Disney Dreamlight Valley – These Valleys Are Decked Out For Christmas

Name a more iconic duo than Disney and Christmas! Disney Dreamlight Valley is the ultimate cozy life and decorating sim game. Think Animal Crossing: New Horizons but amped up way higher! There’s almost no limit to the type of decorating that you can do around your Valley. And now that Christmas is here there are a lot of magical moments that you can create with your favourite Disney characters! If you’re looking for inspiration and some festive feels then check out some of the beautiful costumes and decorations from these users!

Holiday Decorations In Town

There are plenty of decorations to put out in your town’s Valley! From Christmas trees and lights to snowmen and presents. The most idyllic place to stroll in the festivities will of course be in Frosted Heights. But the Plaza makes for a great place to put up decorations as well!

Credit: u/Powerful_Present_561

Credit: u/Nightwolfe2008

Credit: u/MutantPiratePrincess

Credit: @CuteShakee

Credit: u/ott3rpop

Decorate The House For Christmas

Deck out your house in Christmas coziness with trees, fireplaces, and of course food and presents!

Credit: u/cozywjas

Credit: u/Yume_tsukino

Credit: u/Ms Snowfall

Nightmare Before Christmas

This year’s Disney Dreamlight Valley theme and Star Path incorporates the Nightmare Before Christmas! If you’re looking for something a little more non-traditional then these decoration items are right up your alley.

Credit: @CosyJaney

Don’t Forget The Drip!

We’ve been spending a lot of time and money decorating the Valley and we can’t forget to include ourselves as well! There are gorgeous traditional Red dresses but there are also some more unique festive looks that you could incorporate into your Christmas moments as well!

Credit: @TranceFae

Credit: @CuteShakee


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