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Cozy Grove – Winter Festival Event Guide

It’s the season of giving and in Cozy Grove we’re celebrating the holidays by giving gifts to our spirit bear friends. Just like most real-time synced games out there, Cozy Grove keeps us coming back for more with seasonal events and updates. There are four seasonal festival events – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

In this guide, we’ll go through the game’s Winter event. What special crafting materials there are and how to get them, seasonal decorations and of course a gift giving guide!

Cozy Grove Festival Events

  • Spring Festival: 27 April – 25 May
  • Summer Festival: 2 July – 15 July
  • Fall Festival: 20 October – 31 October
  • Winter Festival: 20 December – 23 January

Winter Festival

Dates: 20 December – 23 January

Winter Festival Items

Snowballs and Snow Crystals
Ms Carouse’s Winter Festival Shop
Winter Festival Clothing
Winter Gift Giving
Winter Cats

Snowballs and Snow Crystals

Snowballs and Snow Crystals are unique crafting materials exclusive to Cozy Grove’s Winter Festival Event. You can find them:

  • Snow Piles – 12 will spawn on the island a day. Similar to Leaf Piles, you can dig through them for Snowballs and Snow Crystals.
  • Snowball Fight With Imps – An imp will occasionally have a snowball symbol above its head. If you manage to hit the imp with a snowball they will give you a Snow Crystal.
  • Snowfolk – Purchase Snowfolk from Ms Carouse (40 Snow Crystals each) and interact with them each day to receive a Snow Crystal or Essence.

Ms Carouse’s Winter Festival Shop

ItemSizePrice (Snow Crystal)
Hassa the Snow Imp1×115
Ice Flamey2×120
Lenny the Snow Imp1×115
Macca the Snow Imp1×115
Ode to Broken Necks2×120
Ode to Cake3×330
Ode to Crass Commercialism2×225
Ode to Ephemeral Joy2×225
Ode to Last Minute Piety2×225
Ode to Small Connections2×120
Ode to the Cursed Kotatsu2×225
Ode to the Joys of Incompetence3×330
Rings the Snow Imp1×115

Winter Festival Clothing

Every day Ms Carouse has six random warm winter festival clothing items for purchase for old coins.

Ash Deer DudsShirtRareWarm900400
Ash Deer HoodHoodRareWarm500300
Basic Holiday SweaterShirtCommonWarm500300
Cola Salesman CostumeShirtCommonWarm500300
Cola Salesman HatHatCommonWarm500200
Elite Holiday SweaterShirtRareWarm900400
Forest Deer DudsShirtRareWarm900400
Forest Deer HoodHoodRareWarm500300
Green Candy Cane GlassesGlassesRareWarm350150
Holiday ScarfScarfCommonWarm200150
Mixed Candy Cane GlassesGlassesRareWarm350150
Nutcracker HatHatRareWarm800300
Nutcracker UniformShirtRareWarm900400
Red Candy Cane GlassesGlassesRareWarm350150
Seasonal Laborer HatHatRareWarm800300
Seasonal Laborer ShirtShirtRareWarm900400
Snow Scout HoodHoodRareWarm500300
Star CrownHatCommonWarm500200
Star HatHatCommonWarm500200
Tundra Deer DudsShirtRareWarm900400
Tundra Deer HoodHoodRareWarm800300
Unwrappable BowHatCommonWarm500200

Winter Gift Giving

During the festive Winter season, you can give the spirit residents of your island a gift. The bears on your island will only accept a Fruitcake or Personalised Gift during this season. Gifts are limited to only one gift for each bear during the Winter Festival.

  • Fruitcake – Only one fruitcake can be crafted per day.
  • Personalized gifts – Crafted using gift wrap for specific people on the island. Only one of each personal gift can be crafted per festival season.
  • Gift Wrap – You’ll receive one gift wrap from Ms Carouse every day of the Winter Festival (up to a maximum of five rolls).
GiftCrafting RecipeReward when Gifted
Fruitcake 10x Toasted Nut Flour
15x Roasted Mushrooms
15x Roasted Fruit
15,000 – 20,000 Coins
2 rare / 1 ultra rare / 1 epic lamp
Flamey’s Gift 1x Gift Wrap
10x Cocoa Bean
15x Hardwood
15x Roasted Fruit
15x Roasted Root Vegetables
15x Roasted Mushrooms
15x Relic Ash
15x Charred Fishbone
15x Toasted Nut Flour
Mr. Kit’s Gift• 1x Gift Wrap
• 10x Tin of Flower Pigment
• 35x Mixed Greens
1,000 Coins
5x Quartz Gemstone
5x Semi-Precious Gem
Darla O’Hare Gift• 1x Gift Wrap
• 30x Roasted Fruit
• 10x Silver Ingot
1x Rare Clothing Item
4x Common Clothing Items
Ms Carouse’s Gift• 1x Gift Wrap
• 5x Charred Fishbone
• 50x Softwood
2x Mythical Snow Sculptures
2x Dessert Salad
Pandam’s Gift• 1x Gift Wrap
• 10x Iron Ingot
• 15x Spirit Bird Essence
3x Egg
2x Boiled Egg
1x Deviled Egg

Winter Cats

Winter Cats are special cats that can only be lured out during Cozy Grove’s Winter Festival. To get a Winter Cat use the Cat Beckoner inside your house.

Cat Beckoner: 1x Snow Crystal and 2x Random Food Items (Since the food used doesn’t matter, it is advised to use raw ingredients because they are the cheapest and most readily available.)

The next day you’ll be able to find your Winter Cat.


Welcome to Cozy Grove, a game about camping on a haunted, ever-changing island. As a Spirit Scout, you’ll wander the island’s forest each day, finding new hidden secrets and helping soothe the local ghosts. With a little time and a lot of crafting, you’ll bring colour and joy back to Cozy Grove!

Cozy Grove is out now for the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC and iOS (Apple Arcade).


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