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Disney Dreamlight Valley – What’s In ‘A Rift In Time’ DLC

Disney Dreamlight Valley is Disney’s answer to the mania that was Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In this game, you play as the caretaker of a magical valley full of Disney and Pixar characters. However, a shadowy creature known as the Forgetting has made everyone leave and forget about the Valley. It’s up to you to bring back your friends and remember the Valley!

Just like Animal Crossing much of this game has to do with decorating, making friends, crafting and gardening. There are many realms and characters to meet and discover and for now, the game has been in Early Access for about a year. Gameloft has consistently been giving us free content updates but now the game is launching its first-ever paid DLC entitled ‘A Rift In Time’.

The ‘A Rift In Time’ DLC will launch on the 5th of December together with the full launch of Disney Dreamlight Valley. On the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC. The paid DLC will run you USD$29.99 on top of the base game. But will give you access to a whole new island, story as well as new villagers. These content updates will continue throughout the rest of early 2024 as well.

Let’s go through everything that’s coming to ‘A Rift In Time’ to see if you want to pick it up for your Valley!


New World – Eternity Isle

For the first time in Disney Dreamlight Valley history, we will get access to a whole new world separate from the Valley. Unlike the Realms that we’ve unlocked before, Eternity Isle is a much larger world. Like the Valley, it has different biomes and characters that live within it.

Eternity Isle is a land lost to time, an ancient Kingdom full of treasures and magical artefacts. A long time ago on Jafar’s conquest for power, he managed to lock Eternity Isle somewhere in time. Now he’s back to steal the ‘Spark of Imagination’, an ancient relic which holds the fabric of Dreamlight Valley together.

Eternity Isle is split into three different biomes with characters that will be exclusive to the ‘A Rift In Time’ DLC. You’ll also be able to find new fruits, vegetables, as well as new animal companions, recipes and of course furniture! You’ll be happy to note that these new critters include a capybara, monkey as well as a cobra!


A Rift In Time – Storyline

The ‘A Rift In Time’ DLC will contain three major story quests that will take place from December 5th to the Summer of 2024. These acts will take place across all of Eternity Isle and will include various new characters that will play a part in this mystery.

BiomeAct One
Ancient’s LandingEve from Wall-E
Wild TangleRapunzel from Tangled
Glittering DunesGaston from Beauty and the Beast

There will be two more characters added to Act Two and Act Three.


New Tool – Royal Hourglass

The ‘A Rift In Time’ DLC will also introduce a new Royal Tool known as the Royal Hourglass. This new tool can be used to sense hidden treasures lost in time and will work on Eternity Isle as well as in Dreamlight Valley.


New Mini-Game

As part of the ‘A Rift in Time’ expansion, a new mini-game will be available for you. It seems like a PvP Chess-type game that you can play against characters in the Valley. According to Gameloft this mini-game is designed to be “fast-paced and strategic”.


Introducing Automated Machines

If you’re a veteran of any farming sim, automated machines are the next natural step in your journey! This new DLC introduces autosprinklers and autocookers. While you’re away on Eternity Isle you won’t have to worry about leaving your garden plots untended, nor your crops unutilised! Find these “ancient machines” that will help you automate watering your garden as well as cook.


Disney Dreamlight Valley

Explore a world filled with the magic of Disney as you discover rich stories and build the perfect neighbourhood alongside Disney and Pixar heroes and villains. Disney Dreamlight Valley will be launching in full release on December 5th on the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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