.
Recipe: Bronze Bar (3), Basic Leather (3), Pigment (2) at the Tailoring Machine Lvl 1

Attend The Event: The Masquerade Ball will begin the next day you talk to Arvio at 19:00 in his house.

Dialogue Option #1Dialogue Option #2Dialogue Option #3
Two person masquerade?You may. Yikes. I gotta go, actually… [Choose this if you don’t want to be with Arvio]
I will! [+25 Relationship with Arvio]I’ll think about it…This was nice and all, but… I just want to be friends. [Choose this if you don’t want to be with Arvio]

Accept Arvio’s feelings and you will kiss him and begin your romantic relationship. If you tell him you’ll think about it, he’ll send you a letter and then come talk to you three days after the quest for you to decide.



Quest: Simply the Best

Requirements: Heart Knot (purchase from By the Stairs 128g)
Trigger: This confession mission is a little different from the others because you’ll be the one to trigger it by giving Pen a Heart Knot.

Dialogue Option #1Dialogue Option #2Dialogue Option #3
Let’s do it! Shouldn’t we just… go on more dates?We’ve fought plenty of times…

Attend The Event: Meet Pen at Paradise Lost at 18:00 the next day. You’ll follow him and fight robots with Pen.

After the event, you can choose to kiss and be with Pen or change your mind. Either way, you’ll be teleported outside of the area and your relationship status will change. Depending on your choice.



Quest: Hand-Foot Co-ordination

Requirements: Chosen the flirt option with Qi at least twice before.
Trigger: This confession quest will only trigger after the Shonash Canyon Bridge is completed. Speak to him after to begin.

Dialogue Option #1Dialogue Option #2Dialogue Option #3
Dancing is great fun!A morning jog helps your mind.Fight! Then you’ll look like a beefcake.
Dancing takes real skill, you know!You’ve never danced before, right?
No problem!That sounds like a lot of work… [Choose this if you don’t want to be with Qi]

Attend The Event: You’ll automatically be brought to the Blue Moon Saloon and participate in a Dance Off minigame. After that, you’ll then be brought back to the Research Center and end the mission.

If you responded with the romantic dialogue options after the dancing minigame Qi will visit your workshop the next day.

Dialogue Option #1Dialogue Option #2
It’s probably just static electricity.⁠⁠Are you sure it’s not… love?
Uh huh… bye, then. [Choose this if you don’t want to be with Qi]⁠⁠I’ll come and help you.
I’m fine.I’m in love.
You’re acting kind of weird.⁠⁠It’s because of me, isn’t it?
Right…⁠⁠You want it to be that 0.2%, don’t you?

Qi will visit your workshop again the next day.

Dialogue Option #1Dialogue Option #2Dialogue Option #3
Can you prove your hypothesis?Sorry, I don’t feel the same. [Choose this if you don’t want to be with Qi]⁠⁠I like you too!
Will you just hug me already? [+10 Relationship with Qi]Woah, I meant “like” you as a friend. [Choose this if you don’t want to be with Qi]

Accept Qi’s feelings and you will hug him and begin your romantic relationship.


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